Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's ALL Karen Valentine's Fault!!!!!!!!

IT'S ALL KAREN VALENTINE'S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm stickin to it!
Do you remember when I had Karen(same as Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage) of Valentine Design create my new LOOK for my blog? Well, when we were talking in the design part of all this process she would say "do you like......(whatever she was talking about)" & I would say "where I don't see what you are talking about". And after much further discussion we came to the realization that my monitor, which was quiet small" did not display all the wonderful things that many blogs have on the side of their design. She teased me that "THERE'S A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE YOU ARE MISSING GIRLFRIEND" Well darlin.... not anymore. This weekend I went out & splurged on a new 34" monitor (can I send you the bill? hee hee just kidding). What are ya thinkin now girlfriend? I'm thinking there is a lot of difference between a 17" & 34" monitor. The only good thing I can say about the 17" one... it was free. But, it is gone & I can see sooooooooooooooooooooo much more! Karen was right! Speaking of Karen... Are you ready for the Where Bloggers Create II Party coming up this coming Saturday June 19? Click on the button on my sidebar for more information if you don't know about it. Karen had this event last year & it was wonderful! I only posted about my jewelry design desk because my regular studio was a mess... Well.... I tried to get out of participating this year for the SAME reason! For the most part I am an excellent housekeeper & my house is ready for company any time. But, the studio for some reason is ALWAYS a mess. It's like this is the one room I let myself slide because I can shut the door & no one sees it including myself!
Did you think this was it??????????? WRONG!!!!! Oh how I wish this was it. But, this is Karen's studio from last years event. NEXT YEAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!! I'll blow your socks off.
Sadly, below is my disaster. I am ashamed & embarrassed because blogs are supposed to be PRETTY. I kept telling Karen it's a mess! I can't do it. And she said "GET IN THERE & WORK ON IT". Did I start early enough to do everything I wanted to (strip off the wall paper, get some cute pieces of furniture)? NO! But, next year Ms Karen you just wait & see.
Sad So SAD! SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is my workspace... It is a disaster of piles & sacks. They just SLIDE from piling. Such a large easy space to DUMP STUFF when you come home. Shut the door & walk away! SHAME!!!!!
Unfinished projects everywhere. And HOW would you know what you own????? YOU DON'T!
But, the process has begun. The sorting & cleaning & purging. The wall paper is here for this time but, after spending the time in here I have this past week I AM OVER IT! AND IT IS OUTTTTTTA HERE! My space is looking much better & I will actually be able to work on my swap projects for my upcoming Les Sirenes Art Event. Yes, Cathy that is next... getting out the glue, glitter, & shells to start creating the Mermaid treasures for this will be a treat.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to get off that UGLY story & move onto something beautiful! Have you seen the Carolyn Westbrook's Book called HOME? Well, she has written a new one & Deborah of Common Objects has a Give Away where you can win a copy HERE. Be sure & rush over to put your name in to WIN! Good Luck.
Have a great week my friends & I hope I didn't scare you to death!


Honey Lamb and I said...

You are so funny!! My desk and I bet everyone else's reading this desk looks like yours!!! lol! I want to win that book! I will have to go and put my name in the hat. I need some help on getting the fun things on the side of my blog too!
So Ryan and I are headed out to CA this week! I am going to go to Paper Tales and Out of the Blue. I am so excited!
I have got some ideas for the day you come into town!! It will be fun:) ~Shelley

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweet Charlene~

You are SO right....the larger screens allow you to see more eye candy!

Your blog looks so beautiful!


A Vintage Chic said...

LOVE your new screen, Charlene! Mine's like your old one...when I was visiting my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago, I found out what I was missing....just like your new one--a whole new world, indeed! Oh, well!

I very much relate to your workspace, my friend...that's why I'm not participating this year! (Maybe next year...!)

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!


Karen Valentine said...

Girl you crack me up!!!! I'm so glad you are able to see that brave new world now! Think of everything you will be able to enjoy as you hop from one awesome studio to another! I'm really looking forward to seeing the studio. It will give me something to compare to next year after it's been turned into your dream room!!!
Love ya!

Linda said...

My studio will have to wait until next year, too~ we needed to use my space temporarily as a bedroom, so all my stuff is just piled...LOL

Lisa said...

WOW! Mine doesn't look that bad ;) Sorry it has though! lol I know what you mean about the monitor thing. I LOVE my new laptop as it had the longer one so I see the sides ;) I hope you enjoy your new look ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Debby said...

Your post is fun! Love your new screen, they are great! I have been trying to get ready for Karen's party but I hate the color of my walls...looks fine in real, terrible in the new book looks fab.
See you Saturday!!!

Diane said...

Yep, those larger screens do reveal alot more of what you want to see!
Your space will be gorgeous, I have not doubt. I am not sure if mine will look any different than the time you saw it, but I will put my best foot forward! LOL!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Can't wait to see the finished workroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet said...

And I thought my 24" one was big!

Oh wow! And as for studios... mine gets so messy also so this is good motivation to spruce it up and get more organized! I brought home wome plastic organizers for my beads yesterday and realize I need even more... or perhaps I have too much 'stuff'? No, that can't be it : )

~ Violet

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

LOL ... now WHERE did you get those photos of MY workspace????? I am still hauling stuff OUT so I can get IN.
Girl, I am having to enlarge the text so I can seeeeee. WAH, this gettin' old is NOT for sissys!

Cathy said...


You are so on top of everything. Especially the awesome "give-aways".

Thanks for letting us all know what's happening each day. I'd be lost without you.

See you soon.

xo Cath

Romeo said...

Ah yes, creativity! Don't despair, it's creativity unassembled! Nothing less - no shame!!!!


Romeo and "her"

Alisa said...

Ooh, her studio is great!

she dreams big! said...

Hi Charlene! So glad you found my blog and we get to meet each other! I feel your pain about the creative space! Mine is exactly the same! If I can't see it, then I forget I have it so everything is out in the open! How do these other ladies keep there rooms so neat?

Thanks for your sweet comment concerning my bags! Send me an email and we'll talk!

You have great style and a lovely blog!

Hugs ~~ Connie

Karen said...

Isn't Karen the sweetest? But I am cracking up - "get in there and work on it!"
And how cool is that - you got a new monitor! That was worth it all by itself.
I'm still laughing here - it isn't that bad in there . . . well . . . maybe just a little. But cleaning it should be fun! I love cleaning my room. I'm so flippin' organized it is almost disgusting.
Well . . . Now we all have something to tease you about!
:) HUGS! Karen

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't be ashamed because then I'll have to be, since my studio looks just like this! I hear the more creative you are, the messier the studio...

Debbie K. said...

First time I visited your blog and glad I did! You are wayyyyy too funny, Charlene. Your art room looks like mine...LOL! I get lost in there and never seem to find what I'm looking for at the time. Seems like I spend more time SEARCHING than I do creating.
LOVE your blog...just BEAUTIFUL!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I imagine you will find alot of forgotten supplies in your area. I am no way ready for the party, yet. I think some messes are a bit overwhelming and we don't know where to start even. Having company always motivates me to get it together.
Your banner is amazing! I just love it! I had no idea I was missing anything with a 17" ! I will put one on my Christmas list. I hope to get a blog makeover soon, Karen is creating some banner beauties out there, I do admire her.
Blessings in your day!

Rose Brier Studio said...

Charlene, Feel No Shame! You know the thing about blogs is that we can post pictures that completely ignore the mess, when it's still me, I KNOW! Thanks so much for visiting me. I love your blog and will visit again.
xo ~Marilee

RobinM said...


As always, I loved your pictures! Girl, that is SOME laundry room you have! It was recently my birthday, and my sister Lisa said the same thing about my "craft room". "This place is a MESS" !! So for my present, she spent 3 days cleaning it up and organizing it. Now, just to find the time to work in there ! Glad to see you're having such fun. Love, Robin M.

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