Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping … Otherwise Known As Hotter Than Hell In Canton!

A girl has to love her junkin or her friends…. OR BOTH to go to Canton, Texas in JUNE!!!!! But, Cindy & I both set out at 7 AM Friday to hook up with our buddies Lulu, Kim & Sherry who were all here for the The Art of Spring Event held by Shea & Debbie at The Church. I have had the joy of attending these events many times before but, since this was my Birthday Weekend… hubby had plans for us so a day of shopping was my quick fix for hooking up with my peeps! Most of the attendee’s rode the luxury 55 passenger bus provided but, Lulu, Kim, & Sherry came in the car as Lulu wanted to go to Winnie & Tallulah's Antique Mall in Athens (about 20 minutes south of Canton) to meet up with a blogging buddy she had to meet! OK! Let’s get on with this…

Deidra & Cathy (above) owners of Girls Gone Junkin are so blasted talented & I love their style of dress. So artsy! No cookie cutter look for these girls.

Manni collage

For those of you who know me well… you know I am a Manni Junky. NEVER ENOUGH WELL DRESSED MANNI’s & these girls have one I wanted to just DANCE off with. Covered in cute pins for sale. I ADORED THE WEDDING DRESS THEY USED TO DRESS HER UP!

Another wonder… Do you love the bag? Kim & I drooled over the lacey goodness of it for quiet sometime. The inside had pockets made from vintage dresser scarves.

See the necklaces on this manni? I have been making necklaces from salt shakers for quiet sometime but, had to buy one of these… of course I have to change it because I HATE the style of chain they have them on. I want to add wire wrapped beads, pearls, & other goodies! A shot below of some of the different styles & one with Cindy holding them so you can see the size comparison with her hands.

Shaker Necklace collage

A shot of the booth on the furniture side. And below one of the beautiful vignettes they had to show off some of these goodies.

Moving along…

Pearl Knock Off's collage

A stop at The Vintage Raven to visit Donna who is a friend of Kim's. In fact she buys jewelry from Kim to sell in her shop/online. Below is a couple of Kim’s necklaces for sale in the booth at Canton. And Donna has created some adorable clothes with vintage doilies & lace… Cindy bought an AMAZING full length dress in multiple colors & it is adorable on her. I will try to get a photo of her in it soon & show it to you. But, I did love that white one on the left.

Manni with Kim's Purse Necklaces

Isn’t it funny how we all sort of do similar things? Sandy & I have been eyeing this cute Manni on Etsy & there is the Frozen Charlotte Necklaces which are similar to the ones Sandy & I have been making. Yet, the form belongs to Donna (whom I have never met) & as I said the necklaces Kim has done are in the same “style” as Sandy & mine.

And speaking of Ms Cindy… here she is doing the “Boo Boo” face that Sandy & Susie aren’t with us to see all these linens (look at the stacks & rolling containers of the stuff). And that there weren't more frilly white petticoats. She scooped this one up…

Stuff collage

More treasures… See the precious doll dress in the middle (above)? I almost bought it but, about this time I melted through & through… 98 degrees with probably 80% humidity is too much even for us Texas Gals… I couldn’t decide & Cindy said “I’m buyin it & if you change your mind & want it than make the “Boo Boo” face & it’s yours but, we aren’t leavin it here! Speaking of Ms Boo Boo Face herself… She & my gal pal Cynthia met up in California for Christie Repasy’s Vintage Marketplace Sale. Sandy is wearing her coin purse necklace (similar in feel to the ones Kim made above) & Cynthia is wearing her pink necklace I made for here when I went to visit in California (go HERE to see that post). They were much cooler but also had a blast!!!!


I don’t have photos of what I bought yet. Some of it not really photo needed… I bought many $$$ of linen pieces made by Match Point. I LOVE this brand as it is cool & breathes in this Texas heat. But, I will show you the cute apron I bought & the salt shaker necklace when I rework it. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post on Canton & the lesson Sherry, Lulu & Kim learned was… listen to Charlene when she tells you it’s too hot to go to Canton in JUNE!!!!! NOTE: Much thanks for the photos by my sweet Cindy as I forgot my camera! Thanks for sharing girlfriend. What would I do with out ya?

Have a great week!

HUGS! Charlene


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I stopped by the GGJ booth but it was early and they were still closed? You wern't lying about it being hotter than hell, it was so hot we didn't stay long. Can't wait to see what you bought, T

Sandy Navarro said...

Ok, I know you were foot stomp'in that you couldn't be at The Vintage Marketplace with Cynthia and I, but I was & STILL am do'in a MAJOR Boo Boo face that I wasn't able to be at Canton with ya'll! You are a good friend to suck it up & take the girls even though you know better! Looks like they had some FabUlous finds. I might have had to wrestle ya for that white dress (just say'in)!

Love & miss ya lots!

Createology said...

OMG! Thank you so much for sharing all of this dreamy goodness. I would have to get a job just to afford all that I would "HAVE" to buy. I am in love with all of this lace and feminine treasures. Happy cooling down sipping a mint julep or such...

Vintage Market Place said...

WOW this looks like the most amazing place ever, how did you not just buy it all!!! LOL
I really love the little salt and pepper shaker necklaces. ADORABLE

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Sounds like you girls had a fun time despite the sweltering heat! It really is awful this week in Texas isn't it? Love the frilly petticoats! I need on for my dress form!

Sonya Badgley said...

I love the salt and pepper shaker necklaces and the coin purse ones! Despite the heat-looks like you had a great time! Wished I could have been there! Even in the heat!
Thanks for sharing with us!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oohhh, loves the pics, how much fun is that? Wish I could haves been there with you guys, still paying off RT! Major boo boo face here! Hugs, Riki

Rochelle said...

Charlene - gorgeous photos and I am drooling over here! We just don't have this sort of stuff in my neck of the woods. Bummer...
Can't wait to see what you found!
xo Rochelle

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Wow! What a Wonderful Trip Charlene! Gorgeous Stuff to Gaze upon! Thank You for Sharing!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

VS said...

Oh Friend.,..Everything looks so yummmmmmy!!! I want it all!!! And did I really see all those carts filled to the brim with vintage linens??? I could have spent 1 whole day going through all those bins. Way to fun, Miss CP!!!
But I do know I can MELT in the Texas sun when the humidity is high {like last fall}& probably would have had some kind of a stroke, but the idea of some sweet tea & a cupcake makes me come back to life!! LOL
Miss you CP, miss Texas, miss Cin & I'm sending all of you my Cali Love!
Big Hugs,

Kay Ellen said...

Oh my goodness~~Charlene ~~~it looks like you are having fun too!!
Love all the photos you are sharing:)

I just put up a post with seashells and beachy feeling treasures:)

Stop by if you have a chance!

Take care,

Kay Ellen

JudyBug said...

I love...adore Canton! We haven't been in ages and had planned on going this month. BUT we travel with our spoiled rotten cockapoo and it was just too hot.

Loved your pics. Cant' wait to see what treasures you brought home! thanks for your visit!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I've always wanted to go to Canton but it has just never worked out.

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