Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Need To Buy A Lotto Ticket!

I NEED TO BUY A LOTTO TICKET that's what Bunny at I'm Just Sayin said! Well, I think she is right because Tracy from Frugal Luxuries just notified me that I had won the give away for the book she has written. I am so excited & want to thank Tracy (please stop by & see Tracy & tell her you learned about her from Charlene at My Heart's Ease) & all of the other generous Bloggers that have giveaways for all of us. I think the amazing things we are exposed to in all the different blogs & the amazing women that write them are the biggest blessing of all. Don't you? THANK YOU TO EACH OF MY BLOGGING BUDDIES! I feel so blessed to have each & every one of you in my life!


Barbie said...

Hey Charlene!
Congrats on your win!

A quick Question: Do you still have one of those green tin sheets you had at the sale? If so, may I buy one from you?


Julie said...

Good morning, Charlene! Congratulations on your win! Looks like a great book--I'm going to go over and check it out! I agree with you--I am so amazed at all the amazing, creative women I've met in the two short months I've been blogging--you included! Only wish I'd started sooner!

Really Rainey said...

Hey Charlene! Congrats on winning that fun book, that's so awesome too!


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries said... DO need to buy that ticket Charlene! If we lived close I'd meet up with you and rub your elbows for good luck! ;)

I agree, we are all so very blessed to be able to mingle minds and lives (in a sense) through this wondrous community of bloggers!! It is truly a blessing.

Tracey xo

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Charlene!!! I'm so happy for you! You's your generous spirit dear friend, it always comes back to you :) hugs and love, Dawn

Bunny said...

Told'ja! Woot woot!


Blondie's Journal said...

Awesome!! Congratulations lucky girl!!



Hi Charlene! Congrats on the winnings. I hope to have a giveaway real soon as well. Sharing and caring=blogging. Love your blog header! ~ Angela

Lynn said...

Get the ticket!
Share with your bloggy buds!

Lynn said...

Oh yes, buy a ticket. I have that book and just love it! You will enjoy it. I love her style of writing. Now have to check out her blog. Don't forget to tell us when you win the lottery! Good luck!

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