Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday California Central Coast

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan. To see Susan & the others participating click on the Outdoor Wednesday Button on the right. It has been a long time since I have joined all of you but, I missed you. So, I wanted to play today & share some photos of our trip to the Central Coast of California. This is in the area of Avila Beach between San Luis Obispo & Arroyo Grande. We went to dinner at The Olde Port Inn that sits out on the pier. This is the sail boats out enjoying the weekend.

We loved the way the water laps up on the sand right at the base of the mountains in some places.
This is a view of the rock at Morrow Bay. We were eating in a restaurant right on the pier (IE: the fishing boats in the foreground). The fog was so thick that at times we could not even see this huge rock which is actually a volcano cone. I believe Diana told me there is a series of 7 cones total in the area ranging from San Luis to Morrow Bay(this one is the smallest in the series)
This is the clearest photo we could get & I assure you that moments later the rock was completely hidden from view.
These two photos make me LAUGH! In Cambria we stayed on Moonstone Beach where there is a wooden sidewalk built to walk along the cliffs. There are so many little ground squirrels living under the sidewalk & in the brush that runs along the sides. This one was sitting on a post looking out at the waves.
A close up of this little cutie! Isn't that a HOOT!
A view up the coastline on Moonstone Beach.
Waves crashing on shore at Moonstone Beach.
Remember all the beautiful colors of blue & pink from previous sunset photos from my April trip in this area? NOT THIS TIME due to the fog which is also called June Gloom. This is sunset in the Gloom. But, it's still pretty in its own silvery way.
I hope you enjoyed the water & Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure & go see Susan & the others.


ClassyChassy said...

Just stopping by - am new to this meme and really enjoyed seeing your photos! They are marvelous! Have a good day!

Cindy said...

Beautiful photos, seashore photos are very popular on Outdoor Wednesday today. They are my favorite place to visit, whether in real life or in photos. Thanks so much Hugs ~cindy s~

jlshall said...

Such beautiful photos! And that squirrel is adorable. Looks like he's trying to decide if he should run out and take a dip!

Collected Treasures said...

hello lady....gorgeous pictures....I can almost feel the mist on my face :) not a new kitty...that is baby as a "baby" a year ago. found a blog that you might like www.mydesertcottage.blogspot.com check out the event on friday..thought you might like to participate with me...I think I am going to blog about our group and the art studio....as soon as I clean it up :) try to join in:) xo jana

Vicki C said...

Gorgeous photos girl!

Alisa said...

I have to agree... that sunset is very pretty all silvery.

Mary said...

What beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Charlene, I'm sorry you we won't be able to see your studio space, but I'm glad you will still come by and visit everyone else's! The ideas will be a flyin!! See you tomorrow!!

My Desert Cottage

Coastal Sisters said...

LOVE the pic with the little squirrel!

I just got back from vaca and am trying to catch up on my Blog visits this afternoon between naps!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Now I am going to cry, I am seeing so much beach,,,maby I better get an airline ticket and go home,,,like, forever.
Beautiful shots,,and the squirrel,so speicial.

JD said...

I so enjoyed looking at your photographs. three years ago we visited California, and were in the San Luis Obispo & Arroyo Grande area...just loved it...thank you for sharing...

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