Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Tour of Diana Frey's Art Studio

As so many of you know I went to California for a class by the talented jewelry designer Diana Frey. While there she invited me to her studio on Sunday afternoon for a little one on one time in jewelry design (because I was so new to this & she covered so many techniques in class). While there she let me take a number of photos of her & her studio. She is currently published in the "Studios" Magazine by Cloth Paper Scissors. If you would like to see her post about this, visit Diana at otherwise I am going to share our visit to her studio.
Diana & I with one of her Mannequins full of jewelry she designed.
Here I am hard at work wrapping, wrapping, wrapping! I had serious hat hair that day because we had been toodling around in the convertible. Note the beautiful handbag Diana had created & hung over the work desk where I am sitting. She designs jewelry for a clothing designer in Los Angeles (if you go on Diana's blog you can find links to see this designers work & other pieces Diana has done for her shows). The designer gives her a lot of the silk fabric scraps from the clothing line. So Diana makes wonderful headbands (see Jody wearing one of the headbands the day of class) & other things using these silk scraps. Creativity & art just seems to oooooooooze out of Diana. This is a shelf that holds all of Diana's Art Stamps. I thought this was a great way to display the stamps because, one of the biggest problems is remembering what you have. This way it is all visible as well as decorative. And I loved the "QUEEN BEE" above it all. This shelf hangs above a long counter of work space that holds many TOOLS! Grinders, torches, a kiln, SERIOUS TOOLS! This counter is then covered in a sweet vintage floral fabric hiding her storage shelves.
This is another work area for Diana. She used to be a floral designer & the white piece to her right is a cooler that used to hold her flowers. Now holding her favorite cold drink selections. On this station you can see her drill. And her little shelf unit hold some of her treasures created in other workshops or art retreats, photos of her & friends, & things near to her heart.
Here is a treasure she created at an art workshop that I thought was wonderful! There was so many details to this I can not even imagine the amount of time it would take. I believe that this was a Sally Jean Alexander class. I just purchased her book & I loved it.
See how these German Porcelain Doll Heads keep showing up in so many different forms of art.

This is a TERRIBLE picture of me but, for the sake of showing you a better glance of the studio lay out I will add this photo of Susan & I. See the work space under the stamp shelf to the right. The workstation I just showed you to the left behind me And the table I was working at is behind us in the rear of the room. There is a center work table directly behind us & above this is a banner that says DREAM. This studio is a DREAM!
A Manni full of treasures created by Diana.
And a another one!
OK here we are, Almost look like convicts in the stripes don't we? Funny, there was no notice of what to wear that day, it just happened that all three of us were in stripes, jeans, & black shoes. And doesn't it work well on her carpets there in the studio!
Outside of the studio door was this pot of orchids in full bloom. I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. And if you have a chance to attend one of Diana's classes I urge you to do so.


Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

OH gracious! What fun, and what an awesome experience, Charlene! Thank you so much for sharing! And for letting us know about the new issue! (I'm so far behind in that area)
Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Don't you all look just gorgeous in your stripes! I love your hat too! Thank you so much for the wonderful studio tour. I know you had a lot of fun and made some beautiful pieces!!! I am finally back and playing catch up~can't wait to read what else you have been up to!

The Feathered Nest said...

How amazing and wonderful Charlene that you were able to visit Diana's studio!!!! Everything looks so incredible ~ I just love it all!! I'm so glad that you were able to take this class ~ hoping your Easter was lovely, xxoo, Dawn

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I loved Diana's studio and all the pictures were great. I really enjoyed our day too. And thanks so much for the lesson. I finished my watch necklace last night the went through all my jeweler. Didn't go to bed until four this morning. Jana's sale is the 9th of next month. Next weekend is the Antique Alley at Cleburne. I'll talk to Patsy and maybe we can all go Friday. I'll talk to you later in the week.

The French Bear said...

Oh Charlene, you must have been star struck with all that bling to see, I love the wall of stamps!!! Thank you for always putting such lovely comments on my blog, I am always checking yours out to see what's new, too!!!
Margaret B

Diana said...

I so enjoyed your visit, Charlene! Thank you for making the long trip to California to join me in class. It was wonderful to meet you in person....I look forward to our growing friendship.

TiffanyJane said...

Oh wow!!!! How exciting was that!!!! Diana looks like she has lots of treasures you want to stay and while and go through!!
I have that magazine and glanced through it, will have to sit and read on hers.
Lots like tons of Fun! :)

Allie said...

What a wonderful tour of an awesome studio. I can only dream of one day having that kind of space to be inspired and to create. Your trip just seems like such a fun time. The shelves with all of the stamps is a great idea. Now if I can only figure out a way to make that work for me. I've got SO many of them that I forget what I have! Can't wait to see what else you create after having spent time with Diana!! Happy Monday.....~Allie

sepiadreams said...

Hi Charlene, thanks for your kind words....I am glad I could add myself to your blog so I can follow you too. Would love to meet for lunch-let me know when....Love Tiina...

Vicki C said...

Oh... it looks like you had such fun! You girls look so styl'n!! CUTE!

diane said...

Oh, thanks for sharing your visit with Diana! So it was you who was one of the Texas ladies who attended her class! Wonderful to know you! I bet you had the BEST time with her. Yes, creativity just ooozzzesss out of her.

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