Thursday, September 29, 2011

“Framed” Class with Diane Cook


Two little sisters holding hands… FRAMED in a Mother of Pearl Buckle.


WE were the LUCKY girls to take this class! It was in Austin, TX & taught in Janise’s home. Janise is AMAZING!!! She is also a PMC Silver Clay teacher & you know after Diana’s class I just took… I’m HOOKED on PMC! Janise & I already have a PMC Play dated planned.


Ms Diane brought all kinds of tools & information to share. SHE IS AN AMAZING TEACHER & FRIEND! Here she is teaching us to use a flex shaft to CAREFULLY drill the holes in the Mother of Pearl. This is Janise’s studio. IT ROCKS!


Table one has Diane helping Angela, Sue, my buddy Charlotte & at the end is Pat (another PMC pro). Below is our table with Rita, Konnie, Janise, & Cindy. Janise & her sister in law are also quilters so you see the “Stash” of fabrics, books & patterns. ART CAN SURROUND YOU & bring such joy. What I wouldn’t give for a studio like this to work in.


Diane brought many TREASURES to sell. Some already made pieces & components for us to buy/use in our creations.

4 Sale collage

4Sale.. Don’t you love her balls of Sari Silk? If you need some… CONTACT HER HERE

More 4 Salecollage

I LOVE both of these pairs of earrings. And don’t you love her card they are displayed on? Again, 2 sisters holding hands. This is a family photo & Diane uses the phrase “take my hand & we will learn” as her teaching motto. LOVE THAT GIRL!

Earrings collage

And learn we did. This was Cindy’s first jewelry class ( it was an intermediate class but, she did a great job & I think she’s hooked) & it was baptism by fire! Literally!!!! Below you can see that she & Diane are torching the enamel work on a piece. Cindy’s hubby was worried about her using fire… NO NEED TO WORRY!!!! The other photo shows all the colors of enamel we had to work with. Remember this is FINE ground glass so you must never breathe it. Diane is so careful to teach all the safety aspects of every class.

Fire collage

And some of the finished pieces…


Only Janise finished hers completely (as she used a red set of rosary beads to be the necklace part). The rest of us went home with our finished focal points. I have been working on my piece to finish it & hope to show you soon.

I hope you’ll come back soon so I can share a funny story about the “Mystery Student” for this class. And share a cute vintage suitcase for supplies that she brought with her. This story shows what a truly small world we live in. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

HUGS! Charlene


Karen Valentine said...

Yo girls just have more fun over there in Texas than I would know what to do with!! LOL! Looks like you had a fab time!!! One of these you are going to have to start selling your creations!!! Love ya, miss ya!!

Sandy Navarro said...

What a FabUlous class! So bummed I wasn't there! Still working on the nose twinkle and the head bobb to get me there & back in a flash!


Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh Charlene...How fun and how beautiful. You look like you are having such a good time. Thanks for sharing your amazing jewelry adventures with us..I am like Karen..When are we going to see some Charlene Originals for sale? Big Hugs from Eugene

Maija said...

Love it!! And I love Diane, and agree with you completely!!

Solem's Classic Interiors said...

Well - I wish I were there with y'all! The class looks like it was amazing! It's no wonder, with our little Miss Diane teaching it! I'm in Round Top, loving being here but hating the incredible heat and humidity!

Solem's Classic Interiors said...

It looks like you had so much fun! And your pendants are beautiful! Diane is such an amazing lady and fabulous teacher ;-)

I'm missing you all in Round Top! Having lots of fun in spite of the incredible heat and humidity!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

What fun!!! I wish I would have known it was in Austin! I never seem to hear about these things until they are over. I would love to take a jewelry class someday! Looks like you ladies had the best time together and made some gorgeous creations!

bunny said...

So many pretty things...but I especially like the pic of you girls


Mary said...

Charlene~ Your passion & enthusiasm for your creations & your classes is contagious! I can practically feel you vibrate with joy! You are SO photogenic too :)

Karen said...

OMG this looks like an amazing class! I am green with envy! You are just having waaaayyyy too much fun my friend!
Hugs! Karen

Holly Loves Art said...

Oooooh wow! I just love all these pictures and all the projects Charlene! Looks like such a fun time. Those necklaces are amazing! You have been doing the best things lately. Lucky girl you!

Alisa said...

So beautiful, Charlene.
And there are those sweethearts, Charlotte and Rita!

Feathers and Flight said...

Oh My Charlene! These are GORGEOUS!!!! What a Treasure to learn how to Create! Diane seems so Sweet! Love Love Love this Project!
Have a Wonderful Weekend Friend!
Etsy Store????

Susan Sager Brown said...

This is a beautiful post, with wonderful photos! How lucky you are attend a class given by Diane! I would like to respectfully request if I may "borrow" the pic of Diane for my blog, and I will link back to your blog. I am writing a post about the beautiful necklace she graciously sent me. This pic of her just beams her wit, charm and talent!thank you susan

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