Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Trip to Farmers Market for FLOWERS!

DSC03425 The Christmas Tree & all THE STUFF is finally gone!!!! WHERE THE HECK ARE THE ELVES WHEN YOU NEED THEM? It took DAYS to make it all disappear!!!!!!!! The yard crew came yesterday to clean all the flower beds & spread fresh mulch so the yard looks so FRESH & pretty. I KNOW it’s winter & supposed to be cold but, we have been blessed with DIVINE weather (next week a brutal Canadian cold front is headed our way). THIS KIND OF WEATHER IS WHY WE LIVE IN TEXAS! Today was sixty four degrees with sunny skies & I needed a field trip to Farmers Market for flowers! We do get cold weather but, have many beautiful sunny winter days so we can plant pansies, cyclamens, & other cool tolerant plants as long as we protect them from extreme weather. I sooooooooooo LOVE the way the blue skies set off the backdrop of the very east side of downtown Dallas with all the flats of colorful flowers filling the forefront.DSC03420

YELLOW pansies so bright & HAPPY!DSC03424 DSC03423 Huge containers filled with many interesting colors & textures! The ornamental cabbages were amazing!DSC03426

Pansies are one of my FAVORITE FLOWERS!DSC03427

They simply make me SMILE!1-6-2011 Somebody else LOVES flowers too!!!!!Elle in the flowers Elle Elf went with “Daddy” & I!!!! She adores the flowers & has been known to nip them right off as she dashes by playing “crazy Havanese”.Elle on the cart Here she is sitting on the cart loaded with our purchases. The cyclamens are in 6” pots & the flats of pansies are typical flats so you can see the size this little twerp is. She is a bundle of energy!!!!!Elle on the cart #2 This shot shows a bit more of her markings. When it was all said & done…#2 013

We all needed a nap! Happy Friday!  And I decided to share this post on Show & Tell Friday since I am showing our new Christmas Puppy Elle Elf.   You can find our lovely hostess Cindy & the other girls playing Show & Tell Friday by clicking on the button below!   Thank you Cindy & have a great Friday everyone!

show and tell fridays

HUGS! Charlene & Elle



Oh my goodness. Elle is fabulous! And so glad she likes pansies, my favorite. Your yard is going to look wonderful. Take care....and happy new year! ~ Angela

Jan said...

Such beautiful flowers and your puppy is too adorable! Oh what a day she had!
Here in Iowa it's a chilly 21!

oldgreymare said...

Elle just makes me smile and all those pretty flowers gives me hope that Spring will come again our way too.

I have sooooo much yard work to do in preparation though....sigh.

it's always somethin'


Sandy Navarro said...

Boy, would Elle have fun with Boo Boo and Rory!

Diana said...

The flowers are gorgeous and amazing for this time of year. Elle is growing up and just keeps getting cuter if that is possible. Give her a hug from Auntie Diana

sonya said...

Hi Charlene,
I LOVE pansies too! They are one of my favorite and they are so durable in our climate. Elle is just adorable.

diane cook said...

Ahhh, what beautiful flowers Charlene! Little Elle looks like she had a great day on the flower cart~LOL! Bet you & L did too =)

The Rustic Victorian said...

I think flowers are just what we need in the winter. The primroses showed up here recently in the stores...I may have to get some.
Cute Elle, she must be fun company.
Happy New Year!
Still enjoy your ocean shots. I miss it more than flowers right now.

Karen Valentine said...

I cannot think of a nicer thing to do than spend the day with my sweet puppy surrounded by all those flowers!!! I am in heaven just walking through the garden section at Home Depot!!! So I can imagine how lovely the flower market was!

Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Charlene!
What a Perfect Day! Flowers and a Sweet Puppy for Company! You so Lucky to Have Wonderful Weather and Beautiful Flowers already! I think we have a Little More of Winter to see yet!
Pansies are one of my Favorite Flowers!
Have a Wonderful Weekend Dear Friend!Thank you for Stopping By. Your Words of Encouragement always make my Day!

Monica@The White Bench said...

My oh my Charelene! I'm so envious of all those beautiful flowers you already have over there!
Puppy kisses to that sweet cutie!;)
Monica and Kim xo

Joy Campbell said...

OMG what a will have alot of fun with her! Texas trip will be here before you know it and I just can't wait....



Karen said...

OK Charlene - she is just too stinkin' cute. Nothing like an adorable pup to just steal your heart. I'm so glad you guys got her. And I can't wait to meet her when you buy that coach and head to CA!
Love pansies, other than peonies, they are my favorite!!! And we don't have peonies here in So Cal - so pansies are it!
Big hugs! Karen

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh my goodness Charlene ..I have to tell you how strange it is I found your blog. I was looking at a blog of one of my friends last night and I saw your blog name in her line-up and your name is one that used to be a favorite store of mine years ago in Nothern Ca I wanted to see if it was the same gal ..anyway I realized it wasn't her but was thrilled to find your blog and loved that you were from TX we love TX ..however I had no idea that you were the TX gal that Cindy took a rose to. What a small world blog land can be and how amazing it is we meet in such a strange way ...LOL !!

So glad you liked the rose ! I'm in flower envy with all those beautiful blooms you are getting there in TX ..were still a bit chilly here in So. CAL ... so not too many blooms right now.

Have a Great week and look forward to reading your posts.

Blessings ..Sara

Beth Leintz said...

The flowers are beautiful, but I think I've fallen in love with Elle Elf- she could not be any cuter.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Charlene ~
I just love Farmer's Market ! The
flowers are always gorgeous!
But.... I have to tell you that
Elle totally stole my heart in
these pictures ~
She is so very precious!!!


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh yes, Elle loves the flowers, just like Mom! She is so adorable Charlene. Hey, are you going to Round Top? I am thinking of going, actually more than thinking. Been talking to Diane. Know what days you might be there? Hugs, Riki

Riki Schumacher said...

Charlene, forgot to mention, swing by and enter my contest if you get a chance!! Hugs, Riki

Miss Sandy said...

I don't know what is prettier, the flowers or the puppy! Have a wonderful week! I think you might be getting the same snow we are right now, hope your new flowers survive!

food for thought said...

what a fabulous post! we had blinding fog for almost 5 days straight, today we are 28 degrees and frost everywhere, to see flowers and sun looks wonderful, BUT, to see elle, is STUPENDOUS! she is the cutest girlie girl ever, oh you must be feeling blessed to have grown your family again :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Those flowers are so beautiful but I am absolutely enchanted by Elle!

I would give anything for some warm weather here. It's been in the teens at night and in the 20's and 30's during the day here and tomorrow it's going to snow AGAIN. I can't wait until my house sells so we can head south!


Anonymous said...

You got is sista' where are those dang elfs, dwarfs or even a reindeer! It took hours to put mine up and then the big elfs had to come over and put it in the attic, why do we do this!! We need to have a traveling decorating party each December. I think everyone would go on strike when they got to my house!-love-cin

lala said...

OH how precious your Elle is! It seems little by little she just might win over your heart. I myself am waiting on a tiny toy poodle puppy, and can't wait to fall in love with a sweet fur baby again!

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