Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I LOVE Windows

You know I have a "THING" for windows... Beveled Glass, Stained Glass, You name it I LOVE IT! These are the newest in our collection! One day "Honey" & I were shopping & we both loved them when we saw them. They are ONE INCH too big to fit in the doorway between the Master Bedroom & Bath. Sounds like a project for "Honey" or someone!
A little closer view. Aren't they divine?
And this... you say OK you are really slipping now kiddo. This is a window that "Honey" & I FOUND (yes you heard me right it was out for the trash when we were coming home from shopping at Lone Star Antique Mall & Golightly's) We had seen some smaller than this & not as cool for like $40. And when driving home there it was on the side of the road. Talked to the lady who owned the house & she said "Take It I was throwing it away". You ask WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?
These are a couple of windows we saw in a shop out in Cambria, CA. They are made out of vintage glass & crystal. I can just see these hanging from hooks on a a chain on the back porch. With the lights shinning through I think it will be really pretty.
Here's the other one in a different color scheme. What do ya think? Have a great week!


Lisa said...

Really cool! I'll bet you have plans!
Hugs, Lisa

Collected Treasures said...

i think you could have shared where you got them.....????oh well. I know they will be beautiful. j

CIELO said...

Lovely... I love the first ones... are you planning on adding new windows to your home????

oh, and by the way, the purple flowers on my past post are not Larkspur (never had them), they're butterfly bushes in different hues of purples... they're blooming right now and they're just gorgeous... the perfect perennial around here!

Enjoy your night, Charlene


Alisa said...

Great finds! We've been looking for just the right stained glass window for to hang in our master bath.

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