Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday & An Amazing Painted Rock

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan! For today's post I wanted to share a rock that has been painted by a TEENAGE BOY in rural Iowa. This HUGE rock is near a gravel pit on Hwy. 25. For generations, kids have painted slogans, names, & even obscenities on this rock, changing it's character many times. A few months back, the rock received it's latest paint job & since then it has been left undisturbed.
That beautiful flag looks like a real flag draped across the rock but, it's really part of the ART & is PAINTED onto the rock.
Here is another side of the rock. I love the saying on this side "We will not waver; we will tire; we will not falter; & we will not fail. Peace & freedom will prevail" Oh how I pray that is true!
And after just passing the anniversary of 9-11 how can this side of the rock not just touch your soul at it's very deepest part?
Is this the most AMAZING thing you've seen?
THANK YOU VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here is the AMAZING young man that created this true work of art. THANK YOU Ray Sorensen you are a gifted artist & a true patriot at heart. THANK GOD we have young people that understand what this young man does & can share it in such awesome ways. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
If you enjoyed this please let me know & be sure to join Susan & the other girls playing Outdoor Wednesday HERE or by clicking on the button on my sidebar.


Rose H (UK) said...

Knock out! So glad you have shared this. This young man deserves recognition....

Blondie's Journal said...

This is incredible. What a talented and thoughtful young artist! Thanks for sharing, Charlene!


Honey Lamb and I said...

It is awesome! I so thought that was a real flag on there!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is amazing! That looks like a flag laying across the top. He is a very good artist.

Mary said...

What a wonderful tribute and display of his talent and patriotism...thanks for sharing!

eileeninmd said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the story and the photos of the painted rock. It is very touching and the young man must be very talented.

Kate said...

In concur...amazing! I am always in awe when I see something like this. What a nice tribute.

Average Girl said...

That is fantastic!!!!
Happy Wednesday to you!

Cheers Tracy

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Completely awesome!!! what a great way to show off his talents.

Have fun at Round Top. It must be something to see it in person. I hope next year I get to go.
Can't wait to see the bloomers you get!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...



Sarah said...

Charlene, this is so interesting. The artist did a fantastic job on this rock. I appreciate you sharing this story with all of us.

Denise said...

What an amazing piece of art. Yep, I'm sick of summer too. Can't wait for the fall colors and that crisp cold air.

A Vintage Chic said...

Wow. That's about all there is to say....What a talented, GOOD young man! We certainly need more of those in this world!

Thanks, Charlene, for sharing this with us--will show my family!


Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Charlene,

I love the wonderful tribute and display of this young man's talent and patriotism!

Thanks for sharing!

~ Tracy

Alisa said...

Just awesome!

LV said...

What a wonderful memorial. Thank you for sharing as I would have known about it. Very interesting and a job well done.

Donnie said...

Without Outdoor Wednesday i would have never seen this. Thank you and the artist and especially our military.

Nan said...

Wow this is a really special thing for him to create, nice job. Thanks for posting this.

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