Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fredericksburg Home Tour Part Two

Before we visit the other homes from the Christmas Home Tour please give me one personal moment to say...Isn't it funny how we don't feel old until a special event happens in our child's life? Today is my youngest son's 33rd birthday. Where did the time go? How does the part of your heart that walks around outside of your body get to be 33? I am so proud of him. He is an amazing young man & is the most wonderful father to his two boys. Here he is Halloween night taking the boys Trick or Treating on our four wheeler (so they didn't have to walk so far). Later in the evening they are still Trick or Treating & even my sweet boy has a sucker stuck in his mouth.
And for the continuation of the Home Tour (see previous post for Part One) this home is called Settler's Crossing & sits on a 35 acre park like estate. This is a Kentucky "mansion" built in 1790. It is a 3 story 13 room home. Originally it was a log cabin style but, upon moving to Texas the home continued to leak after it was restored. So they plastered over the log exterior & this is how it looks today. Very interesting to see how the were able to restore this home to be beautiful & current.
The home below is actually a very interesting story. This is the entrance to the home. It is new construction. To the far right where you see the limestone walls...that is the old rock home that was on this property. The first part of the home which you can not see in this photo (because it is incorporated into the limestone home) was a log cabin built in 1840. It was built by the 19 year old owner who had immigrated to Texas. As the family became more prominent a limestone home connected to the original log cabin by a breeze way.
Here is a better view of the old limestone home which is NOW the Master Bedroom Suite & 2 of the guestrooms. Loved the porch off the bedroom with that wonderful gingerbread trim all around the top.
And here is the other side of the house... A TWO STORY RED BARN moved here from Ohio. It has the original hewed timbers as the beams that shoot at least 25 feet into the air. AMAZING is the only word for this addition. They used the original siding from the barn to be beautiful wood floors that now grace these rooms. At the end to the right(downstairs) of the photo is a HUGE kitchen & then where you see where the porch begins is where their dining room begins. After those doors starts the doors that are in the GREAT Room.
A closer look at the barn/home. Again HUGE & AMAZING is the words for this!!!!! I so wish I could have taken interior photos for you. Upstairs on the kitchen end is more guest rooms. Over the GREAT ROOM the ceilings soar the full height.
Here is another one of the old building on the property. It has a screened in porch with yet more guest rooms. In total this home has room to sleep 32. I didn't show any photos of the property around this home but, it was beautiful. A creek with gentle slopping lawns down to the creek side property. A hammock in huge oaks... a tennis court, outside kitchen. AMAZING for sure.
And then a Christmas light photo of downtown Johnson City. Yes, Johnson like LBJ. It was the town where he spent his boyhood years (he was born on the family ranch about 10 miles outside of town) Here you see the Court House with the light streaming down.
Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Christmas & A Christmas Home Tour here in the Texas Hill Country.


Lynn said...

Those homes sound truly amazing. I would have loved to see the inside too. Such huge homes!! Like they say everything is bigger in Texas! Thank you for sharing. I am now going back to part 1. Have a wonderful holiday. Congratulations on your son's birthday! My oldest daughter will be 36 in January!

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! You put it so well...'part of your heart walking around...' I feel that way about my children all the time, but you expressed it so well, Charlene.

I so enjoyed all of the tour. Texas Hill Country is just beautiful and I thank you for showing me something I had never seen before!!

Happy holidays, my friend! :-)



Happy birthday to your young one! And thank you for sharing the photos of the home tour. Wow, these homes are truly beautiful works of art. Dreamy! ~ Angela

EllenaElizabeth said...

Thankyou for the tour. I don't think I'll ever get to the US but I just love your part of the world. THe history of it all is so fascinating to me.

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