Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sandy’s FabUlous Visit to TEXAS!


As all of you who are regulars here on my Blog know, my precious friend Sandy Navarro came to visit (from the LA California area) & attend the Gilded Life Art Event with me (if you are new please here scroll down & see the 2 previous posts to learn about this AMAZING event). Sandy’s favorite word is FabUlous(this is how Sandy always spells it) & if you visit her blog (click on her name above for the link) you will hear her theme song Fabulous being sung. The photo above shows you Sandy in her NORMAL look. Gorgeous red hair all fixed & never one hair dares to misbehave (it’s a WHOLE ORDEAL each morning let me assure you), beautiful clothes & jewelry. But, while she was here for the week she did “Let Her Hair Down” for some major fun & got a little Texas Casual

DSC02865 .Since we live close to Fort Worth we HAD to take her to the Stock Yards. Everyone knows that the folks on the West Coast have a tendency to eat a bit healthier (I have many California friends that are vegetarians) & consider us Texans (& those of the Midwest) to be rather barbaric with all of our MEAT eating. Well, let me assure you Miss Sandy is NOT vegetarian & held her own in the MEAT department. We took her to Cooper’s Pit Bar BQ where you choose your MEAT right there in the pit. It’s point & choose! It’s where pork chops, steaks, prime rib, to name a few are between 1 & 2 INCHES thick. you can click on any photo to enlarge it to see details better if you’d like.

Picnik collage Coopers Bar BQ

Cooper’s is located right across the street from the famous Texas Honky Tonk… Billy Bob Texas (No, we didn’t go there). After eating we were back down in the Stock Yard Area which is a wonderful fun filled Historic Area full of Neon Lights, Shops, Restaurants & Bars. Again… MEAT is a focus here.

Picnik collage Meat Signs

When Sandy first got here & we were talking about our up coming trip to Round Top Antique Fair in Spring of 2011, Sandy said to me “Now I saw pictures of girls in western stuff but, I’M NOT A WESTERN KINDA GIRL”. Can you say EAT THOSE WORDS?

Picnik collage western Clothes

I got words like…

Picnik collage Sandy's Shirt

“Wellllllllll that shirt & belt are sooooooooooooo my colors”. And I also heard “Now those paten leather boots, I could wear those”! OK, shall I break it to her now that in the cow fields of Round Top these are probably NOT what she will be choosing for attire? Nahhhhhhhhh let’s let her dream Texas Style. Next stop H3 a famous “Watering Hole”.


Yep! That’s Sandy in JEANS (see I told you she let her hair down) sitting in the bar on the saddle bar stools.

Picnik collage Sandy on the saddle

And sooooooooooooo.. With the night lights of Fort Worth winking at us we headed for home because these girls had more things to see & do the very next day!!!!!

Picnik collage Night Lights

Hope you’ll come back soon to see what else we did. And go by to visit Sandy to see her post about her Texas adventures. Hope you are having a wonderful week filled with Fabulous cool weather & beautiful fall colors.

Hugs! Charlene


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Yes, but....

did she try the calf fries? ;-)

bunny said...

So much fun! I'm taking Raquel boot shopping this weekend and yes, I can be barbaric if I try...lol

I gotta get to Texas one day...at least to meet you. Gonna hook up with Lulu in March...she's comin' to my neck of the woods...can't wait!


Blondie's Journal said...

FabUlous post!! I really like Sandy and I have never met her!! You are so cute, Charlene...you could convert anyone into an honorary Texan!! It looks like all of you had a ball! You really hit the town!! Can't wait to hear more...


Charlene said...

Calf Fries Anne????? No Way! But, she is a crazy cajuin girl by birth so maybe some gator. Hee Hee. You are so funny!

Jan said...

Looks like you showed her a fabUlous time :)

Pretty Things said...

Sounds like a FUN time! I wish my girlfriends lived closer~! But then again -- we have no cool boot stores. :-(

diane cook said...

Wow! Looks like you (almost) painted the town!!!

Sandy Navarro said...

Awwwwww shucks, you're still spoil'in me! Did ya catch my drawl?? LOL I had the best time ever and will never forget your love and hospitality, my sister.

Calf fries?? I don't even want to know! But yes, I've had me some gator and it takes just like chicken!

And there will be a post about my Round Top shoe choice, just say'in!

Love ya!

Riki Schumacher said...

Calf fries? Hmmmm. What fun, she looks like a hoot Charlene! hugs, Riki

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Charlene ~
How much fun !!
You gotta love Fort Worth !


Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Charlene!
Oh My Goodness You are the Sweetest Thing! You made my Day with your very Sweet Comments on my Blog!I agree! I have met some of the most Wonderful People Blogging! It makes our World so much Smaller!I am so Happy to become your Follower too and Look forward to More Visits with you!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

Diana said...

That Sandy is one gorgeous woman inside and out. You girls certainly had a great time. I can hear the laughter now. Wish I could have joined you.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Charlene...
You've been having waaaaay toooo much fun over there girl!!!! :)
Seriously, you and Sandy must have had a blast if ya'll got to do all that in just one visit!!!! how fun!!!!
I hear you spoiled her...you are the sweetest!!!!
I didn't know Sandy owned a pair of jeans!!!! hahahahahhaha
(that photo might be worth something one day!!!!)

Karen said...

TOO FUNNY! I just adore the two of you - and her and I are getting together to go shopping at our favorite antique store this Sat. so now I have LOTS of ammunition to tease her with! YAY!
I am so excited about RoundTop I CAN'T STAND IT!
We are going to have a ball. I 'm letting you just plan it Girlfriend and I'll be there with Joy to do whatever comes our way!
Boots huh? Jodie says she has the most comfortable boots - I'm thinking I need to get a very comfy pair before March . . . hmmmmmmmm

vintagesusie & wings said...

Looks like a fun time gal!!! Did you wear your MP britches??? Can't wait to take the tour with you & Boyfriend!!
Hugs CP,
Your Cali friend SP

TiffanyJane said...

Looks like a great time...a great "Texas" time I should say :)

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