Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saturday night we were invited to go to the Ft Worth Fat Stock Show Rodeo with our friends Dan & Crystal. They had boxed seats & the seats were great! There is just nothing like going to a Rodeo in good old "Cowtown" I forgot to get a picture of the coliseum. It is a beautiful building so sorry I forgot that little detail.
This is where a lot of the performers, riders, & riding clubs all paraded through to show off their finery. And the flags of different states all lined up & the flag for the singing of the National Anthem on the far side of the arena.They dimmed the lights in the arena after this photo & spotlighted the American flag as everyone sang(that always gives me goose bumps & tears well in my eyes sometimes). After the music faded away... They shot off some beautiful fireworks inside the arena. Some of those horses were not to crazy about that idea.
Here's Crystal & Dan all dolled up.
And this is honey & I. Yep Cowgirl Up! I bought this hat (hats sure don't do much for a girls hair do!) at the Antique Mall I told you about last week. This was another item I left there Thursday but, kept thinking about all day Friday. On Saturday I just NEEDED it for the rodeo. :) That's another reason for a quick run back up there to finish unfinished shopping! I really liked the hat but thought... "No don't spend that much money for a hat you won't wear much". Yet, I know honey really likes me to wear hats (of all kinds) so thought... sure why not! Also, Susan went with me & when she saw it on me she said "Oh you have to get it. No one else could pull that hat off but you" After all I am a little over six foot tall so she had a point. My jacket is one from Double D Outfitters. The embroidery work on it is outstanding & the fringe is real leather. I don't get to wear it often but, it is a great jacket He loved it that I dressed up in all my cowgirl duds! A fun time was had by all & no cowboys were hurt. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haw.

These are a couple of closeups of the jacket & "The Hat". Crystal so coveted my hat! :)


Anonymous said...

You wear that hat really well, glad you went back and got it. The cowgirl duds looked great. The pictures reminded me of the rodeos I used to go to in Vernon. My dad work for the Santa Rosa Ranch and we always made it to the parade and rodeo.
Talk to you soon.

Susan said...

The rodeo reminds me of when we lived in Texas. Thanks you!

The White Bench said...

Your jacket and hat are just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
Monica x.

Donna said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! Ft. Worth is a really neat place!
Come by Anytime!!hughugs

Coastal Sisters said...

Charlene...you are definitely a hat person and make it look "Cowgirl Glamtastic".....you look stunning! (LOVE the jacket too)


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