Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa’s Train

DSC03089 Many years ago Hubby bought me this adorable Santa Train as my Christmas gift. Knowing I love to decorate for our little GRANDSONS! You saw the track in my previous post about my tree & now I thought I’d show you some close up photos of the train & the North Pole scene UNDER my tree.DSC03088 Of course first comes Santa! He has a little Elf on the front that goes up & down as he pumps the steam to the engine.

Santa waves as he goes around saying Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. The bells clang & the whistle blows. In the first photo you see the tender car with the packages & tree.DSC03065 Next comes Candy Dancer. Again, the elves are busy with movement making the candy & the lights on this car just dance. These photos have the flash being used so you can see the details but, I’ve included one below so you can see this car & how it looks in the dark with just the glow of the lights from the tree, village & train.DSC03064

Next is Mrs Claus & an elf baking gingerbread cookies. Mrs. Claus moves as she puts the cookies in the oven & the elf uses the bellow to stoke the red flame of the fire.DSC03084

And next the elves skating pond. There is a little magnet that makes that elf swirl & twirl when the train is moving. Again, an elf pumping water to create the ice for the pond. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at the end… a RED caboose of course!DSC03068 Usually I put the Department 56 Snow Village houses under the tree with the Santa train but, this year I decided to put the Department 56 North Pole there instead (It is usually on the counter between the kitchen & living room as seen in a previous post). Even though the “scale” is smaller it is still really cute with the train.DSC03045

Here is a little peek at the part to the right of the tree. At the back middle is the home of Santa & Mrs. Claus with gum drop trees & other twinkling trees. To the front of the Claus home is the Elves Bunkhouse & you can see Santa’s sleigh.DSC03059

To the left is Sweet Rock Candy Shop & to the right is the Ornament Shop.Gingerbread house collage Elves Pointy Shoe Shop! DSC03046

The Reindeer Barn with the names of those magical creatures above each door & The Peanut Brittle Factory!DSC03092 Of course there is Reindeer Flight School. DSC03091 For Elf recreation there is a skating pond where they whirl & twirl for hours.DSC03090 All in all… A MAGICAL PLACE with a lot of action going on.

This year I really wanted to do a Silver, Gold & Crystal tree but, the GRANDS are growing up sooooooooooooooo fast & they will only be little & interested in this MAGIC for such a short time that I decided to do all of this for them. And I am happy that I made this choice. One look at their little faces as they enter the house & I know it’s all worth it. Hope you are enjoying the preparations for Christmas at your house. Hubby gave me his terrible cold & now it has really slowed me down for this last week. Good thing I have most of it done. Now… off to sniffle, sneeze & blow my nose. Ho Ho Ho!

HUGS! Charlene



Beautiful!!! Hope you feel better real soon! ~ Angela

Miss Sandy said...

Adorable choo choo train! The set up is gorgeous, your grands must love that!

Maija said...

Great choice for the kids. Wonderful idea to put the houses near the tree! I always run out of space on countertops and tabletops!! I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas dear Charlene!!!!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

I love the train and village! Years ago, my mom bought one of the village pieces for my husband and I and she bought one each year after. I always thought is was a wonderful way to collect from year to year. I haven't put mine up in several years as I don't have anywhere (safe) to put it! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some fond memories. Merry Christmas Charlene!

Jan said...

A beautiful and magical village :)
Merry Christmas :)

Sandy Navarro said...

It's all so cute! How do you keep the new "Elf" from visiting the village?? I'm thinking this was quite a long conversation about who's the Boss in this winter wonderland!

Love ya and feel better soon!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Gasp!!! This train set is beyond adorable and magical! So perfect for the Grandkiddies. ;) I know pictures just don't do it justice! Merry Christmas sweet Charlene! So blessed to know you! XOXO,Jenn

Alisa said...

So fun! I can wait, but I am excited to have Grands some day to have fun like this with.
Feel better soon.

Jacqueline said...

Charlene, thanks for your sweetest comments, what a nice Christmas present to receive today! I am now your newest follower!

We have the North Pole Collection too and it is the grandkids favorite by far. Last year we even got on ebay and ordered each of the kids one of the Snow Castles (I think it was actually with the village, but it is all sparkly like North Pole). How fun to find one for all 5 of them. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Diana said...

Oh my are your grands ever lucky to have a Grandma like you. It must have taken you days to set up your beautiful wonderland. I bet Elle is loving it to. Hope your sniffles are a thing of the past and your Christmas day full of sweet surprises....and puppy kisses.

Denise said...

This is just cute as can be! I bet the kids and the grownups all love it.
Merry Christmas!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Adorable That's the kind of things I want to do! Wishing you a joyful,blessed Christmas~ Ann

Holly Loves Art said...

Merry Christmas Charlene,
I just love your Santa's village. So cute! I hope you're feeling better from the nasty cold and are able to enjoy these final days before the Big Day! Looking forward to seeing you very soon my friend.
Lots of love,

mo said...

Hi Charlene, My you have been a busy bee! Wow, I love all of the detail in your post. Your pictures are terrific. I really admire you for having the patience to do all of this work. Great job! Merry Christmas, mo *hugs*

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love this and I know the grands love it too!

I am counting the day until we get to LA!

Merry Merry my Beautiful Friend,

Feathers and Flight said...

Merry Christmas Dear Charlene! Many Blessings to you and your Family!

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