Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marble Falls Again!


Another wonderful weekend spent in Marble Falls, Texas this past weekend! We loaded up the 5th wheel & headed south to take our French neighbors Daniele & Pierre (they have homes here & in France) to see this area we love so much. We always stay in an AMAZING park that sits on a peninsula of Texas Pink/Black granite that juts out into Lake LBJ. Above is looking out onto Lake LBJ from the granite & below is looking back at the HUGE MASS of stone going back to the park. At this point we were about half way between the lake & the park. HUGE I TELL YOU!SONY DSC

While we were there we went to visit The Texas White House which was the ranch where LBJ & Lady Bird Johnson lived. There were many parties, meetings, & times during his presidency that this place was shown in photos many of us would remember.LBJ Ranch House visited 11-12 w D. & Pierre

The weather was soooooooooooooooooo beautiful while we were there. I didn’t think we would have much color for fall this year due to the draught but, in some areas there was color. AND I LOVE FALL!!!!! The ranch tour was very interesting. I had not been on a tour since Lady Bird passed away in 2005. Since then they have opened the house for tours. Before, only the ranch property, the outer building, his car collection, old school, & dog trot cabin (where he was born) were on the tour. As long as Lady Bird was alive she lived there & no one could go near the house. It was very interesting to tour the property & imagine how times were back during “The Cold War”. The meetings that were held here & the decisions that were made. Also, we visited the Cold Spring Granite Company’s Quarry & Showroom.


Click HERE to see a previous post that shows some beautiful examples of the different granite colors. In the previous post I talked about visiting the Cold Springs Granite Quarry & showed HUGE slabs of amazing colors in different granite slabs. We went through their showroom & I thought I would share some of the ideas the designers had. I LOVE the granite countertop above with the clear glass bowl sink.


This is the pink/black granite I told you the area was famous for (the same as at our RV Park & it really looks different here than in the photos above doesn’t it?). I love the THICK & RUGGED look they used for this sink. What do you think?



And a different color (area) for this tub. It is stunning I think but, I bet it would be slick getting out.

Firepalce collage

Above is the fireplace in the showroom. There were different types of granite used & the area above the fireplace has a map of the lakes, dams, & area along the Colorado River where Marble Falls is located. This has been etched or carved into the granite. Different kitchens were done so you could see different styles. Below is one done in light colors.


And a beautiful green. Again using the THICK cut/look.


And this one had the Texas LONE STAR etched into the backsplash. And the burners of the gas stove set directly into the counter top.


The entire building was made from native white Texas Limestone & granite was used for accent.



At about $40 -$50 a square foot (that’s retail & I know they own the Quarry but, still… $$$$$$) That’s a lot of money.

Outside Kitchen collage

Hubby loved the outdoor kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great to have this out by the pool?


Now, I have to decide if I want to redo my kitchen/master bath OR sell this house & build something else (that’s been our dilemma now for about 2 years). I KNOW one thing…. I WILL HAVE GRANITE! I love it. Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Marble Falls, TX (does the area look like you thought it would?). And I hope you got some ideas about granite/remodeling if you were in the market for ideas. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

HUGS! Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

Looks like you had a lovely time, Charlene. I'm so happy that you are having the fall you deserve after the drought!

What a neat tour...I'd love to do it. And I enjoyed looking at the granite counters...we just had our kitchen done and it was an amazing process!

Have a great week, my friend!


My Grama's Soul said...

Found you over at My Desert Cottage.....I love Marble Falls and I also LOVE, LOVE my granite. We have it in our kitchen and when we do the bath we will probably use it in there as well.



Marlene said...

Love Marble Falls is so beautiful. I wish I could get granite some day, I think is gorgeous. In mi kitchen I have a tile counter top that I did installed all by my self. One of my clients gave them to me. But a girl can dream.

Maija said...

Yes!! Yes!! Beautiful - all!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sandra contreras-donohue said...

"And the burners of the gas stove set directly into the counter top."

I would like to see the underside to see how this was put together. I really like this idea :)

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