Monday, December 14, 2009

Fredericksburg Christmas Home Tour Part One

I am so glad to join Cielo for my first Show Off Your Cottage Monday. And yes, I know I'm late to join but, I wanted to go ahead & share a home that we saw this past weekend on a Christmas Home Tour in Fredericksburg, Texas. THIS IS NOT my cottage but, a girl can wish!!!!!! Buy another LOTTO ticket hubby says. This old windmill stands watch over the house & has a strand of colorful lights strung at it's base. But, the colorful lights were no match for the beautiful Texas sky in the background! Here we are walking up the brick drive to this amazing home! The couple purchased the entire area & surrounding buildings then began remodeling & new construction. Fredericksburg is in central Texas in the hill country. The original area was settled by German immigrants that used the white Texas limestone for their homes. So this style is very typical of most of the homes in the area.
Below you see the old house to the front & to the left is a new addition. This home had soooooooooo many special touches. A media room with the drop down television screen complete with surround sound. The owner loves music & is/has been in a band so there is a recording/mixing room for his music. A huge indoor shuffle board upstairs... you are getting the picture.
The photo below is the wing to the right of the house coming out of the sitting area of the MASTER bedroom. The room was HUGE! The sitting area had a full size sofa & a couple of chairs in it. Standing in the doorway as I looked into the bedroom & said WOW he (the owner) said "Yeah you can sleep really good in there" with the most adorable little smile.
Following that rock path out of the Master will end you up at the pool area that sits next to this HUGE porch that has a full outside kitchen & has doors coming off the living room & kitchen of the main house. Words do not describe the inside kitchen. Too bad we couldn't take photos inside but, they had restrictions for security & privacy. So use your imagination... if this is the outside just imagine the inside!
The beautiful outdoor fireplace.
Standing by the fireplace looking back at the porch off the living room.
And the kitchen in the doors to the left in photo below. See the lights of the Christmas Tree twinkling in the windows below!
Standing on the porch & looking down the hill past the pool is the Guest House. Yes, the old building on the property was made into guest quarters since the house is only a mere 3 bedrooms (HA HA that is a funny word for this house.... MERE....). So the guest quarters has a kitchen, eating area, living room, 3 bedrooms & laundry room. Yes, the guest quarters are in the red building past that amazing pool & hot tub.
Standing on the rock path about to go down to the guest house you can see the fields below with another old rock building.
And this is what the pots sitting around on the porch & lining the paths looked like. There must have been 20 or more pots with poinsettia's, berries, greenery & herbs just dotting the landscape around the house.
A view looking back at the pool & patio from the guest house.
Looking out at the peaceful beautiful sky & field. I hear a noise... what is that I hear?
Yes, one of the owners planes (he has 2) has just landed on his pasture run way. He flies from Fredericksburg to Dallas to attend to business a few times a month.
A few more random shots of a shinning star of Texas Christmas Home Tour wonder.
See the flying G Brand done in metal on the back of the fireplace?
Another shot of the pool & pasture.
The sun is about to set & the sky is bathed in COLOR! Beautiful color from nature. I love the sunsets in our Texas skies.
As we are walking down the drive to go back to our car I again hear the plane & look over my shoulder to see it doing fly by's over the roof of the house( if you click on the photo it will enlarge & you can see it better) almost as if they were waving goodbye to us.
Thank you to Cielo for hosting Show Us Your Cottage & letting me take license to show someone else's cottage (if you haven't seen my Christmas decor please go to posts after this one to view). I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure & click the button on my sidebar to go & & visit the others playing today. And if you are not in Ceilo's group but, one of my friends or followers, thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope you enjoyed the photos & hope all of you will leave a comment to let me know you stopped by & come back for more Home Tour photos later in the week. Have a great week & good luck with all of your Christmas preparations. Hugs!


Blondie's Journal said...


What a wonderful tour & gorgeous home. The porch, outdoor fireplace and grounds are just beautiful!! And everything in between. And I really love the idea of flying to work!!

Happy holidays! :-)


kimmcl said...

Omigosh! I can't believe that is someone's house. I thought it was a hotel at first. Hope they have hired help to clean it! Ha!

Barbara said...

So pretty!

Auntie Cake said...

Thanks for sharing. That house is beautiful, and all those buildings, and the landscaping, the pool... Just perfect! Lucky you for getting to see it in person! I'm so glad you did!


What a wonderful home! When our daughter lived in Frisco, Texas, we visited Fredericksburg. It is a great place to visit. That outdoor fireplace is fantastic. I saved your picture and sent it to my son. He wants to build one and I thought this one was the ultimate. I hope that was Ok. I told him I copied it from your blog.

I am going to look further down on your blog to see other posts. Thanks for vising and I am going to be a follower.


PAT said...

What a beautiful place.

I've never been to Fredrickburg, but I've read lots about it, in Country Living Magazine. Would love to see it in person.


Fredericksburg is such a magical place. You are so sweet to share these beautiful photos of this awesome home! What fun! ~ Angela

Cass @ That Old House said...

Whoa! That is one spectacular dwelling! it's beautiful! I can't even imagine what their utility bills must be like. :-P

Gorgeous -- and the sky is mighty nice, too -- lovely post!

Me....bunny said...

Gorgeous! I love taking tours of mansions. Did you go inside? Love the know me and

Have a great day Charleneeee


Debbie said...

Hi Charlene -

This is Debbie from the "Rose Garden Tea Room" in Arlington! Took a peek at your blog and your home and Christmas decorations are absolutely stunning!! You're so talented!! Also, loved your wonderful stroll through the "shining star" on the Fredericksburg Home Tour. (Wish I could have gone but I had one of those stubborn winter colds about that time!) In any case, with your wonderful descriptions & incredible pictures, I felt like I was there! I'll peek in from time-to-time on your blog (as well as look forward to Part 2 of the Home Tour!) Truly enjoyed the lunch with you and Pat a few weeks ago. Thanks for adopting me! HAHA!!

Shelia said...

Hi Charlene and it's so nice to meet you! Oh, I love going to Fredericksburg! We were there this summer for a day! That home is simply amazing! The grounds are beautiful and the porches and doors! Oh, I wanted to go inside so badly!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

CIELO said...

what a gorgeous home... I love the stone fecade, the grand entrance, and oh.... that view! What a dream! ;)



CIELO said...

And a huge Thank YOU for participating in our SOYCM, Charlene. Is always nice seeing you at the house in the roses....

Have a lovely day, sweet friend!


Anonymous said...

good ........................

A Little Of This And That said...

Love, love, love this house. Hubby and I go to Fredericksburg several times a year and know where this is, but have never been on a tour there. Awesome!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my goodness Charlene, what a gorgeous place!!!! It's so very grand with such amazing views, I hope you're doing wonderful sweet friend!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Alisa said...

Just the porch and outdoor fireplace would be enough for me!

Cindy said...

Charlene, thank you for taking us on this beautiful tour. I must admit when if first read "Fredericksburg", I thought of Virginia! I'm in VA myself so that's the first place that came to mind. I've never been to TX, so this was a welcome treat to take a look around such a wonderful home and grounds.
Cindy said...

Great house, oh to live in the country!! Looking forward to your party! Lisa

the gypsy said...

What lovely pictures! Fredericksburg is one my favorite places on the planet - thank you for sharing.

Vicki C said...

Oh.... LOVED that tour! Beautiful!

Lynn said...

Here I am, working my way backwards thru your delightful posts. Oh that beautiful house you just showed! Well they do say, "everything is bigger in Texas!" Off I go to read more while hubby is doing his ham radio (amateur) thingy for awhile before we listen to some soft jazz by candlelight and the tree lights. Big hugs.

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