Friday, February 26, 2010

Pink Saturday & Flowers for Reba

Welcome to PINK Saturday! I haven't played in the PINK for awhile. But, these beauties had to be shared. Last week was a very HARD week for me. I had to put my precious friend down on Thursday the 18th (if you want to know details or to CRY go HERE). The next day I could NOT stay in my house. So, my friend & I went to Central Market which is a high end grocery store. They had the most beautiful tulips on sale. I bought TWO! One bunch for me & one bunch for the princess.

I think tulips are so wonderful because they are like the promise of spring in the cold of winter. These seemed appropriate. All week I enjoyed them & watched how they changed. Kind of like my emotions.

The petals opened... the differences in the light made for pretty PINK pictures.

As you can tell they are on the counter in front of my sink looking into the great room. So they were there every morning to greet me, there when passing through, & there when & cooked & cleaned up supper. And on Wednesday this is how they looked on their final day. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look at the glorious sunshine coming in all my window (& we needed it after grey, cloudy, snowy days). There is light at the end of a tunnel.

Thank you for stopping by today & be sure to click on the PINK Saturday button on my sidebar to go thank our hostess Beverly & the other girls that are playing today.

23 comments: said...

The flowers are beautiful, and so was your sweet Reba. I know all too well the pain of losing a pet. They are, after all our children too. I have been thinking of you but didn't want to upset.
All 3 kids have strep throat now! I am going to get my stuff tomorrow, I hope. Think Carolyn is meeting me there. Lisa

Lisa said...

Oh I love tulips too!! That is sweet you had their beauty to look at this week. I know it has been hard. I sent out blood work on my two older ones today. Casey's came back the same, well to be expected, and Spunky's will be back tomorrow. He needs a dental but I haven't done bw on him and would like to have no surprises.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me the other day...your tulips are so so lovely. I am sorry to hear you sad news...we lost our sweet lab of 12 years just before Christmas. I did not go read your post because I know I would cry my eyes out...sending you much love. xoxo

Regina said...

I love tulips. How pretty.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Dorthe said...

Oh I love all your pink tulips, they so speaks of spring.
Wishing you a lovely week-end

Paula said...

what beautiful pink them! There is light at the end of the tunnel...'the sun will come out tomorrow' :)
have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. The flowers are gorgeous. I, too, love Central Market. Happy Pink Saturday!

Violet said...

Hi Charlene,
What a blessing beauty is, and so healing. You asked about my chandelier from my party photos. My dining room light is more of a "craftsman" style that goes with our house, not one with crystals etc, so I 'foofed' it up for the bridal shower with pearls and jewels and lots of tulle : )... I do have more femnine chandeliers in my studio and in the master bath hanging over the claw-foot tub though.

I've begun your Reba art and will work on it this weekend. What a precious sweet friend you had, my neart hurts for you. I pray God will give you many reminders of His love, and bless you with beauty and grace ... and hold your heart during this sad time. ~ Violet

Nan said...

The tulips are lovely I like having them in my home too. I always buy flowers at our Safeway here in Homer for the house and they last a week. Life is too short not to have flowers in it. Big Hugs to you. Nan

Sara said...

Another tulip lover, those are some gorgeous tulips Happy PS hugs Sara

Sherry from Alabama said...

Thank you for sharing the pink pretties. I'm sorry for your loss. Hope this week will be better for you.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Maggie said...

I love the touch of spring on a gloomy snowy day as today!
Happy PS!
Maggie Mae
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Rebecca said...

Hi Charlene!

I'm so glad you found me and my bloggie. The header before was only my hand painted roses. Sweet but I love this new one so much more.

Paint Shop ProX (ten) has been on my hubby's computer for at least two years. I had seven. When it could no longer do what I wanted it to do I FINALLLY said "OK! I'm ready to learn". I'm a slow learner but I am a determined kinda gal and I was NOT NOT NOT going to let some computer program beat me. I did throw myself on the ground a few times though...:) ahhaha

Anytime you come to Edmond we MUST get together. I can show you all the Antique haunts and great places to eat! :)

Thank you for visiting! A total JOY!


The French Bear said...

Charlene, the pink tulips are beautiful..... such a nice tribute to Ms Reba. I bought lovely yellow double ones, maybe I will post about them later, they make me feel happy when I really need it....... silly Lupus is flaring up today, I have the red butterfly mask on my face..... I guess I need to go to bed! I just wanted to pop in and give you a hug, I am sending happiness to you honey!!!!
Margaret B

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Charlene! Love the beautiful tulips! I'm am so very sorry about your dear little friend. Must have been very difficult. I still miss my boys (2 dogs & 2 cats). I miss them everyday. I like to remember their sweetness and their nutty-ness. Makes me laugh and feels warm inside.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Charlene! ♥ Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE tulips but have never had good sucess in growing them. :(

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Charlene... Your sweet Reba was a beautiful dog and your story so touching... So sorry.... Remember you were blessed....

Anonymous said...

Oh, your pink tulips are gorgeous, Charlene! I'm glad they brought you a little sunshine during such a difficult time.
Sending you hugs,

Alice W. said...

Hi Charlene! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about Renoir...I will be giving him some extra hugs now in honor of Reba. I was very sorry to hear about your loss. It brought tears to my eyes. I honestly cannot imagine what it is like. I will definitely keep you in my prayers...and will be holding Renoir extra tight ;) Your tulips were beautiful and a wonderful way to honor your sweet Reba...


Your pink tulips are so pretty. I think it would be a nice remembrance to put a picture of Reba in a frame with pink tulips. Or go to scrapblog and put her in a picture with pink tulips behind her. If you like the idea and need help , let me know. I know you must surely still be sad over her passing. I am thinking of you and hoping you find warm smiles in your remembrences of Reba.
Blessings and hugs.

atayala said...

BEAUTIFUL! Fit for a living room as a centerpiece.

Deirdre G
philippine homes

Monica@The White Bench said...

Your pink tulips are amazing, Charlene.
Princess Reba will always be with you!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so very sorry about your best friend. Saying goodbye is so hard, I know from experience. And she was a beautiful girl, such a sweet face. I can just feel your pain. I am actually crying and I do not even know you or her. I hope you will find peace soon and you will never, ever live a day without thinking of her. I lost my doggy about 15 years ago and still miss him every day. But there are good memories, so that helps. Love to you. Marcy

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