Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back Yard Garden in Spring!

After a wonderful weekend away exploring the central part of Texas with our French friends I am back to Blogland. When we got home I went out in our back yard & found a number of things blooming & I thought I would share.
An overview of the flowerbed under my bedroom window. OK, I know there are a few weeds but, mostly flowers & my birdbath. I love to watch my little feathered friends bathing (& eating) in the mornings while I drink my coffee in my chaise lounge that looks out of that big double window. You can also see my brass spinner, bird feeder, blooming hydrangea's & over on the far end of the window is my clematis.
Here is a couple of my bird houses that are at full occupancy this year. Also, you can see the arbor my husband built me to separate the two yards. One side is garden (you can see the 2 vintage gilders) & the other side was were our Lab Duke lived (so the garden would survive). We lost that sweet fur baby on May 6th of last year & I would take all his digging & chewing back if we could have him back... but, alas we all know that is not going to happen so I still have 2 sides to my back yard.
This was Duke's side. We planted 2 peach trees this year. One on this side & one on the other. You can see another bird house on the fence & my chicken nester. NO, I don't have chickens. I use it to put my garden gloves, ant poison, garden tools, & sometimes... flowers in it. Saves a lot of extra trips around to get the needed tools. And besides, MY MOTHER HATES IT!!!!! And that makes it even more fun!
Here's the other peach tree & you can see my peaches on it! YUM!!!! I can't wait to taste them this summer. I can't believe those new little trees are already producing fruit.
And one of my Hydrangea
And the French Hydrangea. Notice how different the blooms are from the standard. The center is dense in closed buds & then just a few blooms are on the outside.
A little further back so you can see the leaves.
And a close up of the Clematis.
In mass.
The whole trellis by the bedroom window.
This afternoon I ordered Iris from Jain at If you go visit her you will not believe the beautiful colors she has. She has a new Banner for her Blog that just shows a few of her treasures. But, if you scroll down it is indeed a feast for your eyes & soul. Thank Jain for all the inspiration you share. Her gardens are divine. I hope you enjoyed this little visit to my back garden. I work tomorrow but, after that I will be doing a post to sign up for my drawing for my 100th Post. I wanted to be back from my trip & able to be available when all of you visit for signing up. Check Back soon. Have a great week. Hugs!


once in a blue moon... said...

your garden is really bursting forth isn't it! i love having fruit trees, you never go hungry when you are working in the garden~ the birdhouses are darling, but being full is even MORE fun!

i know just how you feel about duke... we have about 20 pets buried in our yard too.. i plant a tree over all of them, i love when they bloom in spring, reminds me of all of them.

love your clem, they are always such show stoppers when in mass!

thank you SO much for sharing my link, what a sweetheart. i am just thrilled that you are getting an iris garden to look forward to next year! thank you so much!

Brenda said...

I so want to find a decent clematis! They seem high in price in the nurseries, and don't look that good. But I've been on the hunt so I shall find one soon. I'd trade trees if I could. I have a pear tree. But I really like peaches! Oh, and congrats on the 100th post!

Alisa said...

Everything looks beautiful, Charlene!

A Little Of This And That said...

It's lovely.

TiffanyJane said...

Ooooooo Gorgeous photos!! Esp. love it right out your window, so pretty!

Susie Q said...

Lovely garden...and LOL! Someone else who loves to 'tick' their mother...I love your chicken nester too...that is just too funny!

The Rustic Victorian said...

The peaches, and flowers,,yum! I love your banner Charlene!

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