Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Time at the Lake

Where have I been & what have I been doing? When I haven't had a new front door installed, or the main rooms of my house being painted? Completing the purchase of yet another "Toy" for "Honey" & the family. Here she is a new Lowe Deck Boat. She has a solid top that provides shade for all on board & serves as a diving deck for those who want to use the top. Or for me... I see floating in the lake looking at the stars at night. This past week we took off for a friends Lake House on Lake Palestine in East Texas near the city of Tyler. This is a photo of Jan's boat up out of the water in her boat house & ours out in front. My son is on the dock waiting to push his Dad off when ready.
And my "Honey" or otherwise known as "The CAPTAIN"! He so loves that!
And here... the other major reason for the purchase. My son (son's the other one is not on this trip but there will be another time for him & his family) & the GRANDS!
I don't usually do much with family details but, wanted to share this with you today. Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Lady......missed you while you were gone, but it looks like you had fun.....AND he got his boat! See you soon. xo jana

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Glad you had fun on you new boat. I know Austin just looooooooved it. Tell him hi for me. The boat looks really nice and The Captain looked like he was really in charge.LOL
Take care and have a great weekend.

Unknown said...


I'm sorry but your comment on lulu's blog made me laugh. I almost fell off my chair as I could have made the same comment regarding my son in law. You are a brave


Monica said...

WOW Charlene! Have fun!
Thanks for your sweet comment about my book covers- I have been making them for years, that's why I told you I already had my Bible cover!!;))
This time I chose white fabrics only, I believe these are the cutest I've ever made!

Unknown said...

Hey girl.....thanks for reminding me about Joann....I knew I was forgetting's been updated....see you Thursday :) xoj

Cassandra said...

Wow that looks like such fun! I would simply LOVE to have a boat! Thanks so much for visiting me the other day :)

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