Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ICE! Both the Weather kind & some ICE ART

JACK FROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows his UGLY Face here in Texas this morning. I know many you have had cold miserable weather a lot this winter. We have had some cold snaps but nothing much to complain about. I did post about a little ice a few weeks ago & it looks like we will get another helping of this tricky stuff today. We woke to temperatures hovering around the freezing mark with rain, sleet, & fog. The temperature is supposed to continue dropping all morning & more sleet & rain is due to move in this afternoon. That should make for a lousy commute home for lots of folks. I am so happy to be snug indoors with my furry baby snoring at my feet. I WILL CLEAN MY WORK TABLE TODAY! That is a promise! I haven't been able to create anything due to bags stacked on top of each other all over my work surface. But, treasures reside in the bags :)
Now, for Jack Frost of another kind... In December we took the family to see ICE at the Gaylord Texan. I had posted previously of a past visit but, wanted to share some of the wonderful Frozen art from this year. This chilly guy was at the entrance. Imagine this HUGE Jack Frost greeting you. He was probably a story & half tall.Each October, 40 artisans from the city of Harbin China, arrive in Grapevine to begin sculpting the two million pounds of ice in this walk through display. It is located in 14,000 square feet of theater space chilled to a teeth-chattering 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The artist freeze thousands of LED lights in ice, building a three story slide of ice, craft hundreds of ice sculptures & install dramatic lighting. This chilly little fellow is holding onto his icicle & enjoying lots of the fun.

This is a close up shot of the large pond with an ice bridge that you can go on for photo shoots. Notice the LED lights built into the ice.

Here is a photo of my honey & I to give you a perspective of the size of this bridge. Note: they give you those big blue parka's at the door. They don't do a thing for a hair do!
This is my grandson entering the large ice gingerbread house. He is 8 years old so you can again judge size by comparison to his body in the doorway. Overview of the outside of the gingerbread house from a distance.
Huge sweet treats are carved from colored ice.
Here is honey amazed by the wonder of all these treats. Again, using him for size comparison you can see these sculptures were no small feat to create.
This is an overview of the three story slide. There were three separate slide coming off the top floor. You can see Rudolph & all his friends are flying off the top level. My grandson is coming down the middle slide. This again shows size comparison. The walls of ice in between the slides were huge thick light filled blocks. I hope you have enjoyed my frosty presentation on this chilly (COLD) Texas Day. I hope that each of you/my friends are warm, safe, & happy. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment for I always love to know who has visited. Hugs.


Michelle Palmer said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! LOVE your blog...ice in Texas? Yucky! All that cold stuff is expected up here~ Do hope your days warm soon! We're actually watching a new batch on its way tonight into tomorrow. :)Burrrr~

Your ice photos are amazing. That must have been a neat experience!
Wishing you the best!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the vibrant colors of the ice sculptures, never saw them like that! Thanks for sharing those photo's...

I still can't believe you are having this wretched weather in Texas. Is this very rare? I don't even watch the weather anymore, our snow has not melted since we first got it in early December. It just keeps snowing more on top of it. More coming tonight :-(

Stay warm & dry!!


Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Oh Charlene!

We are having a really cold winter here in my part of the south but...the temps were up to 68 today! I am sure your weather is headed this way! I am ready for spring! I just can't handle the cold for very long. Love your ice photos! I have been running my husband's business for the past couple of weeks since he has been out of town and I am just now getting to play catch up on your wonderful blog!

cindy said...

Looks amazing! Wish we had gone, talked about it and never did do it! Did not get bad today, till about an hour ago...REALLY cold in the store today though. Brrrrr.


Coastal Sisters Too said...

Hey Charlene...it's Lisa, the "other" part of Coastal Sisters here...that ice, the colored and sculptured kind, is UNBELIEVABLE! So is that crazy weather ya'll are getting! Hope you have a great day and we would love to see you when you come to NC :) Take care! With love, Lisa

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh my...these pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing all of these!


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