Thursday, April 16, 2009

Everything Coming Up CupCakes!

I did not cook for you today but, so loved the items shown here. In fact this is Part II of the Post I did back on March 18th, A Day in Dallas. I really wanted the cupcake molds shown in the display. Just think what we could all do with these. Here are some of their ideas. Do you think the molds are a must have at $29.95 or just something else to store? JoAnn & I had a big discussion on this issue. Please share your thoughts!I couldn't resist sharing the window display! It was from the William Sonoma window at Northpark( Sorry for the flash in the left corner of the picture but, without the flash the colors we not as bright) I wanted you to see all the happy colors of this display.
The cupcakes were displayed in flower pots. Cute Idea for a party don't you think? Different than the normal cake plate or cupcake stands being used.
Side View. I soooooooooooo want that pink mixer! A mere $295.00 so what's stopping me?
Another view of their decorating design.
Pink Perfection/Confection.
Closeup of the pink. I think the pink one is my favorite but, the orange is a close runner up. Which cupcake is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by & just think... no calories were consumed in this little Spring fantasy. Gotta love that.


The White Bench said...

Mmmm.... they are all beautiful! But maybe the yellow one...
What a lovely display!

CIELO said...

Charlene.... pretty post and yummy cupcakes!Thanks for sharing my dear!



Allie said...

Charlene ~
I'm crazy about cupcakes and live right down the road from North Park and I can't believe I missed this display!! That is a fantastic window display! I agree with you about the pink cute is that?! In the past year, friends have been giving me all kinds of cupcake pieces, artwork, stickers, stands, etc. I think you've given me some inspiration for a new post on my blog. However, I might have to wait until school is out. :D Happy Friday!

Alisa said...

Oh, those are fabulous!
I love cupcakes and William Sonoma!

Anonymous said...

Charlene ~ Love cupcakes! the more frosting the better, I say! I have a very elderly Kitchen Aid mixer that hubby brought for me when I was a young bride. I still use it, not often, because I would lose my girlish figure if I made too many wonderful things, but it is brought out every year for the holidays to make pies and other goodies.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

sepiadreams said...

Great idea for the cupcake stands!!! Sorry to have missed you. I had planned on going to Lone Star perhaps tomorrow afternoon. I think they might be needing a little help so I told them I might get up there to help a bit....Hugzzz...Tiina...

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

How yummy looking...never seen anything quite like that! Very creative...thanks for sharing! :-)

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