Friday, July 17, 2009

Girl's Treasures from Spring Antique Alley

Back in the Spring we had an event called Antique Alley. It is held every year in a town south of Ft Worth called Cleburne. I think there is over 15 miles of Antique & Flea Market Booths set up on the sides (both) of the road. Also, a lot of the people that live on this road have mini garage sales at this time. This year the weather did not cooperate & it rained like crazy. Leaving mud holes for vendors to set in. But, on Sunday Pat & I set off to see what we could find... The Jack Daniel's Shelf I shared in my last post was what I bought for "Honey" but, I need to show you some of my treasures from the same trip.
The first thing I wanted to share was this set of 3 vintage books from The Women's Institute. I love the one with the colored cover. The others have lost the covers but are lovely. Also note my little brass key on one of the pages on the left.
Sorry for the shadow of my hand here but, this is one of the pages in a book. Do you love the illustrations as much as I do?
And another.
This is one of 4 crocheted place mats that I found. And on it is a tiny Tea Set in the Blue Willow pattern. I love this pattern because this is what my precious Grandmother had. I am thinking it would be wonderful to do a necklace with it. What do you think? Can you see these pieces (or some of them) wired with pearls, blue beads & some soldered charms of old photos of Grandmother?
Another view of the Tea Set & a little china head (hand & feet) doll that I also found. I have no idea what to do with the doll. She is about 3 inches tall. Suggestions welcome. Please leave a comment.
A lovely lace runner that has a few holes (not serious damage) & is approx. 3 feet long. Already it is turning a wonderful shade of taupe.
And this is a length of lace that is so perfect to edge a dress, or sleeves, or who knows what. Or maybe I will use some in a long soldered charm. ??????????? It is VERY FINE lace. So Sheer!
This is just a few of MANY vintage Pearl buttons & buckles I was lucky to find. I can see them on pillows, necklaces, jackets... endless ideas here & I just love to look at them. I think I will put them all together in a pretty container to place on my worktable in the studio.
Another piece of lace with two vintage pins. I LOVE BLING!!!!!
And a small bottle of vintage BLING buttons & a BLING pin. Also, this very interesting gold pin. Oh I see soooooooooo many things using all these goodies. Where do I start?
And last but, not least... a pair of earrings (clip style backs)that have the most wonderful sparkle. My Grandmother used to sell this line of jewelry & she had a pair of these. After her passing they ended up in my mothers jewelry box. But, I had always LOVED these earrings & was thrilled to find them.
Which of my treasures is your favorite. And how would you use it? Have a wonderful weekend.


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

They're all gorgeous, Charlene. I love the idea of using the lace in a soldered charm. The little doll is precious, too. When I find new treasures that I don't know what to do with yet, I let them sit on my desk and inspire my next project. The tea set is so sweet!
My favorite find is the vintage books. I love vintage books. :)

Jamie said...

Oh Charlene! I want to go to Antique Alley with you!!! It sounds like heaven to me:) I love everything you shared and I love the books the best. You know I can't pass up a good book:) I would have the illustrations and prints copied and use them in art pieces. They are fabulous!

I really like your idea for the Tea set. What a special piece that would be!

We got lots of rain last night!!!!! It feels so much better outside today. Finally no 100's! It has just been horrible lately. So good to see you sweetie! Love, Jamie

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness Charlene, I don't know what to choose!!!! I love the bling in the bottle and the other bling pin...but the china doll...oh, she's beautiful and the pearl buckles!!! They would be beautiful with lace or ribbon fed through them in artwork. You have a wonderful eye sweet friend! Wishing you a fun, relaxing weekend, xxoo, Dawn

SharDon Exclusives said...

Don't you love having precious posessions that belonged to your loved ones? I have numerous pieces that belonged to my Great Grama, Grandma & Moms and I cherish each piece...thank you for sharing all your treasures. I love each one! Lucky you

Anonymous said...


Love all this lace!

~ Gabriela ~

Collected Treasures said...

Thank you so much for coming to the open house today and for your idea about an art that what we are calling it? so many things planned and your energy and excitement about life keeps me you dearly...xojana

CIELO said...

pretty pretties, Charlene! I love that antique photograph... and your new headed.... May you and yours have a blessed week....



Lynn said...

Your necklace idea is fantastic!
Thanks for the inspiration!

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