Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jack Daniels

Sometimes you have to buy treasures for the guy in your life because he encourages you to get the things you really want for yourself. One day in the spring Pat http://mytatteredelegance.blogspot.com/ & I went to Cleburne for a Flea Market & I found this Jack Daniels sign for my "Honey". Now, it did not look like this! It was a light honey color & had cheap ugly wood & was sitting in the dirt leaning against a tree.The lady wanted $50. I called "Honey" & told him about it & wanted to know if he wanted it for his Jack Daniels Collection. He was not very excited about it. Maybe he was pouting because I left & he was home tired from his tedious work schedule that time of year. Finally to get me off the phone he said "get it if you think I need it". SOLD.
Well, it is summer & he has had time to work on it. He fixed broken areas. Added some wonderful dental moulding & painted it black. The black color really brings out the lettering & photo of Jack Daniels etched into the mirror. The shelf was made to hold all three versions of the Jack Daniels bottles. "Honey" does not have the round bottle that fits to the left (this is discontinued & been replaced with 2 different styles since this was made). But, we have decided that if we would put "Old # 7 where the round one should be because otherwise, if we put it where it belongs, it would cover Jack's face. We then put some of his collectors drinking glasses in between the bottle & above the shelf.
Here it is with the other pieces of his collection.
His Jack Daniels Shot Glass Collection. I added to this every other month with a new edition mailed out until completed. 18 in all. All displayed on the collectible edition shelf.
The "DEED" declaring him a Country Squire owning his parcel of land in Jack Daniels home land. I think if memory serves me his parcel of land is 1" x 1". Oh brother!
OK, this is a shot of the wall grouping behind our antique bar that we found in east Texas. The bar is very cool. It used to be in an old bar or saloon & still has the original holes drilled in the top for the lines to run to the keg that used to sit on top of it. Now covered by a crystal lamp. The finish is very distressed due to many a drink served on this old jewel. "Honey" just loves his treasure & it makes me so happy to add to his fun collection. He is so good to me & so sharing & giving when it comes to treasures. And he understands the difference between "I want this & I NEED this" A very valuable lesson that has been taught over 38 years of training. Enjoy my sweet one. Come on over for a shot of Gentleman Jack Sipping Whisky!
Now I wish I had taken a "before" shot for Susan's Metamorphosis Monday. Hmmmm maybe I should re-run this. :)


Collected Treasures said...

How fun.....Jack and I used to be very good friends when I could handle alcohol...lol

So glad to hear you will be by on Saturday....haven't seen you in ages. Although Jack won't be there, we will have some "mighty fine wine"...I'll call. xo jaa

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Tell Larry he did an awsome job. That sign looks great, sure a lot better than when we spotted it. His collections looks good on the wall. I know he is proud.
Have a great night.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

It's nice to see "boy" collections- we tend to see so many girlie ones. :)

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