Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

I want to thank Cindy for being our hostess today & for taking over doing Show & Tell Friday. Be sure & go to see Cindy & all the other girls that are participating today by clicking on the button on my sidebar. I wanted to share some of the treasures I brought back from my recent trip to the huge Round Top Antique Fair in south central Texas. I saw soooooo many things but, I sure couldn't buy all I wanted so let's peek at SOME of what I did get.
I am into anything beach or mermaid. There has been a serious hunt for a mermaid that used to be in aquariums (from my childhood... am I dating myself?). I have been looking for one since I took that jewelry design class from Diana Frey. I have a necklace design in my mind & this was a key piece for it. Eureka!!!!!!! I found her. Here you see her perched on this fabulous black & white Transfer ware Plate with shells. You can't see the beautiful patina or the crazing in this photo but, it is divine. I see broken china charms & a wonderful center medallion with this don't you?
Here's a close up of the center. LOVE IT!
And the sides...sorry they are a tiny bit fuzzy but, you see how pretty this will be.
And here's this little beauty strutting her stuff. Not a bit modest! She is laying on a beautiful tablecloth that I bought & surrounded by 10 beautiful shell buttons.
Yes, they are really buttons. On the back is two holes where they had been sewn on to something in there previous life. Are you seeing this necklace take form yet? NO, Diana I won't combine the "FUNKY" mermaid & the lovely black & white. There is really 2 or more pieces here.
I love buttons. And Mother of Pearl is my all time favorite. Got his little tin full of dark MOP buttons. I have no idea where they will end up but just looking at them & feeling the soft cool texture of them brings me pleasure & reminds of all those times I would play in Grandmothers button box.
And three & a half yards of this beautiful dark green velvet ribbon. Sooooooo pretty.
This is a strange little assortment of odds & ends but, I really liked them. Again you see my tablecloth, some great little keys, more MOP buttons, & three different sizes of Apothecary Jars. The large one on the left & the little one have the same square shaped lid. But, the large one on the right has a round ball type lid. I can see some awesome mix media bottles with these little jewels. If you would like to see photos of the fields of goodies see my previous post. So much fun was had.

Well. thank you for joining me & looking at some of my loot. Go see what all the other girls are sharing today & thanks again Cindy. Happy Friday!


Gee said...

What a great find. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ho-boy! We have a small collection of mermaids in our home too. I would so love to have yours. Makes me jealous that you found her first [kidding!]

What a great day at the antique show. You did well.

My Show n Tell is posted. Hope you can visit! There's a 'treat' for you also, if you'd like!!! [on my sidebar] Head on over if you find time. Happy Friday.

Leann said...

Too fun! I love the mermaid, she's wonderful and the seaside plate is great. I love the B&W, it's perfect and not over done.

As for your other treasures, well I'm a sucker for anything vintage:)


The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE all of your goodies Charlene!! Looks like the kind of things I would have bought! I'm so glad you and Lisa went together, what fun....I was with you girls in spirit!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Michelle said...

Love your great finds, I especially love that dish! I hope you will stop by soon and visit me!

Julie said...

What fun you had! Love what you bought! I DO remember those mermaids--love her! Have fun creating with your MOP buttons (I love them, too!) and that sumptious ribbon!

Carla said...

OOO, you will HAVE to post the finished product!!! said...

You really found some great things Charlene. I can't wait to see the mermaid necklace, I know it will be amazing. Lisa

Heidi said...

Oh your little mermaid and the mermaid dish are darling. Wonderful post. Have a great weekend, thank you for the show and tell I used too love that in school.


Mrs Twins said...

Hi Charlene
It's Sue from the UK. You've just visited my blog. I'm so chuffed I had trouble with Romantic Home signing in and didn't think it had worked but I've now met you and Hootin' Anni! So I'm really pleased. I love your posts. What a beautiful day out. I would love to have been there having a good mooch around. Thanks for visiting me pop in for an English cup of tea next time! ha.ha. Bye for now.

Mrs Twins said...

I love your blog and I enjoyed reading about your day out. I would have really enjoyed walking round 'mooching'. What finds! I'm chuffed because I have now met Hootin' Anni and yourself via.Romantic Rooms and I'm pleased I had trouble signing in.
Please visit me again and pop in for an English cup of tea!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love the plate and the mermaid! I forgot about those aquarium mermaids!!! I cannot see what you create!! Thanks for joining in on my first Show and Tell!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh yes Charlene, you guys are the envy of everyone. You lucky dogs, to get to go antique shopping, that's a lot of antiques! Thanks for weighing in on my "dilemma"! Appreciate the feedback. Have fun.

Diann said...

Awesome finds!

Ginger said...

The plate and mermaid are lovely. She's really quite unusual.

Lora said...

What an adorable mermaid! That plate is so pretty, too.

Sandra said...

I love your blog header! I also love old buttons, I have some from my grandma's button tin.


Susan B said...

You found some wonderful things! I love the mermaid. And the plate is beautiful. My mother used to have a large, round tin filled with buttons. I used to love looking inside of it. I wish I knew what happened to it! Thank you for sharing your things. Have a great weekend!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I remember going to the local shirt factory outlet when I was a kid. They had a huge button bin and while my mom and stepdad would look at shirts, my sister and I would just run our hands through the buttons, and sometimes we'd separate some out. It was such a textural experience, I guess. I've had a thing for buttons ever since, although I have none! :)

Thanks for dropping by my Show and
Tell. You were right that we are starting to see fall here, especially with the cool temps.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I don't know what's cuter...the mermaid or the shell buttons? Can't wait to see the necklace you fun!

Your girly Halloween clothes are adorable!

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