Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowy Day in Texas & Mosaic Monday

I know so many of you have snow all through the winter & it does not fascinate or excite you! But, this is Texas & we don't get much. So humor me & let me share some snow photos. The vintage image above is one that my friend Cami shared with us HERE. I thought she was so pretty & since I was having a "bad hair day" for my snow post I thought I would pretend that she was me for this post. So, welcome to my first Mosaic Monday. I have always admired so many of you when you do a mosaic & have wanted to learn to do them too. Today have included a few in my post so, thank you Mary & all the other girls for letting me play along.
This is how the day started. A SOFT WET SNOW with great big flakes. It was already snowing when I woke up & it snowed all day long.
Here is the front of our house about mid morning. I love how the colored glass items I have in the flower beds stand out bright against the snow. See my pretty BLUE glass tear drop that hangs next to my wind chimes.
We saw a lot of these fellows about the neighborhood. The kids all had a GRAND Time. There were snowmen(notice he is wearing a cowboy hat), snow forts & snow fights to be seen on every block.
This mosaic is of the snow that night. I love how the light played off the snow to create a totally different effect than the day time shots.
And see those little pitter patter of prints? Well it is none other than sweet Ms Reba returning up the front walk. She just loved going out to explore in this "strange stuff"
Here she is all "FLAKY". She has been really sick with pancreatitis since Christmas & I think we are finally coming out of the woods (we have another blood test Monday morning). But, here she looks good & wanted to say thank you to all of you who continue to call, send emails, & comments about her recovery! BIG PUPPY KISSES!
I loved the photo of this bench by my front door. This bench used to belong to my sweet Daddy when they lived in Houston. When we moved in here 11 years ago he gave this bench to me. He used to sit out there & smoke (bad habit for sure) & enjoy my garden. Isn't it pretty with the snow & the way the light is shinning on it?
My last mosaic is of the HUGE pine tree next to my house. The limb hanging low from the weight of the snow & the snow filled sky in the background. I LOVED the golden glow in these photos. You can see those huge flakes still coming down. Thank you for visiting & sharing my snowy mosaic post.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Charlene!!!! SNOW IN TEXAS? This is weird....we always have it here in Minnesota, accompanied by chiller diller winds and cold. But, it is lovely and have fun in it! Thank you for coming down for a twirl around the dance floor in an elegant gown; thank you for humoring me! I will send you my crown picks a little later. Thank you for your email!

Have a fun day in the snow! Anita OH! Be careful driving, please! It is rather tricky.

Jamie said...

Your snow photos are beautiful!! Miss Reba looks so happy:) Ours is slowly melting, but we still have it in the grassy areas. I am so grateful the boys got to have a big snow this year. What a treat it has been. Stay warm Sweet Charlene:) Love, Jamie

LuLu Kellogg said...

Ohhhhhhh, look at Miss Reba...she looks SO sweet :)

Glad you are enjoying your snow. We ended up getting 3 feet and more coming tomorrow afternoon....ick!

Happy Heart Day,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Charlene ~
The snow is definitely beautiful but I need the sun and warm so badly !
For some reason I had not read about your puppy ~ I will be praying that she is all better ~

PAT said...

Your snow photos are beautiful, Charlene.

It's good to hear things are looking better for your pup!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

record year....

Nan said...

You had such a nice snow there and I personally love snow or I wouldn't live here would I lol..I'll tell you I would go for more snow over this ice we have. It warms up and rains then gets cold again and we have ice fields. I barely got up the driveway to church this morning.
Your photos are beautiful and Miss Reba looks good.

Blondie's Journal said...

Snow pictures are the best. They just always come out perfect and everything looks pretty dressed up in snow, like your sweet bench and of course, Reba! I am so glad she is doing better. She is a beautiful dog!

Enjoy your snow. Oh~~~ I love the cowboy hat on the snowman!! ;-)


Me....bunny said...

Oh Charlene...the night photos of the snow look magical. And I must say...Reba looks Marvelous! Give her a big smooch for me.


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

I feel like my kids were cheated. I think we're the only place in the country without snow! FLorida, well and Hawaii too! I read that we hit a record 49 states covered with snow at once (Hawaii was the only one without)
Your mosaics are wonderful! It looks like you are really enjoying this hopefully rare occasion!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love all the snow pics and sweet Reba does look better. Love the glow around her in that pic. like something special is around her. Maybe thats why she is getting better. Give her a pat for me.
Hugs, Pat said...

I love your snowy mosaic! Yes, we are having fun here in Texas with that cold fluffy white stuff. Your photos are excellent, & what a great memory of this past week you created. Lisa
PS We finally got back into our house at 4pm yesterday!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Love the photos. The snow was so much fun for everyone. I had to get out late Thursday (about midnight) and the streets were just beautiful. That golden glow was surreal! I went out to the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens and shot a few pics there while it still had some snow!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Charlene your snowy pics are so pretty! Many, many years ago ( I was only 10) we lived in Arlington for 3 years and one winter it snowed then too. I can remember trying to build a snowman and not having much luck because it didn't snow quite enough and didn't stay on the ground for more than a couple of days.

While all you guys are having cold spells, we are having a heat wave!!!!
It's supposed to be 79 degrees here on Wednesday!!! That sounds great as long it cools off again!!
I can't bear the thought of summer starting in February! LOL!!!

Miss Reba looks beautiful. I'm so glad she's feeling better! Have a great day sweetie!


Monica@The White Bench said...

Dear sweet Reba! Glad she had fun in the snow and she's doing better. Kim and I think of her each and every day!
Doggie kisses to you both,

Meri said...

Your photos brought back a funny memory. When I was living in North Dallas years ago, one of my best friends had grown up in Florida. Early one morning, when snow was falling at a pretty steady rate, my phone rang. It was Leslie. She asked, "Is this white stuff snow? I've heard about it, but I've never seen it." Thanks for sharing your first Monday Mosaic. Here's to many more!

cherry said...

Wasn't all that snow fun!!
Have a wonderful week
hugs, Cherry

Candy said...

What fun you Northerners must have had...well as long as you didn't have to get OUT IN IT! unless it was to play.
A day with Austin, what fun. I bit he keeps you on your toes. What a great kid, I still smile every time I think of him.
Happy Monday Blessings ;-)

Alisa said...

Wasn't it beautiful?! Oh and the quietness it brought with it was lovely too!

32˙North said...

Classic cowboy snowman!

Snap said...

What fun for you! We missed out on this go-around!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Charlene; So happy to meet you... thank you for stopping by for a visit, and your kind comment.... Just had to pop over and take a peep at your blog... I love it,,, and all those pretty winter photos.. my you sure can take a picture.. I will be by again,,, and please stop by for a visit soon.... Have a great week...


Patriotic Mom said...

Awww, I had collies while I was growing up and your's looked very much like our first collie, Brandy. I am sorry to hear she has been sick. We have a lot of snow in Virginia but I understand your excitement about it when it is a novelty for you. Give Ms. Reba a hug for me, Joan

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW! That is a lot of snow!

Miss Sandy said...

Have mercy I am laughing myself silly - not over your post, over my eyesight! I was looking at one of your photos and I thought - WOW a blimp is flying over her house in the snow! How cool is that? Then I realized that it was no blimp, just the bump of a chimney covered in snow! Yikes, I think I may need glasses!

I love your snow but I am eternally grateful that our finally melted yesterday!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Charlene,

You captured some amazing photos and your mosaic's are wonderful. Don't ever get snow here in my area of California but after living in NY for 5 years, I can do without it!

Your Ms Reba is so cute and what a sweet face she has!


VKT said...

Our snow in NC was like that...soft and wet! I enjoyed your pics!

Really Rainey said...

Hi Charlene, We don't get much snow either so I really enjoyed seeing yours... especially sweet Reba all "Flakey" hahaha... Thanks for your comment about my mosaic... I actually use for most of my mosaics... I have been using too. Its really fun! Stay warm!

~Really Rainey~

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

You got some wonderful shots Charlene! Glad to hear that Reba is doing better...I've been praying for her.

Rudy loved the snow too!


I live in Mi. But I totaly understand your excitement about the snow. I have to tell you , I adore your header and your background. Gorgeous!

Mary said...

Wow, you got some really wonderful shots of your surprise snow! What a beautiful house you have, all wrapped in white! Thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh my Charlene, the snow is beautiful! Your furbaby looks like she was enjoying it.
My daddy was born in NE Texas and I sure miss it.
Looking forward to meeting you in Savannah!

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