Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tiffany Marshall's Christmas Sale

Well, I can tell you that Tiffany is one talented little angel! My friend Susan & I went to her Christmas Sale & it was Divine! As promised there are many photos. I bought a whopping big $60 & got a ton of GOODIES! I will share the stash later. Today I wanted to share a few of the photos. Tiffany had every room (except her husband's study) decorated & full of items for sale. The house smelled wonderful from the candles & the music floated through the air like magic. Every surface was covered. I had to walk through MANY TIMES! And even after we paid Susan & I found another thing or two we overlooked & had to repay in line again! She had a mixture of vintage finds (things from her stash that she had finished with or decided she didn't need) or items that she had handmade. Her husband Doug had made pecan pies & there was lemon cake & brownies! The weather was wonderful. Now her shed was chilly but, worth the cold fingers for I found MANY wonderful items out there too. I will start with the entry hall & then onto the kitchen with vignettes everywhere. She had some wonderful cabinets that I bet (I didn't have a chance to ask) Doug built for her. They were FULL of vintage vignettes too. Enjoy!

THANK YOU TIFFANY for asking us.


The Feathered Nest said...

OMGoodness Charlene! I love Tiffany's taste! I won a prize from her when I first started blogging ~ her home is just beautiful! I know you must have had the most fun ~ thank you so much for all the photos!! I'm looking through my files to find you a perfect winter banner photo ~ Hope you have a wonderful week!! xxoo, Dawn

Allie said...

I LOVE your new banner!! What a marvelous time you must have had at Tiffany's Christmas sale. So many things to look at...and her husband baked?! He's a KEEPER!! Happy Tuesday....

Coastal Sisters said...

Thank you so much for sharing the photos from Tiffany's Open House! I wish I could have been there :)


TiffanyJane said...

Hello! Oh goodness, all the pics are made them look even better in the pics! Thanks so much for coming :)
Still trying to get over this cold, it's about knocked me out this week!! Been gone working
all day, I'm about pooped out!
Take care~
Tiffany :)

Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Oh I wish I lived near enough to have gone! I love her taste. I know you had so much fun. Thank you for sharing!!

The White Bench said...

This sounds terrific! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see more pics!!

Wren Cottage said...

Finally made it over Charlene and I am really enjoying my visit! Thank you for sharing these pic's from Tiff's sale! What fun!! I'm off to read more posts! Love your writing style! xo Madai

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