Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America or 4th of July Huntington Beach Style

Today was a beautiful day for a Parade to celebrate America’s Birthday!  Cool breezes blew,  crowds gathered & fun began.  We are so blessed to have come out to escape the horrible Texas heat & to be here in Huntington Beach, CA.  Our precious friends Vickie & Ray are the best hosts in the whole world!!!  THANK YOU for opening your home & sharing your city.   Friends are staying at our Texas home so we can escape & enjoy a bit of R&R  after all the remodel work(oh there is so much more to do).
Ray & Vickie Collage
We got there plenty early to claim our seats on the bleachers.   Vickie told us that Huntington Beach has the biggest 4th of July Parade west of the Mississippi.  I can tell you our little Texas town has nothing to compare to this!!!!
Crowd Collage
  The crowds came.  On Bikes… With Babies…  In costume… A real mix of personalities!  People watching at it’s best!
DSC07918 cropped
This fellow just cracked me up!!!
DSC07916 Cropped Small
Personalities Bigger than Life!
Pets of all kinds.
DSC07980 Dogs, I expected that.
DSC07915 Cropped But, I’ve never seen anyone bring their parrot to a parade before!

All methods of transportation was represented!
 Boards Collage
Police, Fire & Beach Lifeguards are all such important hero that protect us every day.  RED & WHITE it’s true… THANK YOU!
Police & Fire Collage
The sky had planes doing fly overs!
Blue Yonder Collage
DSC07934 Cropped
Floats Collage
Floats with music groups, skate boarders, gymnasts. 
Hero’s from every war…
Military Collage
A HUGE THANK YOU TO VETERANS OF ALL WARS & THE ONES THAT KEEP US SAFE EVERY DAY!  And to their families for the days, weeks & years they miss those special souls.  Below is a message we ALL need to REMEMBER…
Car 1 Collage
Cars!  So many amazing cars from every era.
You couldn’t be in a beach town without some great old woody’s!
Car 2 Collage
And the Shriner’s had to make a showing with their fun little cars.  And they were crazy!
Horses of all shapes & sizes!
Representing all the era’s again… Well’s Fargo with the horse drawn wagon.
Horse Collage
Beautiful each & everyone of them….

It was a wonderful day & a wonderful way to celebrate!


just me... jan said...

Whew! looks like you had one AMAZING day there darlin'!!! Back here in little Mansfield things were very quiet....didn't even hear the fireworks! LOL
just me...missin' your smile...jan

cindy craine said...

OK that does it, save me a seat for next year!! WHat a great parade and great post. Have a wonderful time there is beautiful California, don't worry about us here in Texas, with the fire ants and 200 degree weather. We'll be fine......sniff!xoxooxox

holli said...

Great pictures. I have some friends that live in HB and they rode their bikes in the parade.

Charlene said...

Ms Cindy.... you had your turn at class & playing with all the Art Sisters while I stayed in Texas moving boxes & herding contractors... I earned my turn!

Nan said...

Hi Charlene I haven't been by in ever so long. I don't post as much anymore either but I'm still here.
Wow that is some parade there. You would be shocked at the tiny parades our town has with NO marching bands, gee I miss that.

Kadee Willow said...

I want to go.. I want to go (said in my very best whiny voice!!) That parade was amazing and I love all the west coast flare! The things you see there that we miss in middle America. I love the fife and drum but didn't see the bagpipes. You would have pulled out the hankies for me if there were as the sound makes me boo-hoo. What a great day you had and I'm so glad you got to experience that!!! xoxo

Jan Hennings said...

Looks like a great time and what a fantastic parade! I'm sure it felt good to get a bit of a break from the heat and enjoy the company of good friends :)

Alisa Noble said...

Now that looks like a fun parade!

Josi Bunder said...

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