Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Gifts In The Mail & the Beautiful GIFT of Friendship

BEAUTY COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES! And can be found in some of the simplest things! Chandelier crystals in a vintage family treasure & a flower made out of pattern tissue paper with glitter & MOP buttons. Simple.... Beautiful!!!!!
These luscious crystals were sent to me by my new friend SANDY that I met at Heart & Communion Art Event(click on her name to visit her her cute blog). We sat together the second day for our chandelier class. We had sooooooo much fun together. Sandy lives out in California & had flown in for the event. Why is is I have so very many friends in California???? I sure could live there I tell you!!!! That is a dream of mine to live there during the summer to escape the Texas heat & to enjoy all my friends, art events & classes, shops, California coast & seafood, all the beauty... anyway I got off track sorry. After the class Sandy & I thought we needed more crystals for our chandi's. She got back home & found a mother load & we split it. I got my goody package in the mail. After much cleaning I put the crystals pouring out of my Grandmothers beautiful tea cup & thought it made a pretty vignette. THANKS for sharing sweet Sandy!
Here's a photo of Sandy. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!
Here we are together on day one. Sorry the camera is in the photo. I borrowed these photos from my next friend I want to introduce you to.... Cheryl (hope it's OK I borrowed them Cheryl because it's hard to take photos of yourself & I didn't have one of you & I so I had to borrow the one of you & Lonnie). Cheryl, on the right in the photo below is also from California & came our with Sandy. She was soooooo much fun too. She has a cute Blog called Inside the Bubble (click on the name to visit) What talented & fun gals. Hope we can keep up with each other all through the year until we see each other at another event.
Mail LOVE!!!!!!! Everyone is on the ALICE IN WONDERLAND kick with swaps going (LISA was making some at Art Group the other night) & movie trailers & talk talk talk about the movie(personally I think the movie looks kind of DARK to me). My wonderful friend Julie made this adorable (not dark at all) ALICE card & I told her I loved it when I saw it on her blog. She sent me a note that she wanted to send it to me as a gift. WHAT A SWEETHEART!!!! THANK YOU JULIE!
A close up of my adorable card(click the photo to enlarge it if you want a closer look). Don't you love her? Be sure & go see other pieces of Julies amazing work. Just click on her name above & it will take you to her blog for a very enjoyable stroll through wonderful photos & art.
Below are THREE of my friend Vicki's new die cuts that she sent to me again as a gift! Vicki is a super creative designer! She always has amazing pieces on her blog (she is a designer for Crafty Secerets & so is Julie) so be sure to click on her name above to drool over her wonders. I know I have shared the story before but, for those new to my site... Vicki & I met in Arlington, TX at the Scrapbook convention 3 years ago. I was soooooooooo impressed with her talent & she was so very humble, sweet, & encouraging when we visited. I didn't have a blog but, she gave me her blog & email address. Many correspondences later & a LOT of encouragement I had my blog up & running. She was a frequent visitor & we kept in touch. Every time she comes to town we get to see each other. Last year we went to dinner after the show & laughed so hard. Go HERE & HERE to see the new die cut she has designed & a few of her wonderful examples. THANK YOU VICKI FOR SENDING ME NOT ONE BUT, THREE OF THESE BEAUTIES TO PLAY WITH.
Hope I have given you some fun things to look at & some new people & places to visit. If you visit please leave them a comment & tell them Charlene sent you. Blogland is an amazing place. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!


LuLu Kellogg said...

What wonderful Love Mail!

You truly have some lovely friends :)


Vicki C said...

Friends are a gift arent they?
enjoy... so glad we have become friends!!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Charlene. Something tells me you not only have friends in California but ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! Why? Because you are so darn likeable!
Hey girl, my dream is to be able to spend summer in Calli too!!! Who's isn't???? LOL!!! Have a super day my friend.


Me....bunny said...

Getting gifts in the mail is the best! I just love those crystals...brilliant!

your other California friend

Julie said...

Love those chandelier crystals--oh, my!!! Lucky you! Real crystals--especially old ones--are a weakness of mine! I have crystals hanging in so many windows in the house--we love to watch the "rainbow fairies" as they shimmer and dance around...(that's what my girls called them when they were little!)

So glad you like that Alice card--it's fun to make things when people appreciate them! Don't you just love Vicki? She's so much fun to be with--and those dies of hers....have FUN! Can't wait to see what you create with those!

Thanks for being such a lovely friend...talk to you later!

Lisa said...

Oh how great! And just when you needed things to do!! Enjoy your new treasures!!
Hugs, Lisa

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

Sorry I have been so out of it with Mom. I just realized today that you lost Reba. My heart is broken for you. She will forever be remembered and loved.
Carolyn xxoo

Sandy Navarro said...

Charlene, you're such a doll! I love sharing FabUlous finds and hope we can share many more.

Riki Schumacher said...

Yes, why don't you live in California...we're all here waiting for you!! Beautiful gifts you lucky girl. Love them all. Can't wait to meet you too Charlene, we'll have a blast at the event. Until then! hugs, Riki

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Wow, Charlene,
You are a lucky girl! That Alice tag is very cool. I really like the way she did it, very unique. Ya, I'm still working on mine. These swaps are stressful! I'm going to Lonestar tomorrow to hook up with Val, wanna come? Lisa

Kimberly said...

I am your newest follower!

Great mail! Love it.

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