Monday, July 26, 2010

Mermaid Martini Cocktail Party & Belamar Hotel

Oh I am thrilled you could join me for the Mermaid Martini Cocktail Party!!!!! As we come upon this bucket full of seashells & the adorable sign in the hotel hallway we KNOW we have arrived at the right place.
Can you imagine this set up is in a hotel room? This is the table set at the end of one of the beds. Draped in a beautiful cloth & covered with a fishing net, mosaic candles flickering soft light among carefully chosen beautiful shells. MAGICAL!
And the food was an amazing spread as you can see. This elegant spread included chicken wings smothered in a yummy sauce, canapes on the tiered tray, cold shrimp with a tangy cocktail sauce, crackers & various dips. YUMMY!!!!!!!!! And to think they did all of this in a regular hotel room... Look behind the tiered tray & see the beautiful things on the bed.
Treasure bags created for each Mermaid & lovingly made by our two beautiful hostesses. Imagine over 40 bags to be stitched & decorated!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
And who were these Mermaid Hostesses? First meet Joy of The Joys of Life(below) who's inner beauty simply shines no matter where or what she does. I had met Joy through my friend Karen of Some Days are Diamonds (we met at Petticoats & Parasols & flew home on the same flight from Savannah which gave her time to give me the SCOOP on this event). Joy & I visited each others blogs & emailed back & forth a lot prior to me going to California so I felt like I already knew her.
And below meet the other hostess extraordinaire... Terry (on the left). Sweet Terry kept every Mermaid's glass filled with the most delicious frosty Lemon Drop Martini I think I have ever had. Oh Terry I would love the recipe!!!! In that photo with Terry is sweet Sherry who is a super talented artist. I will share some of the gifts she made in a later post. And there's Joy again.
CHEERS! Yes, that's me with my Mermaid Martini (photo thanks to Sherry). I made that necklace with a beautiful shell that came in one of my shell assortment boxes, a beautiful vintage bracelet, pearls & a tiny glass bobble with the little Sirene that was the event mascot.
Joy & adorable Val who was Kim's (the event hostess) right hand! She was an absolute DOLL!!!
Where did all this magic happen? At the Belmar Hotel which is a tiny little boutique hotel located in Manhattan Beach, California (click the name for a link to see their site). This little gem sits right in the middle of a neighborhood on adorable EXPENSIVE houses. This is the sign that greets you as you drive up.
See... I told you it was in a neighborhood. And small, only three stories. But, soooooooooo charming & intimate.
I loved this photo (which I borrowed the next 3) thanks to my sweet friend Jessi! This is the sign on the side of the hotel all back lit for a charming evening entrance.
The modern, plush lobby area where many a happy hour was spent visiting with other Mermaids.
Up & down all of the halls were framed pictures of these Vintage dolls. So feminine. Sooooooooo Jessi (she's a huge Barbi fan).
I hope you are enjoying post two of the Mermaid Adventures! I want to thank Sherry, Jessi & Julie for use of some of their photos for this post.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I am sooo jealous you got to go to this wonderful event! Fabulous photos Charlene!

Honey Lamb and I said...

Next year you and I will have to go together! You can show me the ropesI hear it may be in March or April:) ~Shelley O.

Karen said...

I knew it would be over the top! Leave it to Joy and Terry. They are just the best. Terry was my very very first swap partner! :)
Course Joy is like . . . well she is the one who got me into all of this again! It all started when she asked me to organize her studio . . . and BAM! Hooked!
I can't wait to see the HANGINGS!!!!!! HURRY UP! She left on vacation and I never got to see it completed!!!!!! :)
Hugs! Hope all is well at home.
:) Karen


Charlene, thank you for sharing your photos! Looks like such a grand time. Love your necklace!!! ~ Angela


Wowsers! What a fab time. I love seashells.. the mermaid theme is great. I am a little seagreen with envy.

Maija said...

I really loved meeting you Charlene!! You are the sweetest person!!! I can't wait to see you at more of these events- Moulin Rouge perhaps?????

bunny said...

Glad everything went
I know exactly where that hotel hubby works in the same area.
Have fun my friend...hope your hubby is doing well ~


Alisa said...

Vendor night looked wonderful!

Sandy Navarro said...

Cheers, my friend! What a FabUlous picture of you! So glad you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh Charlene...LOVE your hair !!! You look beeeeyouteeeful.
I love hearing about and seeing the fantastic photos of this event.

Francie said...

Did you make it down to have a walk on the beach?

Miss Sandy said...

Wow Charlene, it looks like you had a fantastic time! Love the necklace you made.

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Wow, it looks like another over the top cool event. I just read all your posts from the event & I can't imagine all of the work that went into that! The venue looks cool, love those boutique hotels. Vendor night looked really great too.
Hope everything goes well with Larry & the tests next week. My prayers continue sweet friend. Lisa

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, you had such a great time and i'm so glad!!
love you, charlene.

Monica@The White Bench said...

You're beautiful Charlene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Fabulous necklace.
Big hugs,

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