Friday, December 3, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Book & Food for Thought Saturday


My friend Jain at Food for Thought challenged us to do a post about our favorite Christmas books (be sure to check her blog for a clever idea for those who love to read & also for her amazing photography) during the month of December & I knew right away which book I would do first. I have ALWAYS loved Jolly Old Santa Claus. The one I have chosen to share with you was written in 1958.!B-pmVLwBWk~$(KGrHqV,!isEzNeENGigBM9TYz8TP!~~_3[1]

The illustrations are AMAZING!

!B-ppr wBWk~$(KGrHqV,!i0EzNqw7wFPBM9TgNEV4!~~_3[1]

Can you just imagine Mrs. Claus leading all the elves in singing carols? Look at Santa’s sweet face!

!B-pqmiw!2k~$(KGrHqF,!mEEy jC1N9 BM9TiT7R2g~~_3[1]

And can you smell the cookies baking? Did you ever wonder how many elves it takes to carry a sack of flour?


And the face on that reindeer peaking in the open dutch door!!!!! ADORABLE!!!! Have you ever seen such busy elves?

!B-ps4MQEWk~$(KGrHqN,!lMEy jC0)ssBM9TncrKJ!~~_3[1]


!B-ps,wwCWk~$(KGrHqN,!lUEy jC1dDEBM9Tm,wfgg~~_3[1]

Oh how I LOVE reindeer!!!! I want a pair. Yeah, here in Texas you bet!!!!!

!B-ptSpw!2k~$(KGrHqJ,!lMEy jCvyD6BM9ToZ!vFw~~_3[1] !B-puwUQEWk~$(KGrHqZ,!hQEzek4CD5WBM9Trc)12!~~_3[1]

I guess the kid in me just can’t let this classic go & I wanted to share it with you. And speaking of sharing, we had two of our GRANDS tonight & went downtown to see Santa. I wanted to share this precious moment.


The little one is telling Santa he wants a hamster for Christmas (look at his older brother thinking “yeah right, Mom’s afraid of mice”) & check out Santa’s face on this one!


I hope you enjoyed my favorite Christmas Book choice & will read it to a little one you love this Christmas. There is nothing like the wonder of a child during this blessed time of year. And Jain thank you for another fun Food for Thought. I’m glad I didn’t have to cook this time but, if I did this would be my choice! Iced sugar cookies & cold glass of milk. YUM!


food for thought logo 300[1] Click on the button to go visit Jain & the other to see what they have chosen.

Happy Reading! HUGS! Charlene


Karin said...

How fun Charlene! They are both so adorable.... So is Santa going to bring him a hamster?!?!

Mary said...

I'm coveting your wonderful book~ the illustrations are so delightful! I have a few old Christmas books in my collection, but nothing so pristine! That Santa your grands visited looks like he could have modeled for the book! The expression on his face is priceless..."I laughed when I saw him in spite of myself" :-)

Rose H (UK) said...

What a truly beautiful book!
I meant to say the other day - I love your seasonal header picture!

Jan said...

Oh! I believe in magic and Santa Claus! Beautiful memories with your GRANDS and great pictures to remember the day!
Love you book choice and do hope he gets a hampster!

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful Christmas Book. I love that Santa!!!

vintagesusie & wings said...

OH CP...
Thanks for sharing your fun & memory filled Vintage Christmas book with us..I swear I had that one. It looks sooo familiar!
How cute are the Grands with Santa!!! And Santa's face is priceless as the little one is telling him his Christmas list. Toooo cute!!!
Plus I love the pic of the family with makes me miss you guys.
So what was your Christmas wish this year friend??? I hope Santa makes all your dreams come true!!!!
Big Hugs,
Susie Pearl

food for thought said...

oh i am so excited you joined in this year! i love the old books, aren't they treasures now :) the illustrations are just wonderful. i am right there with you on the reindeer, i lovem!

that hamster line and face is crack up!

what a DARLING group sleigh shot, cute cute cute!

those cookies are gorgeous, you have been holding out us!

that was fun fun fun, i hope you join in every saturday and share more of the season!

A Vintage Chic said...

That's one of my favorite books too, Charlene! What a childhood memory! That image with Mrs. Claus and all the elves was always one of my favorites!

Your grandsons are adorable--what great pictures! And what a beautiful grandmother they have!

I hope your weekend wonderful in every way, my friend!


Rettabug said...

I just loved seeing all these old time illustrations, Charlene! This is what my memories of Christmas are made of.

Your grandsons are adorable sitting with you both as well as Santa...frame that one!

Yummo on the iced sugar cookies, very most favorite cookie in all the world.

Sarah said...

This is one of my favorites from my childhood. I wish I still had it. I need to ask my sister to see if perhaps she ended up with this one. Loved seeing the illustrations. Thank you for sharing this treasure!
I've added myself as a new follower. I'm here in TX as well. ~ Sarah

Charlene said...

Karin, in answer to your question... his mother bought him a stuffed hamster & I can tell you that's NOT going to fly!!!! Thank you to all of you for the sweet comments about our family photo. HUGS!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Charlene, I'm so glad you came by, I'm so far behind on visiting everyone it's just horrible. Your husband looks great! I'm so glad he's doing well, and I know you have so much to be thankful for this Christmas! Your grandboys are darling, laughing about the hamster, we've had our share, but then I actually LIKE mice, and have had a few of those too! te he!
big hugs and lot's of love,

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, you are right! Those illustrations are beautiful!! Did you know that that our modern idea of what Santa Claus looks like is thanks to Coca Cola?? Yup, back in the early 1900's the Coca Cola co. started the first campaigns with Santa looking like the jolly old elf we know and love.Hope your season is beautiful!!!

Denise said...

Love the graphics in that book. Worthy of framing! A hampster!? YUK! My hubby bought our daughter one years ago, when I was out of town. I could have killed him. Nasty smelly little thing finally escaped his cage. Of course, then I worried about what had happened to him. I'm always the animal lover in the end. :)

Miss Sandy said...

What a fun book share! I love the skeptical look on your grandson's face, too cute! Perhaps since you live in Texas you could have magical rein-steer instead, just gussy up one of the longhorns with some holly and a jingle bell or two, hee hee. Happy Monday!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

You just can't find beautiful illustrations like that any more it seems. thanks for sharing...
and oh! those GRANDS...sooo cute.

Kay Ellen said...

How adorable!!I love that you all are in the Santa picture:))


Diana said...

Look at those grandsons of yours....handsome little guys ....and that guy standing next to you looks darn good. So glad Larry is doing well.

diane cook said...

What a great post, and I love the comment about the hamster! LOL! The picture of you all together with Santa is precious....I love it Charlene =))
p.s. luv the camo on the boys too you know!

Brownieville Girl said...

Still giggling about the hamster (I'm with the Mom though!!!)

Beautiful post, and beautiful book.

Jacqueline said...

The grandkids are just so cute, what a smile!
I would love to own this book too, it is absolutely incredible, what wonderful illustrations. You own a true treasure.

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