Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun In Central Texas

There is a magical garden in Central Texas called the Antique Rose Emporium. It was a dream of one couple that bought property in this area & went to old farm properties to collect specimens of old or antique roses. Sometimes the old farm houses were there & sometimes not. Out of this dream they have created this: This is the patio & the entry! Do you LOVE this little arbor entry?
Made out of old pots... Some of you really talented crafty girls could do this!
And I'm sorry the light on this photo is not perfect but, I thought this view of the gardens, the windmill & that beautiful BLUE TEXAS SKY was to perfect to pass up!
Walking along in the gardens I spotted this little fellow & thought he had a lot of charm & character. All made from recycled metal cans & misc pieces.
Here is another clever little clay pot fellow pushing a garden cart. I can almost see the garden fairies dancing about. Can't you?
They had an old church moved to the property & they often hold weddings on site. Can you just imagine a bride at dusk in this beautiful garden?
This photo is of their home. If you follow the winding path you see... away from the church, past the gazebo (that photo did not turn out well) up this path, you find this old vintage cottage they moved to the property. It has wonderful wrap around porches & they have built rose covered arbors all around it. Lovely to behold. Can you imagine living in such a wonderland? If you would like to visit it is located in Independence, TX. They have a retail shop & you can go online to see the many items at This is a plaque that explains the history behind The Bottle Tree. They have a wonderful bottle tree in the gardens. So now you can read the history & enjoy the tree. I would love to have one. How about you?
I would want mine to be a bit different than this one but... the idea is fun don't you think?
I hope you enjoyed the Antique Rose garden with me. I will take you to a few other sites in the area in my next post. I think it is so much fun to visit places from the comfort of our chairs sitting at home just drifting through Blogland. And just think how much $$$$$ we save when we do it this way. Tootles............................ for now.


Blondie's Journal said...


I had so much fun visiting this beautiful place with you. Oh wow, to see it in person!!! The clay pot arbor and bottle tree are fabulous inspirations...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Have a great day, my friend! :-)


Magic Moonlight said...

Oh Yes! I enjoy the tour! And Steal some ideas too! the bottle tree is so special ,Thank-you for the pictures!

Lisa said...

Super cool! I love trips to fun places I can't get to easy!
Hugs, Lisa

Alisa said...

Very cool! I'll have to check that out!

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