Friday, December 4, 2009

Bellas Dreams Blog Party!

Denise & I want to welcome you to Bella Dreams Share The Joy Holiday Decorating & Craft Blog Party! WHEW that was a mouthful! I think I need a little refreshment before we begin.
Welcome to my little coffee station. Every evening I prepare the coffee for "Mr Clause" & I in this little area. One of my favorite things to do is add a DASH of cinnamon right on top of the coffee grounds when I make it so, you see the giant COSTCO size cinnamon jar next to the coffee grounds all ready to go (also you can see the pretty glass jar with orange Tang Drink Mix to add to my cinnamon spice tea for my evening enjoyment)
A close up of the mugs I bought this year. Just made me smile! Don't you think Mrs Clauses shoes are a hoot? And that adorable old jar that has tiny ornaments in it & JOY on the top was purchased last year at my friend Tiffany's Open House & Sale. I just LOVE it!
Alright let's get started but, let me tell you that this Christmas I have decorated very different from my "normal" Christmas decor. This year we will not be hosting Christmas (all those little GRANDS will be going to their mothers side of the families for Christmas) so there will be no big showing of Santa, the elves, the candy tree, or any of the other things we would usually be hauling out of storage. On our off year we often don't decorate at all but, this year I wanted to have a Christmas Tea for my girlfriends & I have decorated for the girls & MYSELF!
Believe? Yes I DO!!!! And the sign tells you so (besides... I saw a pillow that said "FOR THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE....YOU GET UNDERWEAR") Here is my wonderful old vintage buffet next to my wing back chair that is right near my kitchen & breakfast nook. I decided to put the tree in that little nook by my Grandmother's old farm table. I used my 7' slimline tree to save space & it fit perfectly in that little area.
A closeup of the top of the hutch. It is a little hard to see but, I have a pine garland with tiny white lights across the top. Also you can see my beautiful beaded shades & some family photos. I will take a better shot of that during the holiday season & post it another time.
Here's my tree all done in blues & silvers. My theme for the tree is women & items we love. It has a WIDE silvery blue sheer ribbon bow topper that then winds down through the tree. There are beautiful shoes, hats, buttons, & wonderful paper dolls. I will share close up details of the tree with you on DEC 8th for yet another Blog Party. BE SURE & COME BACK (sign up as a follower & you will be reminded to check back... ALSO I am nearing my 200th Post & I will be doing a drawing for all FOLLOWERS) So, here you see the tree & my table which is set with blue snowflake placemats & there is a sweet Dept 56 scene with houses & children playing in the snow.
Moving on to the top of my refrigerator is none other than The French Bear which was made by my friend Margaret of The French Bear. He is nestled in a snowy pine bough & reigns high above near my vintage oil lamp with the most amazing fluted chimney. Also, you can see the magnet Margaret made me hanging on the front of the fridge. It say BELIEVE!!!!!
Isn't he adorable? Can you believe she made that sweet little thing? And his crown & his little box he is sitting on. LOVE MY FRENCH BEAR!
Stepping away from the kitchen we look into the Living Room. It is really all one BIG area. So as I look out of the kitchen I see across this room & look into the backyard & at one of our fireplaces. This one is a bit unusual because it does not have a chimney... it vents out the back so we have a big window over it. Also in this photo you can see "Honey's" much loved vintage bar (& into the back yard where you can see it still has green plants out there)
Over the fireplace I have put a beautiful poinsettia plant set among my crystal pieces, my bird feeder with the perky little red bird gazing out into the room (I love to change out the little birds on display on it). Also I love my stained glass angle blowing her trumpet. She really is pretty when the sun shines through her.
As you span around this area you come to a LARGE cabinet that holds bar ware & dishes. I took this picture from a distance so you could see the size of this piece. It is huge. On top of this piece is my prize decoration of this season.
Yes, meet Noel! If you missed the story of my finding her go HERE. For the post where I introduced her she was wearing a Fall outfit but, now she has her winter finery on. And she is riding on her vintage sled while holding her shinny star.
At the end of the big hutch is my vintage bird cage which I have changed up a little bit for Christmas. I did a sparkly bow on top & inside I added some silver stars & a sweet card showing Santa & his reindeer amidst sparkling snow.
A peek inside & you can see the card (& a tiny white candle).
Well, that is where we will leave off for today. I hope you have enjoyed my little peek into our home this Christmas. Please come back on December 8th for the next fun event which will be Kate's Ornament Party. Have a wonderful weekend & be sure & visit all the other girls participating in this event. Thanks for all the fun Denise!


A Little Of This And That said...

The cups are so adorable.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Everything looks so pretty! Little Noel is enchanting. Your right the little red cape would be darling. See you later.
Hugs, Pat said...

I have been such a BAD blog friend, I'm sorry I am so behind visiting! Let start w/ the home tour, WONDERFUL! I love the idea of decorating for 'yourself & the girls'. The tree looks great, can't wait to see it up close...I really like the chair in by the table, it looks cozy. Your new doll is very cool & she looks so pretty up on your cabinet on her sliegh. Last of all I just need to say, LUCKY Diane. Girl you outdid yourself. The arpon turned out really cool. I love the top w/ the hanky, button jar & jewels are all great. Lisa

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oooooooooo, how pretty your home looks! I love the Christmas mugs :)

I hope you have a lovely tea party for your girlie friends :)

Happy Holidays to you and Honey and Miss Reba,

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Charlene, your house is beautiful and JAVA...Yippessss!!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

jen said...

my husband and i love to switch out our everyday mugs for our collection of Christmas mugs right before thanskgiving - it's become a tradition! love your decor throughout your house!

The French Bear said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Your home looks so wonderful, I just love that tree!!!!!!! I have to finish decorating and clean up, but I just came home from work,not feeling so good. I will finish later!!!
I love everything Charlene, you have done a fabulous job!!!! I do need to make you a blue something for your tree!!!
Margaret B

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

I love the bird cage, great idea. I also like the tiny white tree with the little girl next to it. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

So happy that you joined us at our party! Your decorations are wonderful and it looks like you have a happy happy home! Loved the cute little mugs with the legs.

DeeDee said...

Charlene....your place is beautifully decorated for christmas...I had to post cookies casue I haven't decorated...I am a northern girl so the snow was a pure treat for me and my fur soon as we woke up we were out the door...Happy Holidays...and thanks so much for stopping by for a visit...please do join me again..Do you scrapbook I am in a few of the local groups here in Fort Worth...

Me....bunny said...

Where's Reba's Everything looks divine...your all set to go.
Funny you should mention underwear. I bought all 3 grandsons underwear...I'm dying to see they're faces...don't worry, I bought them razor scooters to...should he a hoot!


I have bird cages too but no likey~!

Pat said...

Thanks for your're up late too! Sorry you won't have the "grands" I have the twins helping with the tree almost full time and they are so fun. Love your collie, I still miss mine after 30 years! Happy Christmas!

Karen Valentine said...

Charlene your home is lovely! I think the slimline tree came out beautifully. And I love all the white decoration is your bedroom. Especially Noel on the sleigh! Have a very Merry Christmas sweetie!

My Desert Cottage

Tammy said...

Your home is gorgeous! I love your tree and all of the lovely vintage looking ornaments. The bird cage and Noel are lovely. Your friends should feel special.

Vicki C said...

Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!!!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Lovely decorations. Miss Noel is so sweet. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Charlene I am always so happy when I visit your site especially today seeing all of these beautiful decorations. Your home is lovely like you.
Love your coffee mugs how cute they are and fun to have. Yes Mrs. Claus's shoe are my kind of shoes.
Happy Holidays
I hope Santa brings me a camera so I can take some pictures of my decorations but their not anything like yours.

The White Bench said...

Me again, Charlene.
Your Christmas home is cozy and inviting, love the blue (naturally) and silver, even if I miss the awesome red Santa picture above your table you showed last year (oh yeah, I remember it well!!;)). The Winter vignette with your new baby is amazingly elegant and beautiful. Love all you've done this year!

Nan said...

So many beautiful things with your special touch on them. Thanks for visiting my Homer Alaska blog.

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