Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When You Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long… Are You Older?

BDay Card Cropped

I LOVE the image of the girls on my BDay card from sweet Sandy. This seems to capture the essence of how I felt each & every time I was wished Happy Birthday. The happiness & giddy feeling you get when you spend time with someone who “GETS YOU”!

charlene from Lulu BDay Lunch Celebration Rest

My birthday was June 1 & the celebrating began (& contines with lunch this Friday with my gal pal Jan… A WHOLE MONTH of BDay) with some of my girlie pals coming into town for The Gilded Life Event. I picked Sherry up at the airport & we headed to Dallas to hook up with Lulu & Kim. They treated me to lunch at one of my favorite places called Celebration Restaurant. I guess I’m not doing too bad for ALL THOSE BIRTHDAY’S!

Lulu & Charlene June 2011 Celebration Lunch

I was a silly girl & forgot my camera but, Sherry got some good shots (thanks sweetie!). That is Lulu & I just huggin like we hadn’t seen each other in 4EVER (we were roomies in March/California for Moulin Rouge Art Event) I just hated that we didn’t get a GROUP shot of the 4 of us! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

Mermaid Necklace collage

I wanted to show you the necklace that Lulu created for my birthday… MERMAID…. Can you imagine that? She knows how much I love my mermaids & she made a bolo style necklace with the most amazing mermaid bead as the focal point. Mixing in the silver & pearls. THANK YOU SWEET GIRL! Be sure & go HERE & see some more of her beautiful work. I’ll warn you though… don’t let that innocent face fool you. She’s a HOOT & LOVES all the spooky things in life (Halloween) in fact, she just came back from Spooky Time Jingle Convention.

Scarf & Ring collage

And the frothy beauty of that scarf (with tiny flecks of silver that wink as they catch the light) is the first thing that Precious Sherry sent to me. And that ring… SHE KNEW how I loved the black, Bling & pearls… See how it would have matched the outfit I was wearing at lunch? She was so cute & said “I have to mail your gift because it hadn’t arrived when I left to come to Dallas. IT’s probably sitting on my porch right now" Below is a photo of beautiful Sherry who’s a true southern girl that’s as pretty inside as she is out. Thank you Sherry I’ll think of you each time I wear these.


Kim also came bearing gifts but, I’m saving hers for a post for Pink Saturday. Bet ya can’t guess what color it was.

I have to mention that sweet Cindy got me an adorable lace top & we have a “Girls Day” planned to embellish it (she got herself one too & we want to just kick them up a notch). My friend Susan came up last week to visit from Houston & brought me some tiny but, stunning pearl earrings that just didn’t photograph well. I guess I’ll have to share those sometime when I’m wearing them. MS SANDY outdid herself & that is also ANOTHER POST TO COME! But, as I said to each of these precious souls… THE GIFT OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS WHAT I TREASURE MOST! And my favorite saying is

God gives us our families but we choose our friends!

And I have some great ones! Thank you to each & everyone of you!

HUGS! Charlene


Carole said...

That is a great image of those little girls.
Happy Birthday Month!


Karen Valentine said...

I am sooo glad you got to celebrate your birthday over and over with friends you love!! You look so beautiful in those photos!!! I hope we get to see a photo of you in Cindy in your matching tops!!!!!! Luv you girlfriend, and I wish you many many more wonderful birthdays (or birthmonths... whichever applies. :)

sonya said...

Hey Charlene,
You look beautiful in these photos! And sounds like you've had fun celebrating ALL month! You are blessed my friend! If I lived closer, I'd be right with you!
Happy Birthday Hugs to you,

LuLu Kellogg said...

I celebrate mine for a whole month too and then some!

I am so glad you loved your necklace. When I saw that focal mermaid I just knew this had to be yours and started on the design pronto!:)

I called and left you a message on Monday (or was it Tuesday) afternoon. Sorry I missed you and I will try again tomorrow!

Love ya Girlie!

diane cook said...

Looks like you had a blast my friend, and I just love that ring! It did match your outfit perfectly didn't it? I love that black lace top under "our" Magnolia Pearl t-shirt! I love that shirt, and think about you every time I wear it =)) I wore it the first evening with Diana in Cali, and she loved it *wink*.

Anonymous said...

This year I will be 60 & I am gonna' celebrate it all month long ! ! ...Until I drop!!
Have a Happy 4th!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Not older, well loved.

"Create Beauty" said...

Friendship is the BEST birthday gift ever! Friends with presents, even better : )

~ Violet

susie said...

I am soooooo happy you had a fabulous birthday month sweet CP!!! LOL Who could ask for more, right!
If I could give you a gift today, I would send you a light rain with a rainbow...just like Cin blogged about. Sound's like y'all could use it about now!
Love you girlfriend & here's BIG HUG for you & Texas, even if it is hot & dry &'s WONDERFUL! It has you!! ;)
Love ya,

Nan said...

I'm catching up here Charlene and Happy Birthday. I don't know your age but you look beautiful my dear. On June 14th I turned 70 and posed in a swimsuit on my blog, I was real unsure about doing it but I went for it to show other gals 70 isn't so bad after all.

Diana said...

Happy belated birthday my dear. You are certainly blessed with so many friends. And what have you been doin??? You look fabulous....I think your clock is going in keep looking younger and younger. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

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