Saturday, September 26, 2009

September Art Group - What a Bunch of DIVA'S

Is this Assemblage adorable or what?
This week was time for our Art Group to meet at Collected Treasures again. Our theme was Halloween. But, none of us worked on the same thing. Below you can see JoAnn & Cami working at their side of the table. Cami is new to our group & was such a great fit with everyone!
JoAnn & I9of course I loved them but, had forgotten about them until she reminded me) had seen a project in Sommerset using vintage photos & old spoons to create darling little Halloween Goodies. She is doing these for her daughter & granddaughters.
Look at that little cutie! It's JoAnn as a baby!!!!! Her girls are gonna love these!
This is an image that I printed off & gave her. This baby looks a little scared & wild eyed. Perfect for Halloween.
And here's the third one she finished. Again, it's baby JoAnn. The first one she did was done on an old spoon that had a black Bakelite handle(see it in the photo below). These other two were on old silver spoons.
Below is Carolyn's adorable Halloween House. She had this ready to bring to show us. She said she has GLITTER all over her house from making this & the Christmas Houses. She plans to sell them at Trade Days Oct 24. She also had a really cute wreath but, I didn't get a photo of that.
Carolyn was not going to work on anything when she first came in. Said she was just there to visit. But, Lisa brought her the sweetest photo & I asked her if she wanted to use my soldering stuff & do a necklace. She said YES!!!!!!!!!!! So below is the finished piece. So sweet! Pat gave her that old pearl from a stash of goodies she got at Cleburne's Antique Alley.
Here's Carolyn hard at work. I forgot my tile I like to work on so we improvised with an old tin Jana had. The girls from the Beginner's Solder Class I taught last week would laugh at that one. A bit rustic but, it worked!
And here's Rochelle working on her yarn project. I can't remember if it was knit or crochet but, she wanted over in the corner so her yarn would be on the rug & she had a bird's eye view of every one's "stuff: going on.
Ant there is Pat cleaning off her charm that she worked so hard on. She was dying to learn to solder & is planning on ordering her "Kit" next week. So, we had a little quickie class & she got the hang of it really fast. But, she's been watching me for weeks.
Here's Jana & Lisa at their table. Jana worked on pumpkins made from old chenille spreads. She thought she wanted white ones this year but, decided she wanted to tea dye them instead so, she just kind of watched everyone else that night. Ms Lisa was working on an assemblage also but, I didn't get to see much since I was at the other table.
Well, that's it for Art Group this month. We're still talking names for the group. Here's the suggestions so far 1. All By Hand 2. Sisters of the Sacred Glue Guns 3. DIVAS Diverse, Imaginative, Vivacious, Artistic, Sisters. What's your vote? Leave me a comment & let me know. Happy Creating Girlfriends!


Lisa said...

OH I like DIVAS! Very cool! All these Halloween items are amazing!
Hugs, Lisa

Collected Treasures said...

I want to be a DIVA....of course, I already am one, but to have other's call me that will simply validate my "being"....LMAO....xojana

Heidi said...

I love it I love it, does that mean I can join to? Wow that spoon and spooky house creation is incredible, you guys have some really neat and interesting designs that you come up with they truly are wonderful. Have yourself a great weekend. Take care.

Blessings to you and yours,

Vicki C said...

WHAT FUN!~ Wish I could have been there.

Coastal Sisters said...

I vote for DIVAS!

You girls look like you had so much fun.

I love the spoon idea. I have so many old spoons I have gotten from going junking. I love spoons and forks!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Julie said...

Hi Charlene! Thanks for visiting my blog & for your kind comments! Thought I'd come visit you & how fun! Looks like you & your friends really enjoy yourselves! Love all your vintage goodies--they're wonderful! I really want to learn to make soldered jewelry, on my list!

Alisa said...

I like DIVAS.

Everyone's projects look great!

cindy said...

Really, really CUTE! Hmmm, how does one get invited to one of these parties...(hint, hint). LOL. Seriously, looks like great fun! You gals are wicked talented!

yapping cat

Bunny Missbrenner said...

You all are very impressive. I especially like the necklace with the baby pic in it and the spoons idea is worth I also liked that table lamp with the dark tassels. Keep up the good work DIVAS. DARING...INVENTIVE....VIVACIOUS....


Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Looks like much fun! Love the spoons idea. Too cute!!!

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Oh and I vote Divas!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I am sooo making some of those spoons..they are too, too cute!

I am so glad to be part of the group (I don't care if we're divas or sisters!)...thanks for the warm welcome!

Jessica said...

Looks like too much fun! :)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

You gals are all so creative & talented! Love the spoon idea, we all have old spoons...don't we? LOL The assemblage is so cute too! Looks like you all have a good time together.
Thanks for the visits, much appreciated. You know, I can't remember where I got that image of Avila Beach. I haven't been there but would love to visit. Why? maiden name is Avila! LOL Nice to here from someone who has been there. Have a great day!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Oh man, I just spent a ton of time enjoying your blog! Lots of wonderful ideas! I have to ask tho - how did you do the scallops on the pretty little necklace soldering thing? I have done some soldering years ago, but that looks pretty tricky! Any hints?

Thanks - and hugs from Michigan - Diane

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