Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wonderful Studios! I WANT ONE!

Recently I shared the studio of Diana Frey with you. AND THIS HAS GOT ME THINKING!!! OH NO!!!! This will be expensive! Too Late! I could not stand it! Since I posted this I draft & waited for permission to post photos with the other gals... I decided that I needed a separate place for my jewelry work & my paper/craft area so... I started working on my new area to create jewelry. Yes, it was prompted by sitting & trying to finish my Shaker Doll Necklace in my lap with less than good light. I had a mini hissy fit & that is when I said OK I need to fix this(OK I really said more than that but, that is the cleaned up version of the scene). I will show photos later. For now... the broken leather lounge chair left for Goodwill thanks to "Honey & my big strong baby boy & I have gone to Hobby Lobby for an OTT Light. Enjoy these tours.
Today I was reading some favorite Blogs & found this beautiful Art Nest posted on Eileen's Blog! What a treasure it is!
And I am sure you all follow the wonderful, fabulous, Dawn Edmondson & know she is working on her NEW Studio. Go check her out & please don't drool on your key pad while you are visiting all these lovely sites. This is just one link of her studio redo. If you go into her main Blog & scroll down you can see the studio as it is evolving.
And then I started thinking about my friend Tiffany (you know I met Tiffany because I saw her in Studio Magazine from Cloth Paper Scissors last year). Go to to see this wonderland.
And let's check out LuLu... FUN!!!! Just like LuLu.
If you have a great studio or Art Nest please let me know & SHARE!
Now... Are you seeing the problem????? This poor little twisted, confused, Gemini doesn't know what she wants to do... This will take some more soul searching & a serious talking too. Also, better go out & get a lottery ticket. :) Thank you for sharing your inspiration girls! Can I blame the overhaul on you?


sepiadreams said...

OK, I need to get motivated and make myself a studio!!! Thanks for the inspiring photos...Love Tiina..

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie!!! Well, you just MAKE you a wonderful studio dear friend, and if anyone can do it I know you can!! I don't buy new furniture to organize either...visit a second hand store or the thrift for shelves and tables ~ they are great resources! I can't wait to see what you come up with Charlene ~ thank you so much for your sweet compliments! xxoo, Dawn

kimmcl said...

This was a goodie of a post! Love all of those rooms - thanks so much for sharing. My fave is the one with the antique black vanity/desk. I've been on the brink of buying one just like it 10 times in the past month. It must be my destiny!

Beth Quinn said...

ohhh these are wonderful !! i am off to check out all the links !!
thanks so much for sharing !

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Charlene...these are great spaces! Have you seen the book, Where Women Create? Here's a link to it on Amazon:
Now you will have even more ideas to ponder! :-)
BTW, did you check out my Pink Saturday post? :-)

Coastal Sisters said...

Thank you so much for including me with Dawn and Tiffany. I am very honored my dear!

I can't wait to see what you will come up with. I agree with Dawn...don't go buy new furniture. Everything in my studio has come from goodwill, the alleyway or has been repurposed. A can of paint goes a L O N G way into making things beautiful again!


Brenda said...

I'm going to go check each and every one of these links. I just had my garden room/studio redone. That's the room I just had worked on this week to add insulation. I will post it after he paints the wall tomorrow and I get things back in place. Love, love to see places we women hang out and create in!

Really Rainey said...

A new studio is my next project... I have been working on the kids playroom this week. And that included getting the kids junk outta MY studio! See how the chips fall? Thanks for the inspiration!
~Really Rainey~

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