Friday, May 13, 2011

Treasures Found at Round Top for Spring 2011


Did the BLING catch your eye? It did mine!!!!

I’m back to trying to finish up my posts for this spring’s fun at Round Top. I did the post below & lost about 9 comments while Blogger fought 2 days of troubles. No one could sign in… it was in “read only” mode & when things came back up… well not everything did… but, thank goodness the blogs are all still there so let’s move on. I want to share with you what I bought this trip (sorry I forgot to photograph my 2 Magnolia Pearl pieces but, I’ll show you those another time).


I have already had a collection of vintage cut crystal items & couldn’t resist this cruet set from Clutter! The one piece is missing a stopper but, I probably have one that will work. I LOVE THESE for stylishly holding German Glass Glitter. And to the left is a biscuit jar (in the photo below you can see this better) that will hold my gold/silver mixed German Glass Glitter. And another beautiful cut salt shaker that has a wonderful silver top!


And my darling little perfume bottles that will be made into necklaces. And I ADORE VINTAGE COIN PURSES! I found a wonderful shabby leather one & a 2 DIE 4 beaded one. The purple beaded on is so sweetly shabby where the threads are bare.


PURPLE…. seemed to be the color of the day that day as I found these treasures too! The bracelet below seems to have been made to go with the old shoe clip above. But, alas they were just lucky finds that will marry into something GRAND! And the rosary is beautiful. I wish you could see the whole thing.




Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE PRETTY BUTTONS! And I thought these were wonderful! And the beautiful lace under all these treasures was a SCORE TOO!

Petticoat collage

And next to those buttons is the sweetest little dolls petticoat. The work/stitching on it is fabulous. I need a cute little Altered Art Hanger with just the right images on it to hang this don’t you think?

Boo Boo collage

Do you know what a “Boo Boo Face” is? Well that cutie on the right is the QUEEN OF BOO BOO FACE! That is none other than my Sandy… And she uses this face most on her hubby when she NEEDS something that he just doesn’t get! And she uses it when she can’t buy something she wants (that face is for a MEGA $$$ vintage French grain sack that she couldn’t buy) & she even used it on me when she wanted ONE of a PAIR of amazing vintage rhinestone shoe clips (shown in the center of the first photo above) & when she found that amazing blue brooch… I PULLED THE BOO BOO FACE & SHE CAVED! That sweetie GAVE me the brooch she had found. WHY did I need it???? Well, while in California I bought not one but TWO outfits this goes with. We saw jewelry in the making & she gave it to me. Below is the amazing blue floral coat made for me by Deb Hodge.


Yep! LOVE that jacket! And who is that sweetie with me? None other than my amazingly talented friend Diane Cook! She & I call ourselves 2 Peas In A Pod as we LOVE so many of the same things & have sooooooooooooooo much fun hanging out. Our hubbies have become buddies & this makes for many happy times. Anyway, Diane had a booth at Maurburger Farms where she sold some of her amazing jewelry.

Mani collage

Here are some pictures of her goodies. Above are her “watchful” pieces which are created using images in an old watch case. I took resin classes almost a year before Diane yet, have I DONE SOMETHING with the information other than my pieces? NO! But, like Diane… I am going to get back into this medium because I really LIKE how they come out.


She was selling balls of silk! Wonderful colors for creating jewelry or art of your own. I bought 2 or 3 different neutral colors from her. But, those pinks/blues are speaking to me so I may need to contact her to order some more & you should too!


Hand collage

And since I think this is probably the last of the Round Top posts I have to share just a few more photos…

Riki Necklace collage

My precious friend Riki made me this amazing necklace as a thank you for taking her to the airport in Austin when she left to return home to California (yes, she is showing her new Magnolia Pearl outfit being worn IN CALIFORNIA in that photo above). I ADORE THIS NECKLACE & WEAR IT Soooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH! THANK YOU RIKI! And Riki is the reason we got our precious Elle Elf for Christmas because she told us what amazing dogs the Havanese are. Her own Maddie shown below…


sent our little Elle a present when her Mommy went to Round Top… I think Maddie was just glad the hat & dress went to Texas so her Mommy would stop putting her in them!!!! Thank you Maddie & Auntie Riki!

Elle's gift from Maddie collage

And I had to use the photo borrowed from my sweet friends Karen & Joy


This was the trailer they filled & drove home to California after the show. It sort of sums up all of our shopping adventures! Susie said she was afraid her suitcase would POP OPEN on the airplane tarmac & doily’s would FLY OUT & scatter in the wind!


And as a last note… you know those crazy girls all took up cash to send me a spa certificate for being the tour guide, chauffer, room mother, organizer…. GOSH! You shouldn’t have but thank you!!!! I’d do it again anytime just for the fun of all being together again! Spring 2012 here we come!!! LOVE YOU ALL!


Photo above done by sweet Sandy!

Have a great weekend… HUGS! Charlene


Sandy Navarro said...

Yup, and I wear my crown proudly cuz it works! LOL

It's alwsys such a treat to see how everyone views their experience differently. I wasn't there for some of those purchases, was I?? Cuz if I was, I'm sure I would have Boo Boo faced my way into some of that lace!

The Queen of Boo Boo face!

Riki Schumacher said...

Awwwwww, LOVE this post. Thank you Charlene for featuring me and Mad Dog in this fun post, along with other things you treasure. Makes me feel so special. Glad you love the necklace, it looked so great on you. Loved shopping, eating and playing with you girls, truly a trip of a lifetime. Hugs & licks,

Riki & Maddie

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great finds, Charlene! No wonder that those gorgeous bling pieces caught your eye! I also love the vintage crystal and the coin purses. It must have been a lot of fun shopping at the Round Top show.

The blogger message board says that they are working on restoring the comments over the weekend. So there is hope that they might be back as well :-).

Have a great weekend!

Alisa said...

Gorgeous finds, Charlene!

diane cook said...

What a GREAT post my friend...sums it ALL up! What a wonderful time we had in Round Top/Warrenton in the Spring of 2011! I was happy you were a part of it, just wished it would have been more. Your treasures are beautiful, but more than that Charlene is how you treasure your friends! Priceless you are, and I am so very blessed to be one of them!!! Love you and miss you!! xo

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Charlene, Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm in love with your Treasures Found post and I'm so happy to be following you. Absolutely love all your "Bling" and your blue floral coat is to die over...that Deb Hodge is such a talented and creative soul. She recently joined our Urban Barn family and we are thrilled to have her! Looking forward to visiting often!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I feel like I have fallen down a bunny hole with all this eye candy! What fabulous pictures!

I love the pic of you and Sandy at the end. Beautiful girls!


Kathy said...

This looks like it was a fantastic time! I have heard around Blogland about Round Top - fascinating - you have found some amazing things - I was awestruck at your packing ability - that trailer was jam-packed - I am sure it was wonderful to share this experience with these amazing women!
Hope you have a marvelous week,

Honey at 2805 said...

I am so-o-o happy you were hopping around today and found me because now I've found you!

Your blog is gorgeous and I have happily just become a follower!

You found some great treasures on this trip! Lucky you, and lucky you to walk away with the pin your sister bought. ;)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Wonderful finds,Charlene!!
It sounds like you had a ball!! TFS.
Have a great week.

Honey at 2805 said...

Charlene, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I am in the Dallas area too!

Feathers and Flight said...

Good Morning Charlene!
Oh My Goodness! You made some Beautiful Finds!! Every Girl Deserves Bling!You all had so much Fun I think!
My Mother Turns 80 soon And we are Having a Surprise Party for her June 4th. I have been Busy Making the Invitations/ Announcement to send to out as a little piece of memorabilia. ( Everyone Knows about it already).
I have been thinking about you!
Have a Happy Tuesday!

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