Monday, November 17, 2008

Neiman Marcus Christmas Tree

Last week I worked downtown Dallas at the wonderful old Adolphus Hotel (more about that soon in another post). But, Friday night was the big festival to light the Christmas lights in downtown & to unveil the windows at Neiman Marcus. For those of you familar with Stanley Marcus & his empire... you know they always try to be ahead of the curve. Well this year I think they are a little over the top in strange! The theme is "Be Green". The window are done in different trees. The main window being TRASH! Yes, real live TRASH. Like smashed soft drink cans & other things we all throw into our trash cans. They have encased these items in large clear bubbles & have back lighting that changes colors. And then there was a tree made from rocks. Yes, big chunks of rocks all over a tree. No photo of that one. OK....... and then there was the pencil tree. A seven year old boy got the idea for this & they made the whole tree (at least 8 feet tall) out of #2 yellow pencils. On the top there are colored pencils as the star. OK GIRLS THIS IS ART! Or is it? Stay tuned for more windows done using Christmas cards as clothes on the models.

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Coastal Sisters said...

People never cease to amaze me with the things they come up with. I can appreciate art even if it's not something I like. I do have to say though that this looks like something out of a George Jetson cartoon! Am I dating myself or what???

Love to you my Sweet Friend!

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