Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Owe I Owe It's Off To Work I Go!

As I promised today I will showcase SOME (the key word here is some because I went crazy & can't get everything in one post) of my TREASURES from my Antique Store Splurges. Yes, Splurges... I went to two Malls on Thursday with Pat & then on Saturday I went to three. One of the stops was back to Lone Star Antiques on old Hwy 377 in Haltom City (the one I showed you all the cool display ideas from) & why did I go back???? Well, when I got in bed Thursday night & re-thought about my day with Pat & ALL I HAD SEEN... there were a few items I was sorry I didn't buy. So, Susan & I decided on a "Girls Day Out" for Saturday (after all I needed to share my new find with her)
My favorite TREASURE from Thursday's trip was this Shabby Bird Cage. I was so "taken" with the booth this came from. Too many awesome things to tell you about. And I didn't know if I was "allowed" to take photos but, some things I just couldn't resist. And after all I DID BUY THIS! I just loved the way Dorothy (the owner of the booth) had fixed this up. An old ironstone cream pitcher with dried berries, a doily, some old cream colored beads, a butter pat with a candle on it & a vintage add propped up in her version of a card holder (more about that later), all topped off with a glittered vintage bird on the swinging perch. IS THIS TOO CUTE OR WHAT? When I show you the bird cage at my house you will see that I added a few more treasures inside.
And this adorable baby shoe with the toe torn out. Dorothy had stuffed the shoe with moss & a feather & topped it off with another vintage bird along with an little egg. And how about the bling on the throat of this little darling.
On Saturday when I went back to the mall I got to meet Dorothy in person. I was so excited to meet this talented wonderful artist. She is awesome! We talked about all kinds of things we want to do (art wise)together & we want to do a sale, show or something like that. While I was there on Saturday Dorothy gave me some great old lace & I wanted to share this little stash & show it here on one of my new plates.
And this little white enamel tea pot is one of the items that I could not bear to not have & was one of the items I went back for. Saturday it was mine! After taking this photo let me show you where the tea pot landed. In my kitchen/breakfast room area I have a shelf of goodies above my breakfast table. A couple of weeks ago we had the doors open to the garage & the wind was pretty strong. A huge gust of wind came through & knocked that window with the print behind it off the shelf. In the process the little ceramic tea pot (not a favorite one) was broken. This cleared the way for my new treasure to have a perfect home. What do you think?
Back to treasures...
And a little BLING hiding between Dorothy's lace & a sweet doily I picked up.
And on Thursday in another Antique Mall I picked up this wonderful old Hanes Hosiery Box. The box is made of beautiful royal purple velvet. And the top of the box is satin printed with these lovely Victorian Ladies & children.
A close up of the box top. Isn't this fabulous! I am soooooooooo happy it is mine! This is the box open & filled with the bags of lace & tatting that I bought. Some of these beauties will end up on pillow's, altered art & who knows what else.
Look at how tiny this tatting is! And it is in perfect shape.
I bought at couple of these big square chargers at Marshall's (you will see more of these on Tablescape Tuesdays coming up) but, in the mean time they show off the lace so well.
This is some of the lace that Pat gave me when I went into her house on Thursday. She opened some of her boxes of treasures & I ohhhhhhhhhh'd & ahhhhhhhhhh'd about so many things. The pink is some tatting she had & the little rose is something that she hand dyed herself.
Here is a close up. She took Rit dye & a paint brush & did this. I thought she did a great job. And she was so sweet to share some of these goodies with me. It is amazing that both Pat & Dorothy just gave me something of theirs. I think these amazing women we all meet & create with are some of the most giving, sharing, kind, souls I know. How blessed are we all to have each other.This is a print I bought at the Antique Mall. I loved it! It is named Ladies at Tea. I don't like the frame & matt but, this too can be changed with a little time, $ & treasure! I will take it out of the frame & try to copy it to share (minus the glare from the glass). Come back & I will share.
For now I am sure you are on overload & I am off to wash! YUCK! I work tomorrow & I think it is a good thing after all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ I spent this week. So... I owe I owe it's off to work I go & I will be back later in the week to show you more goodies bought on this little adventure. Come Back!


cindy said...

Ooohh, I want to go to that mall! Theresa (Vintage Garden Antqs) had been telling about how cool it was....need to take a drive over. You got some cool things. And love those big square plates from Marshalls.


Anonymous said...

Shopping again on Saturday. You must like Lone Star Mall. Maybe one day I will meet Dorothy.
I also went to two antique malls Sat. and I found two little dolls for you if they will work.
Talk to you soon.

Candy said...

Oh! My! You did do some damage to the pocket book but what a load of wonderful things. Cute tea pot. Sounds like you girls are having too much fun.
Don't work too hard. Candy

Blondie's Journal said...


If only I could jump on a magic broom and zoom over to the antique mall! Everything you bought is just sooo cute. I love all the lace the most (well the birdcage too!) Are you going to make something with the lace?

Thanks so much for sharing your shopping trip with us. Loved it!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Charlene!!! What amazing goodies!!!! I love each and every thing that you found ~ oh and the bird cage is just wonderful. I love that she had it displayed that way, how cool is that?? And the lace is so beautiful, I can't wait to see you make something beautiful with some of it ~ what fun sweetie, I'm so glad you had a great time! Have a great week dear friend, xxoo, Dawn

The White Bench said...

Hi Charlene! What a LUUUUCKY girl you are! Absolutely LOVE all, especially the bird cage, little shoe and box with laces!! They are divine!
Can't wait to see what you are going to create with them...:)
Glad Reba is OK. Kisses from Kim.

Donna said...

What beautiful things you found! I especially love the bird cage.
I can tell you had lots of fun!


Angie said...

I love your treasures! I found a white painted bird cage at a thrift store the other day for $7, but I couldn't think of where I'd put it so I didn't buy it :(

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