Friday, March 26, 2010

Ribbon Embroidery & Easter Cake Box Swap for Pink Saturday

Some people can take "the ordinary" & make it WONDERFUL! My friend Pat of My Tattered Elegance does the most amazing ribbon embroidery & I can't wait until she teaches me all her tricks. Pat found these old wooden machine drawers & did a crazy quilt top for them. PINK was the color so I thought it would be perfect to share with you for PINK SATURDAY!
Don't you LOVE ALL HER BEAUTIFUL PINK WORK? Hours of work!!!
Another close up look.
To see more of this jewel go HERE & to purchase it go HERE
Next PINK item to share is my cake box done for Cassandra's Pretty Spring Thing EZine Swap I joined the E Zine because I wanted to learn to make one of these little jewels. Yes, it is indeed a gift box that looks like a cake. I had a bit of difficulty making this because I took it with me to the last Art Night & was soooooooooooooo busy talking I didn't read directions. BIG MISTAKE. Well that one went in the trash. My swap partner Marsha wanted PINK because it is her favorite color & PINK she got! This is the outside of the box. I wish my cake decorating skills were as good as Cassandra's but, she did teach cake decorating & has had a lot more practice.
I lined the inside of the box with cute green bunny paper & used the Spring Glitter to hide the seam (the darn box was not totally round) I then filled it with PINK Easter grass & Easter goodies.
A real chocolate bunny & eggs. Some cute fake glittered eggs, 2 spools of Easter ribbon, & a tube of that SPRING GLITTER that I used on the bottom seam. It is a PINK, green, & blue mix. But, the highlight of the gift was a cute little house with eggs scattered about & carrots in the window box. Marsha can put a light or battery candle inside to light it up or just set it on a counter to enjoy.
I hope you enjoyed all my PINK today. I always love PINK SATURDAY! Be sure & click on the button on my side bar to go see Beverly & all the other girls playing PINK! And much thanks to my friend Karen for my new signature (below). She does amazing work & just opened a Blog Help Site go HERE if you want to see what she has to offer. HUGS!


Peridots Garden Blog said...

Charlene your Easter containers are darling! My grandbabies would dive in as soon as they saw them!

Funny thing...I have 2 antique sewing machines in my garage....hmmmm I've got to get them out and take a look to see what I can do with them...Miss M is wanting a vanity...I wonder....

Check back in later...have to show Miss M your photos and discuss my idea!

Thank you so much for sharing!


Nancy's Notes said...

Everything you have shared with us is just so lovely! Oh my heavens, I love, love ribbon embroidery!


Charlene ~ super sweet and "yummy" cake box! And Pat's pink work on the sewing drawers is really so, so special! Have a great weekend. ~ Angela

Bryanna Lenan said...

Your cake box looks great! love it!! LOVE IT!!!

Prior said...

your friend, Pat, is very talented, such a nice mix... and your cake box had me fooled, I was ready to take a bite! Very cute and calorie free, too! Lezlee

Lisa said...

OMG!! I love the cake and the sewing box and.. and It is wonderful!! YOu have had a great week!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Hi Charlene! I love your pinkness! The covered drawers are wonderful and have given me an idea! Of course I do not harbor any ideas that mine will be as good as the one you are sharing.
The cake box surprise box is wonderful!
Also the Jimmy Stewart poem! Oh, My! I remember seeing him read this on Johnny Carson. I cried!

Julie said...

What gorgeous embroidery! I've always wanted to learn ribbon embroidery, too! What a talented friend you have, Charlene!

And your glittery pink cakebox is a confection AND a perfection! How wonderful! Your swap partner will love it!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!

Sherry from Alabama said...

What wonderful pink ideas, and such a round-up of talents you have displayed today. Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Linda said...

The box is truly exquisite- thanks for sharing!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your Cake Box is gorgeous. I'm sure it took a lot of work, but I know it was worth it. It turned out great!!!
Thanks for helping me with the computer. It helps to know what I'm doing.
Hugs, Pat

Regina said...

Pretty box and delightful pinkies.
Happy Pink Saturday Charlene!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

oh! the ribbon work is so gorgeous on the sewing drawers,and i love the pink cake box,lots of pretty here today, thanks for sharing.
marian elizabeth

DeeDee said...

Oh My find and make the most beautiful those drawers...what the world be without creative people....I couldn't live here...Happy Easter

Suzie Button said...

You're right, that is gorgeous ribbonwork! wow! I also purchased the e-zine, and I have fell in love with the fun of making "cakes" yours turned out so lovely! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

Nan said...

Charlene I love that ribbon work on the box. I wanted to learn how to do those flowers with ribbons and some day I'll have to get a book on it or search it out on the net. Nice swap you had there too. Thanks for you sweet comment over on my blog.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

That ribbon embroidery is stunning and i love your Easter boxes!!

Mary said...

This is beautiful and you did a great job on it. What is the icing?

Maggie said...

You're so talented and creative! I love it!

Happy Pinks!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Riki Schumacher said...

Your box is precious Charlene! You did a great job, way to go. It looks good enough to eat. Yummmm. Great eye candy. Love it. Hugs, Riki

Lynn said...

Hi Charlene,
I took you advise and add more than one post to my blog. Love your signature! Pat's ribbon embroidery is awesome. See what happens when you talk too much, lol. You are soooo funny.

Suzie Button said...

Hi Charlene, Yes, I did participate in the swap and mine is in the mail. I have the spackle in containers all around me in my craft room, I'm a messy crafter! I live in Garland, TX, I see you said you're in Fort Worth. Have you heard of the Cowgirl Art Retreat in Waxahachie in June? I've gone two years in a row, and most likely will be there this one too, it's great craft fun! Suzie

Monica@The White Bench said...

I'm ooohing and aaaahing, Charlene! What a fabulous cake box you made!!!! And the embroidered sewing drawers are fabulous too.
Thanks for this YUMMY Pink Saturday!
Hugs, thinking of Reba and you!

Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Charlene..thanks for your visit to my blog and your encouraging words, I appreciate it! You have a beautiful blog! I love all the beautiful colors and cake box......years ago I did ribbon embroidery and just loved it....I still do.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello dearest Charlene!

Thanks for coming by my post...a little silly and "out there", I know, but it's how my mind works!!!

Have a lovely day and your Easter Cake Boxes and other goodies are just beautiful! Anita

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Pretty and cute stuff! ♥

Ginger said...

Charlene thank you for stopping by my blog to see Rebeccas booth. Hope you can go shop when you come to OKC. It is between May and Penn St on 122nd, called French Market, on South side of street. Easy to find.

Charlene, your Easter cake is to die for, I love it and you did a wonderful job. And the Ribbon embroidery box is so beautiful you shared with us. Glad I found you, love your blog.


cindy said...

That Easter Egg box is the cuttttessstttttt! :D

yapping cat

Alisa said...

Oh, Pat's work is beautiful! I need to have her teach me some tricks!

And your cake turned out great Charlene!

Sandy said...

I can't believe that fake cake, I want to do one!!!!

So pretty!


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

blumensnapdragon said...

Charlene! I love the detail on the sewing drawers and the Easter box (especially with it full of yummies) I have not yet been to onceinabluemoon but it is on my list of places to visit-I probably shouldn't go on an empty stomach! Thanks for the tip. Happy Easter.

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