Monday, October 26, 2009

Trade Days Over

Trade Days at Collected Treasures has come & gone. After all the rain last week Saturday morning dawned clear & cold (45 degrees when I left at 6 AM). We set up in the dark & when the sun came out it was a beautiful day indeed. What could be more beautiful than a day of friends? I did not bring my new camera so I have borrowed a few photos from my friends(Lisa & Joanna) that took pictures & here we are: Lisa, JoAnn(no blog yet but, we're working on her), Carolyn, & Pat (of course I always get to stand in the back because I'm the tallest one in the group). I took a lot of the things I had left from closing my shop at Antiques & Moore but, one fun thing I did was make caramel apples & caramel chocolate apples. Just can't have a Fall Festival without carmel apples don't you think? You should have seen Lisa's triplets sitting at the table eating apples as Mom & Dad packed up the remains of the day. Soooooooooo cute!
And here is Joanna & I (yes, the sun was a little bright as you can see us squinting) we had met over a year ago at a class we took & just had a chance to reunite a few weeks back(in yet another class). Joanna was so sweet to loan us a tent for the show. Thanks girl it was a life saver! Joanna is a talented gal & just finished teaching a class at Paper Cowgirls the wonderful paper art & mixed media event held in Waxahachie Texas.
Joanna & Cami posing in front of Joanna's booth. Cami came to visit & be moral support for all of us.
And this is Joanna's friend & partner Angela. I had never met Angela before but, she was a sweetheart. She hates to have her picture taken but, Joanna forced her to do one! Angela hope we see you again at one of our classes or at some event.
And Jana of Collected Treasures with the new trike she bought her 8 week old grand baby Sterling. Kristi brought Sterling up for the Trade Days & she is such a little doll. We never heard a peep from her. All in all my sore feet aside it was a fun day with friends & I am glad that I now can look forward to getting ready to have all 5 of my GRANDS here for Halloween.
And yes, I have apples left for them. I will get photos of a few of the goodies I bought but, I was very good & restrained myself. Are you shocked? I was!
Have a great week!


Tracey McBride said...

Good morning Charlene! I am up early and enjoying my first sip of coffee and happily found your lovely blog (I'm still not sure what I clicked's crazy... perhaps I'll remember when the coffee kicks in...).

Your "Trade Days" look like soo much fun (great name). This is definitely an event I know I would have loved!
I also wanted to thank you so much for posting about our giveaway and giving the links!! You are so kind to do this and I really appreciate it!!

I'm off now, to finish up the coffee and check email.

Have a lovely day and thanks again for your kindness!


P.S. I am lovin' your baby Reba...a cutie!!


Charlene, it was great to meet you on Saturday. Hope to see you soon. Enjoy your Halloween with your grands! ~ Angela

LaVerne #497 said...

DARN...........I can't believe I missed the Trade Days.

Christine said...

Hi Charlene! Yes, it's definitely worth sore feet for spending time with friends and (especially) shopping. You are so outgoing! Thanks for sharing your relaxing day with us. By the way, I''ve given you an "Over the top" blog award! Congrats! When you've got time, please stop by my blog to receive your instructions...
xo-Christine :o)

Joanna said...

Forced? yep, that's me... forcing people to do things they don't want too. LOL

Angela LOVES having her pic taken! tee-hee

I'm glad we ran into each other again... it been fun taking classes with you & setting up at the flea.

xoxo, Joanna said...

Yes, it was a good day. It's funny you forget the hard work & sweat when you see pics like this. Now I just remember laughing, visiting and meeting cool new peeps. Thanks for the sweet comments about my kiddos. Lisa
PS Extra big thanks for helping me pick up the 'aftermath' in my booth!

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