Monday, August 30, 2010

Mermaid Sisters

I wanted to share some of my Mermaid Sisters with you. As many of you know from previous posts I went to Manhattan Beach, California back in July (my Birthday gift from Hubby & a retreat before his open heart surgery). The relationships & friendships formed from this weekend has been a blessing indeed. In fact I have made such amazing friendships through blogging & Art Events & they have become lifelines for me. The photo above is of me & my table mates from Les Sirenes. TABLE 2 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me introduce you to the sweetest group of gals you could meet (if their name is colored then click on it to get a link to their blog. Back Row is Jane (left to right) Leslie, & Kristine(OK you two hurry & get that BLOG started because you both are so amazing & have so much to share). Seated is me, Karin & Michelle. At a few of the tables there was major drama but, ours was a HAPPY place at all times. We laughed, talked, shared stories, ideas & supplies. Sometimes going to links like this will introduce you to a wonderful new find so PLEASE click & visit each of these ladies that you can, look at their talent & tell them their Mermaid Sister Charlene sent you to visit. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!
And Table 3 (left to right) Cathy (my roommate), Sherry, Cheryl, Karla, Kay Ellen, & Beth. A great group of gals that I was soooooooooooo happy to meet. I had been blogging with Karla for quite awhile & this gave us a chance to meet in person. She & Beth were everything I'd hoped for. I had met Cathy & Sherry in Savannah & Cheryl in Dallas at another event. Kay Ellen is a doll that I really enjoyed meeting (& she saved my new starfish apron when I flipped BROWN paint on the front of it) her mother is the creator of Sealah Tacky Tape. Have you tried Sealah? If not let me assure you I couldn't create without it. Jenn introduced all of the belles at Petticoats & Parasols to Sealah & it was a HIT! Check it out!!!!
Table 5 had another group of sweeties beginning with Christine, Majia, Danielle, Julie, Jessi & Jenn. Precious Joy.

And above is Jane who sat next to me at our table. Talk about talented, this gal is amazing. Go back to my post about Vendor Night & look at her table. I really enjoyed sitting so close & watching her create her magic. Since the event I have become friends (again through the amazing world of blogging with her sister Debby. Debby commented on my blog one time that she is Jane's sister & since that time we have visited often & found that we have A LOT in common. Check out Debby & Jane's site to see the creations they have for sale.
These two are the definition of ADORABLE! Julie & Majia. Julie was one of the teachers (I haven't posted her class yet due to this darn heart surgery but, keep an eye for it because it was freaking adorable & what a fun generous soul she is!) at the event. And Majia... I had seen her & heard about her MANY times in blogs & posts. I WANTED to get to know her so badly. Well, let me tell you it was worth the wait she & I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun together & we both love to dress in sort of an off the cuff ARTY way. She wears a lot of outfits by Magnolia Pearl whom I have always liked that style.
Well darn, I had two pictures of Maureen & Carole but, chose the wrong one(should be using Live Writer I know...) when downloading them... but, these two are so cute & sweet that any picture is a good one. We met the very first day in the lobby of the hotel while they were waiting for their room to be ready. It was a FAST friendship & we hung out a lot during the weekend. And they have offered to show me around if I come up to the San Francisco area. These sweeties as well as Kristine, Leslie, (from the first photo) & Debby of Romancing the Stone all live in the San Fran area & we have been cooking up another California adventure in the future!!!! OK Maureen & Carole get a Blog started!!! I know it would be wonderful if you had one!
All the cuties at the cupcake party thrown by Cynthia & Val on our shopping day in Old Town Orange.
You have met all the girls in the cupcake photos in other photos above but, Debi & Deb Hodges. Debi owns the shop Out of the Blue & hosts Mermaid Mercantile once a month at the store. Deb is my SUPER BUDDY & clothing designer I fell in love with while at the event. SHE REALLY HURT MY POCKETBOOK AT VENDOR NIGHT! Love ya Deb & can't wait for my next goodies.
Sweetness itself... Karla, Cheryl & Beth(see above for links). OK, that's it for today's intros from Les Sirenes. I have done a number of post previously & there are a lot of others listed & linked be sure & go back to meet them & see the wonder that our hostess Kim made for us that weekend.
This & the next few are sent to me by my friend Cynthia (the one that took me shopping & was my airport pickup MAXI MA as well as UBER special FRIEND!!!) from her trip to Paper Tales in the San Diego area. Cynthia went down for a cake convention & went to the store because she had met the owner Michelle (see photo one for Michelle & Karin my table mates) at VENDOR NIGHT at Les Sirenes. She shared some great shots of the store. And I can tell you that Michelle carries some great stuff because I saw the stash she, Karin, & Jane had at the event. Karin teaches classes at the store.
I can tell you that I will be shopping here on my next trip to southern California. Yes, I promised all those girls (Karin, Michelle, Deb, Debi) a week long shopping visit.
Karin I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I MISS ALL OF MY MERMAID SISTERS! And the cool ocean breezes of the coast of California.

Go visit. Find some new friends. Tell me who you went to visit & what you loved! Have a great week.


Blondie's Journal said...


It looks like you had the best time ever. Wow! There were a lot of girls there. How on earth did you remember all of their names?

I'd love to make more friends but I'm afraid I don't do well in big groups...but I AM SO happy for you!

How is the hubby?

Jane said...

Its good to see pictures of that wonderful weekend again!

Nan said...

Hi Charlene it's been awhile since I've seen you post. You had a great time I see with all these creative women.

LuLu Kellogg said...

How wonderful to get to see all these pictures!!

I just recently bought some of Deb's clothing and I am in love with everything she creates!

Sending Love,

Karin said...

Love it! So much fun to see all those pictures again. Well you're not alone tending to a husband. Mine managed to crash into a tree on his dirtbike yesterday and mess himself all up. He might need surgery on his knee...uggg....Ok, gotta run and pick up the boys....I'll talk to you soon!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thanks for sharing. Glad you had such a wonderful time. HOpe Larry is doing better today!!
Hugs, Pat

Honey Lamb and I said...

I think I would have liked sitting at table 2 also!! Love those Paper Tales gals!!!!

Sandy Navarro said...

How on earth did I ever miss Romancing the Bling! Girl, you been hold'in out on me!

Love ya!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Charlene~ Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I taught a mermaid class at Paper Cowgirl this year (my 3rd year to teach there). I totally understand about being in a fog! It was a wild and fun weekend!
I have been doing digital design for about 3 years now and I adore it! It feels like magic, but I still make jewelry and lots of other sparkly things.
Love your blog!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Charlene--you just had so much fun, didn't you??? Love all the photos you've shared! Someday, I'm coming to play, too!

Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend!


Diana said...

You continue to have some amazing creative ventures my friend. So glad you come here to share. Love your blouse you have on in the first photo...oh la la.

Linda said...

You all look like you had a wonderful weekend creating and making new friendships!

CIELO said...

Oh dear a party! It looks like you had such a great time with your lovely friends... and so happy to be here after not seeing you for a while! ;) Good to know you're doing good!

Hugs a plenty


Karen Valentine said...

Once again, I have to live vicariously through you girlfriend!!! I am hoping to have some fun pics to share with you in a few weeks! Julie Haymaker lives here. I've taken several of her classes. She is a doll! I'm glad you got to meet her. Hope you are all doing well. Miss you.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Sweet Friend...
Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet & heartfelt comment! Mermaid sister's sounds soooo fun!!! I want to be a mermaid sister too...
This really does look like the funnest event ever Charlene, I'm so glad you went to it!!!
Oh...& I'm the Blonde over gray girl in my pics! LOL
How's hubby sweet friend, I worry about him sooo!

Candy said...

Hey girl so happy to see your visit and catch up on what's happening in your world. Prayers are never too late so I continue to lift up prayers for getting back to full health.
And what a fun time reading through the merry mermaid's adventure.
Life is full and busy here too. Starting work at the antique mall tomorrow and off to Italy on 9-11... what a day for a plane ride.
Stay cool ;-)

Parsley said...

Just visiting a sorority sister.

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