Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Today I want to remember all the HEROS (dead & alive) that have served this country! I want to THANK EACH ONE OF THEM from the bottom of my heart for putting their country first & serving her with their life. I would hope that each of us feel this same way no matter what our view is of this war or any other. These brave young men & women have stepped up for us. We must thank them & their families for the bravery they face each day. When I work out at the airport I never let a soldier pass that I say "Thank you for what you do for us each day". That comment is met with many different reactions. Some, with pride & a smile say "thank you MS", others are shy & embarresed but still pleased, others shocked. I want to let each of them know how special they are. Thank a soldier when you see him. Thank his family if you know one.

There's nothing more handsome than a man in his uniform. I would have liked to share a photo of my sweet husband in his uniform but, the time looking for that would be untold. And of my son in his... the same problem plagues me where did I put those photos oh so safely hidden????? I did find a photo of my sweet Daddy (OH HOW I MISS YOU EVERY DAY!) in his uniform to share with you. He wore it so proudly. And on the day we laid him to rest, the shots of the military gun salute shattered the silence on that snowy quiet hillside. Just as the loss of him shattered my heart. But, he was so proud of his service to his country & of his country even fifty years after the war. Remember our Veterans new & old. I am SORRY that I don't know how to re-size this photo that I scanned into my computer. This just shows me how much I need my new Photo Shop Elements Program installed. But, I love the photo & my Daddy more than I HATE the big white blob next to it.


Coastal Sisters said...

Hi my Sweet Friend!

I just loved that you posted the picture of your Dad smiling in his uniform. That was just the sweetest thing.

Hope you are having a great week. The weekend is almost here :)


Anonymous said...

This was lovely Charlene. And your dad was very handsome. I can tell how much you loved and admired him. We are lucky girls indeed.

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