Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Do Fairies Live? At Trisha Fontaine’s House!

Trisha in yard Collage
In the previous post I shared the visit to Dos Pueblos Ranch… home of Event Designer Queen… Trisha Fontaine.  If you missed the previous post PLEASE go back & read about this Fairy Land World.    But, let’s move on as you can see (above) Trisha is welcoming us to her home & garden.
Bird Houses Collage
Where cleverly built birdhouses are tucked into the garden & vintage windows hang from trees (she does this for many of the wedding held on the property).
Step onto the sun porch & you are surrounded by vintage goodness!
treasures Collage
Clever Vignettes everywhere.
Oh how I would love to have this many keys…
Her tiny living room was filled with all sorts of eye candy.
A china hutch of chippy peely paint  full of Chinese China & dolls.  Color & TEXTURE abounds!
Chinese China Collage
And little treasures left from weddings past…
Like this hat from the steam punk wedding that Trisha did.  Here’s a little peak at what she creates with some of these props.

Remember the railroad bridge from the last post?????

The steam punk wedding was a favorite of mine & click HERE to go to Trisha’s post to see more of this wedding.  Now… we’re going back to the tour of her home…
The guest room with lavender walls & a closet full of costumes.  Trisha is beginning the fashion show above…
Dresses 1 Collage
My Favorite..  laid across the bed.  Oh to be a Fairy BRIDE in this!
I HAD TO HAVE ONE OF HER CREATIONS & this is what I brought home.  Was this easy to travel with in the back of the van for the next 3 weeks??? NO!!! But, hubby was a good sport & none of the butterflies are any worse for wear.  Wear???? I’m sure you will see it on one of my mannequins.
Now on to the kitchen.  Where the view is of the green green goodness outside (the vintage scale set on the sill & all the pretty bottles)…
DSC06823 The little nook where she can sit at that pretty table surrounded by cupboards full of vintage china.  Bird cages hanging from the ceiling, fairy wings on the wall & look at that sweet nest on the silver tray just sitting on the buffet.
Kitchen Collage
Trisha says she has enough vintage china to serve a party of 250!!! Imagine… here’s another look at one of the photos she shows some of this goodness in (on her blog… again go visit her today & be amazed).  A wedding table set with her tea pots HERE.

Or…. a Tea Party with friends in this post…

But, one of my favorite things… is her chalk board in the kitchen…  Everyone has a grocery list right?  But, is it this cute???? Now remember, we surprised her with the visit & so she didn’t really prepare for us to come.  THIS IS HOW SHE LIVES!!!! Too flippin cute!  Talent in every pore of her body.
Are you tired of all this yet?  Well, lets turn the corner to the little hall leading to her bedroom & look at the wonder living there & then I’ll leave you hanging…. waiting for her bedroom/bath which I can tell you was so full of goodness you would just drool.   
Butterfly Manni Collage
This is a mannequin (yes, those of you who know me well know I have an OBSESSION with them!) that hangs out on a tiny porch that connects the kitchen with Trisha’s bedroom.  Trisha makes these wings, crowns & shoes to compliment her costumes.  I LOVE the crown!  And let’s look at the post (go HERE) to see Trisha’s take on these shoes…

Are you in LOVE with Trisha & her work??? I am.  Come back for a tour of her bedroom… coming soon here … but, for now, I’m back to work on the 2 PLUS week long HUGE bathroom/closet remodel going on here at my house.  I’d rather be back on vacation & let the elves work on this MESS!!!! 
HUGS! Charlene


A Vintage Chic said...

Fairies DEFINITELY live in that house, Charlene! Beautiful! So glad you shared the photos...

Next time you come to California, we REALLY need to get together! I understand how fast the time flies by, though, when you're traveling!

Good luck with your remodeling--can't wait to see!


Blondie's Journal said...

Wow, Charlene, Trisha has such a pretty home, just chock full of magical things to look at! Of course she is artistic! It shows in every nook and cranny! How lucky you were to visit! I have to go back and read your previous post and I'm looking forward to the next one!!


Ozma of odds said...

fairy goodness abound:)
i absolutely will flutter over to her blog and check out the steampunk wedding as it all looks like something from wonderland!
thanks for sharing all this fairy magic and keeping us at the edge of out seat :)
xo, Rosemary

Lady of the Woods said...

ohhhh, I've been wanting to visit Tricia for 2 years now, I adore her! Soooooo special we got to see her own abode! Yes she is a fairy and I can't wait to see your other posts...! sparkly blessings, lady

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! She is one talented lady. Of all the pictures, though, I do love her living room. The couch with all the pillows, the gallery style wall above it and the books on the bookcase. I love that homey, lovely, lived in look. Wishing you a great rest of the week. Tammy

Tricia said...

Ok Lady... You're too much. You are now officially hired as my pr/marketing team! Really I am blushing! Thank you seems to trite for all the incredibly lovely things you say about me. It really is too much.
I so loved having all you fun gals over. Those darned ladies in the white dresses keep me so busy, next time we'll plan things a bit better so there is more time to play with a little faerie magic!
Thank you Charlene!
Faerie blessings to you, Elle and Larry,

Sandy Navarro said...

Absolutely FabUlous! Would love to see it all in person next time you're out here.


Bohemian said...

Dear Trisha is indeed a Creative Genius and also a most generous Spirit and Friend. She made the most Amazing Mad Tea Party Hat for my Grand-Daughter and sent it with two huge Care Boxes as a Surprise... it touched my Heart deeply since it was so unexpected and so very generous of her. She's indeed a Treasure and her Creativity and Imagination never cease to Inspire and bring Joy to those it Touches! Her Events are Pure Fantasy brought to Life!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, what amazing eye candy Charlene!! Love it all. I can see why you think that is a magical place for sure! LOVE your butterfly dress. Can't wait to see the bedroom, and good luck with your remodel! Mad sends licks, and love the idea of a box of MP showing up! I hope Cindy is too!!! Xoxo

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Holy Cow!!! And you had the privilege of peeking in all those nooks and crannies? Lucky you!! The two photos that caught my eye are the steampunk wedding photos... loved her hair with the tiny top hat!.. and the wedding reception table. To die for! Thanks for sharing, Charlene!!

Bohemian said...

Even more of Tricia's Fabulously Creative Work... I'm having a Swoonfest just before going to Work now! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Diane said... those shoes, and her props are certainly amazing! I can't imagine what your dress looks like, and to carry it around for three weeks!! Loved looking at all the pretties...

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