Monday, June 22, 2009

Heart & Soul Jacket by Janna

There is so much talent out there in each of us! I wanted to show you my new little treasure created by Janna of She has the most wonderful Antique Store/Mall in Arlington, Texas. Jana has a treasure trove of vintage lace, ribbons, buttons, fabric,table linens & she uses this private stash to create wonders like this. She started out with a vintage tablecloth & started adding other pieces of vintage crochet to create the sleeves... Magic!!!!!! A feminine little summer cover up.
This is a view of the very front & the two big white vintage buttons she added. And who could miss the wonderful ribbon technique used down the front of the jacket. Hundreds of little tucks with this luscious deep rusty coral colored ribbon.
Here is a view of the back. Are you in Love yet?
Detail of the ribbon treatment around the back collar area. If you look closely you will see that she has used a beautiful deep green fringed ribbon under the looped coral ribbon to create the look of greenery under flowers.
And this is a closeup of the back bottom section. Not one ruffle of antique lace but TWO added to the bottom edge to give this feminine little flourish. And satin ribbon running through it.
A side view shows the ruffled collar & you can see she has connected yet another set of vintage lace crochet mid arm using a green & pink floral ribbon. This section is made of a much closer crochet which then opens up to another more open one that comes to a point just over my hand.
Here is a close up of the point of the sleeve. It creates the most wonderful focal point. And Janna used that wonderful deep rusty coral colored ribbon along with another deep green. I think this may need a special set of jewelry designed for it. What do you think? This whole jacket has such a Magnolia Pearl look to it doesn't it? Did you see Robin's wedding featured in Summer 2009 Romantic Country Magazine?
Thank you Janna my very talented friend for a piece I will treasure forever! I know I will LOVE wearing this & I will think of you each time I do. Happy Creating!


Lynn said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love that! What a treasure! I wonder if I could make something like that because my arms are not Kelly Rippa's!

Lisa said...

That is just Lovely!
Hugs, Lisa

Allie said...

Your friend, Janna, is EXTREMELY talented! What a BEAUTIFUL jacket!! You've got to feel special wearing it and YES, special jewelry is definately called for :D

Happy Monday,

Collected Treasures said...

Oh My, do me such wonderful service and sell my sweater so well :) You failed to point out that it looks absolutely FABULOUS on YOU. I am deeply flattered with your wonderful praise....much love to a dear, sweet friend. jana

Vicki C said...


sepiadreams said...

Love it!!!! Such a great idea......Love Tiina...

BellaRosa said...

Hi Charlene! Thank you for visting my new blog and making me feel soo welcome. Dawn truly is a heart :) I really do love my blog and all the wonderful people that I am "meeting" I love your blog, it is soo pretty, I will be back soon at a more decent hour to see all it's lovliness and I know, Mr Mcdreamy actually asked me, do you really need all those magazines? why not just keep your favorites, I got rid of 2 lol hence the new storage he got me, now I have to get organized :) Take care...Rose

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, Charlene! That is gorgeous! And yes, it definitely has that Magnolia Pearl feel!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

It's beautiful, Charlene. Vintage pieces are so delightful. :)

The White Bench said...

Love it Charlene!!

Shari Replogle said...

What a beautiful jacket, I am in love with all of the details! So glad I found your lovely blog.

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