Friday, April 24, 2009

Studio Wanted

I created a niche in the DEN. It's not a studio but, it is a place for me to work on my jewelry!

In my previous post I think many of you thought I did not have a studio at all. That is incorrect. I do have a studio but, it is small & has WAY TOO much stuff going on in it for my jewelry to have the space it will need & deserve. Also, the other problem I was having was that I was trying to do my jewelry work on my lap(sitting in my recliner which when you drop a bead or jump ring... it falls between your legs & disappears in the bowels of the chair never to be found again arggggggg maddening I assure you). And the light was horrible! I had to redo too many things. You are asking "why is she working on her lap?" Well, "Honey" loves to watch TV at night & likes me to be in the room with him "because he doesn't get to see me much when he is working so much." OK he's spoiled I admit it but, he spoils me so I try to make it all work. I can not just sit & watch TV without doing something with my hands. So, I tried to do the jewelry in my lap. WRONG THING TO DO! There is the birth of the jewelry niche. As I said before this is in the Den & the theme of the Den is "The Lodge Look" We found a wonderful painting of a man fly fishing in a stream. Along with this I have hung my Daddy's rod & reel along with his fishing creel. It is just a wonderful reminder of him when I walk in that room. The furniture (only 2 big chairs because only we watch TV in there) is leather & the other items are all "Lodge". Someday I will photograph that room & share but, the main thing for this post is my niche & how I made it work in the only "Manly" room in the house. All the other rooms have more my personality than his & I did not want to take over his room too. I used a desk that I already had painted white (prior place guest room). Since I put the desk facing into the room so I could view the TV I needed to do something with the unfinished back of it. I made a black & white gingham skirt & stapled it to the back. I then put the glass back on the top & I have a nice sturdy work surface. And the OTT light is on the corner & what a difference that make!!!! And it has a magnifying glass built right in for when I need the extra help seeing tiny things. The bookshelves have a lot of stuff that needs to come off so I can use the space. Right now there are DVDs on& Cd's on the top shelf but, I have the second shelf for jewelry bead containers. I will show you progress as it goes BUT this is PROGRESS... I have a jewelry niche to create in & I am happy! Now this is my studio in my Laundry Room. It is quiet & tucked away so my mess does not show. This is my crowded work space. The very best thing about this studio is that it looks out over my garden in the front of my house. I love that! I can see the birds, my birdbath/fountain, flowers & all the coming & going of the neighborhood. The theme of this room is "Garden" & I love the colors. It is hard to see because there is so much light coming in the window right now.
Stuff all over the top of the work space & under it too! Someday I will paint that orange chair. Right now... it doesn't bother me & I would rather create fun stuff than paint the chair.
Here is a photo of the wall paper in this studio. We do not have much wall paper in our house but, I did like this. It is cheerful & colorful. So, until we build another house that has room for a much bigger studio I will keep my jewelry niche & my current studio. Maybe I can do a better job organizing it all to make it work better. But, I am just happy to have places to create. There are many of you that responded about wanting studios or remakes on the ones you have. Be sure & pick up the magazine Where Women Create. It is published by Somerset & is full of wonderful studios as well as the artists that create in them. Have a wonderful weekend.


Collected Treasures said...

Sooooo, will this allow you to have tons of wonderful creations for the Trade Days with Pat? Hope this allows you to create daily, but more importantly...PEACEFULLY without frustration....looks good!xxoo jana

Really Rainey said...

You did it! That's awesome! I am sure that's a good feeling too. To have everything organized and a place to create! Very nice!
~Really Rainey~

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Your are so lucky! I wish I had a spot like that! My mess is always showing!!! ;)

M ^..^

Blondie's Journal said...


I think your niche is just perfect! And I think it is nice that your husband wants to sit with you in the evening. Now you are both doing something you like but in the same room!

I like your work station in the laundry area as well. Perhaps you could organize that to use during the day.

Great job! Have a wonderful weekend!! :-D


The French Bear said...

Hey, how do you keep it all so tidy? I am just teasing, I can't even show pictures of mine, cause it looks like a storm hit!!! You did a lovely job and such a beautiful view!!!! How do you like your OTT light? I love mine!
Have a happy weekend!
Margaret B

Coastal Sisters said...

Isn't it wonderful to have your own special nest to create in? YAY!

I love my nest and it's getting a wee bit messy so it's time for a little spring cleaning in there once my knee is all healed :)

Happy Sunday Sweets!

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