Thursday, July 9, 2009

I wanted to share this Gallery we visited on our trip in California. It is called The Hawthorne Gallery We were driving up HWY 1 & the fog was so thick that the views were not good. But, as we drove by the Gallery the colorful blown glass jellyfish caught my eye. We had been in the car for a couple of hours & my legs needed a stretch. Here is our Red Mustang Convertible sitting parked in front of the Gallery. The gardens outside the entrance were divine. This was just sitting on the side of a mountain in Big Sur.
In walking around the gardens we found this water design done in a huge piece of metal art.
you can see the winding path up. We did not intrude because I think that is where the artist lived or had his studio. But, the gardens were very interesting.
A bronze bust up in the foliage under HUGE TREES! And another free form piece of art in the garden.
And this work was featured as you walked in the front door of the Gallery.
A couple of the blown glass jelly fish hanging from the ceiling These were a couple of them that caught my eye as we drove by. The colors were amazing. The artist that did them is from Oregon. And... you could be the proud owner of one for $4,800.00 each. Of course you know that one would not be enough... Not a statement made. And since you should not decorate in even numbers... you would need 3 RIGHT? Well, $15,000.00 for jelly fish was out of my reach. But they were interesting.
This is the view of the Pacific ocean off the deck of the Gallery. When Susan & I were there in April we ate at a great place across the road from here & enjoyed views of the BLUE, BLUE water that seemed to go on forever. Well, not this time. This fog is called June Gloom. It is natures way of trying to cool off the country side with the moist cool air off of the ocean. It hangs over for about a mile or less. After that it gets very HOT inland this time of year. Amazing how nature tries to take care of things isn't it. And what a difference just a few months make. In April when we were there everything was the most GLORIOUS GREENS. And in June all the countryside is BROWN!


Coastal Sisters said...

I am LOVING the jellyfish!

Great pics sweetie!


Lisa said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Terri said...

What a wonderful trip you had to CA. Fantastic photos too. Thanks for posting these. Someday I can hope to make the trip.

About the tags and how I display them. I have several things I do with them. I made mine with matt board. That way it can take the weight of whatever I put on it. So they are quite sturdy. I hang them on my craft room cabinetknobs. Sometimes I put magnets on the back and since my art room is downstairs I can put them on the duct work. Dresses that up a bit. I also purchased a large wire heart made for displaying photo's and what not. So some of my tags are on that. The thinner ones I can use for book markers.

once in a blue moon... said...

more great pics, and i am loving the cool grey too!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Yeah...all the hills turn brown here in the summer. I guess that's the price we have to pay for living in the sun with no rain from May- October!

If I didn't already live here I would really want to visit after looking at all your beautiful photos.

That fog comes inland a lot in the summer but it burns off here usually before 10 or 11 am. I always like the foggy mornings because I know it won't get too hot if our days starts off with the fog. No fog here today and it hit 99 degrees! Too hot for me!

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