Sunday, December 12, 2010

An ELF Appeared!!!!!!!!!!!


My friend Cami & I were talking the other day about our “HEART DOG”. You know the one…. the one that will ALWAYS be in your heart! Your heartbeat at your feet! Above is my precious Reba in December 2009. She left me to become my Guardian Angel on February 18, 2010. I have had a hole in my heart big enough to FALL through ever since.

Hubby is a dog person!!!! And about a month ago he started looking at websites for a puppy (Reba was our 3rd Shelty). I kept hoping it would pass… We looked at rescue dogs 3 different times & he just was against that idea thinking you would inherit someone else's problems, or they were too old & he wanted years with his new buddy. Again, I hoped it would pass (my friend Susan says when he is determined he just wears me down hee hee) & I kept saying things like “But, we want to travel & it is always an issue with pets” or “I’ve really loved not have HAIR everywhere” DID THAT WORK? NO!!!!!

I knew a puppy would show up as MY Christmas present so I better speak up! I told him I couldn’t have another Shelty without bawling every time I saw her. WE HAD TO CHOSE ANOTHER BREED! My friend Riki spoke highly of the Havanese & is so pleased with her new puppy Maddie. So, we started looking & this is what we loved.

2010 Chocolate Thunder from Breeder in CO

How could you resist that face? Well, we had to resist. This is a little boy & we wanted a girl. And he cost a fortune! And we would not be able to go see him with the other littermates because he was in Colorado… To put down that much money on a puppy site unseen & have him arrive at DFW Airport (for another $275) I just couldn’t do it. I think you need to see the puppy & the personality. I sent Hubby to look at a Kennel near Oklahoma (since he was coming back from Oklahoma City) to see these two little girls.

Puppy 1 Puppy 2

He came home & said I FOUND THE ONE!!!!!!! But, I want you to go see & choose… No way could I choose when he had found his HEART DOG!! I mean how do you break his heart after we just fixed it with open heart surgery this August???? I know that ELVES in their beds should look like this…


But, at our house… an ELF looks like this in her bed…


Meet DADDY’S CHRISTMAS ELF!!!! To be called Elle (in French Elle means SHE) the Elf.


He’s smitten & I think she is really cute.


We went out to dinner with friends last night & he took her over to show off… Pierre took this photo of her with her coat on. He kind of cut off Daddy but, it’s a cute photo of Elf.

From Pierre 1st Night w Daddy

Now…………………. You know how I spent my weekend & how I’ll be spending many more (cleaning puppy peeeeeee). Hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday Season.

HUGS from Charlene, Daddy & Elf


The French Bear said...

Charlene, she is adorable!!!!!! Oh my how sweet!!!!
I think she is just what you and hubby need right now, good for you, I can see that she will have both of you eating out of her paws in no time!!!!!!
Sooooo happy for you!
Margaret B

diane cook said...

Oh, I love Elle! She is gorgeous and I bet you are just as smitten as Larry with her =)

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, your sweet little elf is just the sweetest. Good for you!!!! Have lots of fun with baby..


Charlene, Elle is beautiful! So exciting. I know the pain you describe...we lost one pup pal in September and another in October. Overwhelming. We have now welcomed Penny into our home, a new addition and lots of training ahead here too. Enjoy! ~ Angela

Create Beauty said...

Congratulations on your new sweet baby! She is darling!!! I have a friend with a Havanese, and they are such wonderful dogs!

Elle is precious. Have fun with puppyhood.... it can be a challenge, that's for sure! But quite a snugly one : )~ Violet

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

How sweet, I love her already!!! I know that hole is already getting smaller and Reba's spirit is there to help her. I guess all of you will have a Merry Christmas with the little Elf to fuss over.
Hugs, Pat

Beth Leintz said...

Elle the Elf is a adorable- what a sweet little bundle of cuddles, and she has to be wonderful medicine for the heart.

I invested in a Hoover Steam Vac before we got a puppy- and it was VERY helpful in dealing with puppy accidents.

The Feathered Nest said...!!!!!!!!!! Charlene!!! she is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I know, KNOW you must love her have such a soft heart! And you will have her potty trained in no time ~ after you do it once, you can do it again ~ wishing you much puppy love, hubby love, and Christmas love this holiday season, Dawn

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I'm so jealous, after losing Abby a week ago today, I would love to find another one but I'm not sure what Moses the destroyer would do! Will he be nice or just pee on the poor little thing like he does everything else!? Lil monster :) I can't wait to see Elle!! Miss you-cin

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

All right, I must admit, Elle is every bit as cute as Chocolate.She's beautiful! I'm so happy for you Charlene....and for Elf too. She's been blessed with a wonderful home.I can't wait to meet her!

Your gingerbread party with the grands is a great idea. One, I might have to copy. But I'll give you credit of course. LOL

Riki Schumacher said...

I am in tears, I just showed Fred (WH), we are dancing with glee. OMG Elle is precious. You will LOVE her Charlene, congrats mama. Believe me, you will fall in love. Just give her a chance. She will steal your heart. Big hugs to all, precious Elle. Remember, she will be different! Hugs, Riki

sonya said...

Oh Charlene!! She is a sweet angel Elf! I love her! I'm sure you do too, puppy pee and all!:D Congratulations to you both on your new family member.
Merry Christmas,

bunny said...

Charlene....congrats on your new precious baby girl. I know she'll bring you two lots of happiness and mischief....she has that look in her eye. Your gonna have a wonderful and busy Holiday....

love ya,

Diana said...

Oh my ..Elle is an absolute doll. And I just love the name. I know she will work into your heart soon? She is a real bundle of love. Congratulations!

Monica@The White Bench said...

OMG Charlene!!!! She's the cutest elf ever!!!!!!! SOOOOO GLAD for you!!!!
Kisses from Kim!

Jan said...

SHE is SO SWEET! Your home is sure to be filled with sweet puppy goodness!

food for thought said...

i am so happy for you both!

first, seeing your beautiful reba again is so sweet, what a beautiful dog, i know she was your heart and soul...

but elle... omg she is beyond precious!

yippee you have a new elf for xmas! i am sure she will steal your heart soon too, its so nice to have fur for xmas!

Kay Ellen said...

What a sweet entry...and precious new puppy!!

So cute!!

Kay Ellen

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, what a sweet love story, Charlene! She is adorable--what a face! Good luck with the house training, my friend!

Wishing you a lovely day (puppy pee & all!)...


Feathers and Flight said...

Oh Charlene! She is Adorable! What a Blessing Elle will be to your Family!They are such Joyful Companions and Hold such a Special Place in our Hearts!Congratulations!
Happy Monday Dear Friend!
PS I just Love Her Name!
Elle ..Beautiful !

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Charlene....she is so adorable!!!!! Please give your little one and snuggle from me!

Merry Christmas to you, Larry and your sweet addition, Elle!


Miss Sandy said...

Awwwww! Charlene, what a sweetie pie! Happy puppy training!

vintagesusie & wings said...

So darned cute I could just squeeze her up!!! What a darlin baby, darlin!! I'm so excited for you having a new little elf in the if you could just teach her to wrap!! lol ;)
Love ya,
Susie P

Denise said...

Oooohhhhh!!! That'a just about the cutest baby I've ever seen! I know what you mean about puppies. I actually had to throw away an expensive 8x10 rug after potty training our "horse". It's been worth it though. She makes us smile every day.
Good choice, I think, getting a totally different breed. You just can't replace that special "one". Congrats and Merry Christmas!!

just me jan said...

Okay, I have to admit it...she's every bit as cute as Chocolate Thunder! ROFLOL Y'all made a great choice there!! I mentioned our conversation to Ralph the other HE'S whining about one! Look what you've started!!!!

lala said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I am so very happy for you both. Please post lots of photos. It has taken three long years for the hole left in my heart to finally get small enough for me to love another puppy. My little bundle will be ready in Feb.

Sandy Navarro said...

Elle is just too precious! So glad Daddy's happy cuz ya know that goes a long way! She will make a place in your heart cuz your's is as big as they come.

Love ya!

oldgreymare said...


Elf is just wonderful.

Love your holiday header BTW.

Merry Christmas


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a sweet Christmas elfe, Charlene! She's a cutie and I hope she'll make both of you happy!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love "YOUR" new puppie. I'm so glad to see & hear that your husband is recovering so well. Hope our paths cross next year.

Love ya,

Karen said...

I wouldn't want anything else in the world, just her.
Our good friends have two Havanese and love them!
Our first dog was a Sheltie. Wendy. I still miss her . . .

OH Charlene, you can travel just fine with dogs. Ours do great in the motorhome. You'll see!
Congratulations Mom.
PUPPYHOOD! Oh joy!!!!!
:) HUgs! Karen

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh Charlene! How fun and sweet is Miss Elle? I think your hubbs fell in love, and that's so good for him, just what he needs! This little cutie will keep your spirits up and bring you so much joy! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas week,
much love,

Linda said...

OH what a wonderful Christmas gift for both of you...she will bring you lots of joy!

Maija said...

OMG! Congrats on your new baby!!! She is so darling!!!

Michelle May said...

Precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I want to kiss that face and smell that puppy breath (the only time dog breath smells sweet).
She's adorable and I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!!
xx, shell said...

She is just precious!! Oh, the pee is worth it, little puppies are a lot of work, but such wonderful little sweeties to have around.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Charlene! Thanks for visiting and entering my first giveaway! I had to comment on this post because your little Elf is too cute. This is my kind of dog! Is she a Havanese then? I only encountered one of the breed myself, several years ago.
A boss I had brought his new Havenese puppy in and what a cutie! So social and visited everyone at their desk. They do get expensive, but they are on my list of favorite breeds.

Lisa said...

Congrats!!! She is sweet enjoy her!! I love that Molly is little and I never thought I wanted a little dog!!
Hugs, Lisa

Bead and Needle said...

Charlene - Elle is DEFINITELY a HEART dog - in fact, I can't think of too many that I haven't classified as heart dogs, in my lifetime...yes, I'm a dog person, too. LOVE your blog - I can see this is going to become one of my favorites. Thanks for dropping by - Tanya

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