Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Art Day- A Sweet Success!


Where has the time gone? I promised myself I’d be better about getting back to blogging more often but, DARN IT LIFE GETS IN THE WAY SOMETIMES! I plan on working on that but, in the mean time a small catch up on an amazing SWEET DAY with friends. WHAT A GIFT A FRIEND IS! We had lots of sweets to fuel our creative fires. I made a cake, Angela brought cupcakes, gooey butter cake & heart shaped brownies.


I bought a red plastic table cloth (we were painting & gluing on the dinning room table!) as well as red flowers & the cutest insulated mugs for each girl! BLINGED MUGS OF COURSE!


In the photo above you can see Angela’s letters (that had been decoupaged) sitting at her spot. And there is sweet Jan with her amazing pillow of lace making tools. Just the pillow alone was so interesting (with little drawers & padded just right with pretty trim along the edges) but, that lace OMG!!!! And the bobbins of thread… Each Bobbin a work of art in it’s own right!


See what I mean?


I just wanted to pick each one up & touch/feel it. They have been hand made from artist all over the world & Jan can tell us amazing stories about each one. A TRUE COLLECTION of beauty.


Just watching her for a few hours I can’t imagine how she doesn’t YANK her hair out!


This takes about an hour to hour & a half for an INCH!!!!! The patience of a SAINT I’m telling you!!!! But, it’s stunning don’t you think? Below you can see Angela & Cindy really taking it all in. Remember to click on the names that are highlighted in dark blue for a link to their blogs.


Cindy & I were working on cases for our altered compacts (for the swap we are in for the up coming Art Event An Affaire At Tiffany’s by the amazing Kim Caldwell) & below you can see a few peeks of those.

Compacts collage

Lots of fun to create!


And then I cut out & stitched A BUNCH of these. I saw a photo on Pinterest (OH HOW I’M HOOKED on that & that is where MANY hours go for me) for a scarf that I really liked & thought “I want one of those” & while I’m at it I’ll whip up one for Diane & Riki as thank you gifts for my up coming trip out for A Charming Romance Class”. LORDY LORDY!!!! I had NO IDEA what a LOT of work that this would prove to be. Here’s the photo from Pinterest to give you an idea of started the madness.

Felt Flower Scarf

This one was made by Karoline at Cherished Vintage. She makes these & sells them on Etsy if you’re interested. Then Sandy was doing some sleuth work for me since Karoline doesn’t have a tutorial & found the one below made by Amy at Watch Me Daddy which does have a tutorial.

Another scarf by Watch Me Daddy Blog

Amy’s tutorial does not cut out each flower shape & although it’s cute I wanted to go more for Karoline’s look so I bought cookie cutters & used a disappearing ink pen to draw around the cutters. That’s 12 flowers per scarf… 6 different sized flower shapes in EACH flower… That’s 72 flower shapes cut for each scarf! YIKES!!!! Maybe I should have started a few months ago. Well, Angela helped me sew 3 of them & I worked on a few more but, I don’t even have one scarf done. Instead of using felt for my scarf I chose to use a really soft beautiful feeling light fleece which will make it feel good (I was afraid the felt would be stiff or rough on the neck) & is a softer look. Also a few pearls are added to mine & I really like the way things are shaping up. Stay tuned….


In the mean time I’m thankful for a fun filled SWEET crafty kind of day with these Crafty Buddies of mine. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day & I’ll be staying busy heading out for my Charmed Romance Class while hubby keeps the home fires burning & Ms Elle fed & entertained.

HUGS! Charlene


Karin said...

Charlene....that is so amazing. I don't think I would have the patience for it....but what a lost art. So are you going to be at Kim's event? I was thinking about coming up on that Friday night.....

Lisa Phillippi said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I wish we lived closer! I love your flowers, and I have had my eye on that scarf too! It seems time has sped up into high gear because it's going by so fast for me too! I am headed to Dallas this weekend, but have a lot of family stuff, so I know I wont get to see any of yall....maybe next time!

Monica said...

WOW! That scarf with roses is amazingly beautiful! Can't wait to see yours!
Big hugs!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh my! So many beautiful things, Charlene! I'm so intrigued with lace making, but would NEVER have the patience for it--you're right--she's a saint!

As you probably, know...I'm so addicted to Pinterest, too! Isn't it FUN?! So many amazing ideas...wish I had more hours in the day!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend! (See you on Pinterest!)


Kim Caldwell said...

OMG! That pink compact is to DIE for! One pinky lady is going to be soooo thrilled! Fabulous my dear!



Mary said...

It looks like you gals had a great time crafting together. My goodness, the lace looks amazing to watch, and yes....what patience it must take. Your project is very pretty too!

bunny said...

Woman...what can't you do? Just stopped by to check up on my blogger's been a while...



Cindy Craine said...

Thanks for hosting us, my turn next! That Jan is just a hoot and a half. Who would think anyone could sit still long enough to do that? It was even more amazing up close. It was so fun to be with you all and I loved spending more time with our "bomb girl" Angela. xoxox-cindy

Sandy Navarro said...

Looks like you had a FabUlous time w/o me! :( I was busy fighting off a cold/sore throat the week of your event so I'd be up for our Pismo Beach weekend. Jan's bobbins and lace work are amazing. I'd never be able to wait to finish a piece of lace; she definitely has the patience of a Saint.

And those compacts are stunning; the Tiffany girls are gonna love them.

Can't wait to see flower scarves when they'r finished.

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