Sunday, July 5, 2009

California Dreaming & Oh How I Wish I Did Not Have To Return!

I know the photo is very dabbled by the shade of these wonderful old trees located in the courtyard of the Mission in San Louis Obisepo. But, if you look closely you will see three happy women reunited again. I am with my friends Diana Frey (my teacher & mentor in jewelry design from my trip in April) & Susan Hunt my friend & table mate at the class in April. When they found out I was in town for vacation we got together for lunch. Diana's sweet husband Denis joined us as, did my "honey". The guys had so much to chat about & we girls got to catch up.
This is Diana & Susan with my "honey"
Susan is wearing her Shaker Doll necklace & I was wearing mine that day too. We had a number of comments from people as we walked around & shopped. Hers being a blonde doll (like Susan is) & mine being dark headed. Each one looked very different even though we were in the same class. No two were alike. SUCH FUN! And so cool to see them finished. Thank you for lunch Dennis & Diana. And thank you to all three of you for spending the afternoon with us. WHAT A TREAT! After lunch we went back to Diana's studio & just chatted our hearts out. How blessed I am to have both of these sweet friends in my life. Be sure & check up on Diana & see all the wonderful things she creates just click on the link on my side bar to go to her blog. Susan does not blog although she does check up on some of us. She is such a talented wonderful gal I know she would have a wonderful blog if she decides to try it. Maybe someday we will talk her into it. In the mean time, I wish her well in her new business. Also, I got to see my friend Shelly (from the April class) but, I forgot to get photos the day we got together because we were all in such a rush. Shelly taught the soldering in Diana's class. I JUST LOVE MY CALIFORNIA FRIENDS!
This is the wonderful B&B that we stay in. It is located in the adorable little village of Arryo Grande. It is situated up on the side of a hill & is a wonderland of beautiful plants & animals. The name of it is House of Another Tyme A view of the back of the house from the terrace up above. We love to sit up here & drink wine while listening to the fountain gurgle & all the little finches peeping & giving us a show (Jack has a big aviary where he raises finches which he sells to Pet Stores). Can you imagine living somewhere that has such moderate temperatures that things live & thrive ALL YEAR LONG? Imagine that!!!! NOT HERE IN TEXAS. In this area the temperature is about the same all year long with about a 10 to 15 degree variance for summer to winter. AMAZING! The steep drive with our red Mustang Convertible parked to the side. That building straight on is the garage & garage apartment. Linda lives there now but, I covet it & want to rent it as our second home. "Honey" thought he would hate California but, fell in love with it & is even starting to talk about it as a second home for when we retire! Yippeeeee sounds like music to my ears!
The side view of the steps of the apartment & entry into the back yard oasis.

Well, this is just a little start of my wonderful week last week. I will share more over the next few days. But, for now... I am glad to be back in blogland with all my friends. I missed you & am so glad that you will be able to travel with me as I share my trip. Now I am off to see what all of you have been up to. Hugs


Heidi said...

Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog. I looked through all of my images, but unfortunately I didn't have any with mermaids. I made a quick search at, and got a many hits, so you might want to look there:-) Heidi

Collected Treasures said...

I missed you, sweet lady, but see you were in "heaven". Glad to see you are home safely....I look forward to more pictures of your trip....I, too, absolutely love the West coast....xo jana

Kimberly said...

Oh, what a dreamy time in Cali! I LOVE California and am so jealous of that cute-as-a-button B&B.

Thank you so much for dropping by and for complimenting my patriotic tag! Its so much fun to be a part of those and meet new people.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

The trip looks like it was wonderful. So glad you got to see Diana and Susan. Also am glad you are back. I missed you.
Talk to you later.

Lisa said...

I'm So glad you had a good time on your trip! It looks like you had a perfectly lovely time!
Hugs, Lisa

diane said...

Charlene~~~How wonderful to have fun with Diana and Susan! I know you had the best time =) Yes, if I could live in California...I think I would....for a few months of the year! Especially now! Texas is BURNING up! But, I am in New Braunfels right now...sitting in the slightly cool waters of the Guadaulupe River...wonderful!

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