Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quiet Evenings In Front Of The TV… NOT!!!!!!!!


Our “Winter Time Routine” for evenings is usually pretty boring & routine. Eat dinner in front of the TV & watch whatever is our favorites that night. Hubby naps on & off (because he gets up EARLY for work this time of year). Since we added sweet little Elle this is what it now looks like.

SOME OF THE TIME! And “SWEET” is a come & go sort of word for Ms Elle… Dads Shoe collage

After waking from your cat nap in Daddy’s lap you grab his shoe & start spinning it in circles as fast as you can!SONY DSC

And you give Mom THE EVIL EYE when she tells you NO!!! Talk about evil… that Pink Baby has an EVIL GRIN don’t you think? And then you give her the “what are you lookin at” look…SONY DSC

“I’m Being Good” SONY DSC

OK! I’ll just play with my ball.SONY DSC

She’s growing like a WEED! And yes, Auntie Diana she’s working on winning me over. Hope you are having a quiet evening spent the way YOU like to spend it.

HUGS! Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

The antics of a puppy! They frustrate you and make your heart melt at the same time! Elle is precious, Charlene...how big does she get? Is she a Yorkie? I have come to love small dogs because it means I can have two!! ;-D


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

What a handsome little guy! OMG, he is so darn cute! I have two puppies, well, they are older but still look and act like puppies. The joy and happiness...and unconditional love is something that cannot be purchased. They're so cute when they are little, playing with everything in sight.

He's a sweetheart!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I'm sorry, it seems he is a she. Don't tell her I made that mistake. :)

Honey Lamb and I said...

I will dog sit anytime!!! Precious girl! BTW I love boring nights in front of the TV, My kiddos keep us so stinkin busy!

Riki Schumacher said...

AWwwwww, she's adorable! Looks like she might lighten up around the face. Chewing on shoes, oh no! She is just precious Charlene, sending hugs & kisses. Maddie & Riki

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hi Charlene!

Thank you for visiting my blog. You are more than welcome to use my last post on your blog. I got it off the internet. Just be sure and credit the writer listed in the title, that's all that I am concerned about.

I know how much work puppies are.:) Mine had puppies a little over a year ago, purely an accident. I was silly enough to think I could watch them during mating time. The joke was on me.:) Portia had puppies and I tell you, it was more work than when I had my babies. They weighed 2-6 oz. when born, so tiny. But I found wonderful homes for all of them and get updates and photos all the time. It was almost as painful as giving away children. I cried for days and days, still miss them like crazy. But...I got bot of my little ones to the vet and got them fixed. They'll be no more puppies at my house.:)

So glad you stopped by for a visit. You are welcome to use anything from my blog, anytime.


Oh...I don't remember I came across your blog. I found it and added it to my blog roll. I should keep better track of how I come across blogs. If I recall, I will let you know. I am sure it was from a mutual blog friend.

Country Gal said...

Boy - a quiet night in front of the TV sounds wonderful! But then things are never quiet with 5 kids in the house! :)

Karen Valentine said...

Ahhh puppies! If you really put the good and the bad on a scale I'm SURE the good wins out. I mean come on... look at that face!!! Think of all that unconditional love! She will soon grow out of the "terrible twos" and you can have your quiet evenings back again, with a sweet little girl snuggled up next to you!

LuLu Kellogg said...

She is the most darling thing! That face just melts my heart!!

I LOVE seeing her pictures!!


vintagesusie & wings said...

Howdy CP,
Your baby may sometimes wear her devil horns, but she looks like an angel to me!!!!
I could just nibble her up if she wouldn't bite me with those razor sharp 'puppy teeth'! LOl
So cute...hugs to BF!
Luv Ya,

Miss Sandy said...


I think she has charmed you, you just don't know it yet ;c)

Jacqueline said...

How adorable, that face is just too too cute!

Thanks for your kind comments on our mountain home. I absolutely love Cowboy and Indian magazine. I droool over all of it. Have a great relaxing winter evening! (I have learned to take my computer along - kids can't believe I can watch a movie or tv and visit blogs too!)

Diana said...

You just gotta love that face even though mischievous she may be at times. Looks like evenings around our house...but we have a kitty instead of puppy.
Sleep tight.
Auntie Diana

diane cook said...

Oh my....looks like someone has taken over the house! For sure!
She is darling Charlene!

Rachel said...

What a cute puppy!! Charlene are you going to Kim's event in MArch?? If so looking forward to seeing you again!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

What a darling puppie! I bet you have your hands full right now...but it will all be worth it when she grows a bit more. I used to tuck my boxer behind me in my studio chair when she was a little thing...:) Have a wonderful weekend!

sonya said...

Oh I just think she is the cutest, Charlene! Who couldn't love her?

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Miss Elle is absolutely adorable! I'll bet she has Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her little furry paw. This is one post I hope me kids don't see up on my computer. They have been wanting a puppy for ages. Lisa

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

She is soooo cute!
XO Marie

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