Wednesday, May 12, 2010

THE ART EVENT Christine's Mannequin Class

Well the big day dawned on Saturday & RAIN was the weather of the day. The weather had been perfect up until Saturday but, the rain didn't deter our fun. On one of the breaks in the sprinkles Jenn got everyone on the back steps of the Ford Plantation & precious Tiffany got her ubber fancy camera set up (& ran like a little rabbit to get back in the photo) to shoot this group shot. Thank you for doing such an excellent remembrance for us Tiffany & Jenn thanks for sharing it with us. Let's start out the day...
The front of the Ford Plantation. As the bus pulled up around this beautiful fountain sweet Jenn was waiting on the porch & pretended to be crying because of the rain. It would have made an adorable post but, we were all in the trolley with the plastic sheets dropped to protect us from the showers.
As she escorted us through the house & out the back door this tent is what we saw. Our creative oasis for the day. Below you see me standing behind Jenn's beautiful Belle Mannequin with a view of the river behind me.
And there is adorable Nicole standing by our table just waiting to get started. Don't you LOVE how Jenn had the petticoats over the parasols to create this precious decor? I LOVED THIS LOOK!
And here is the PINK table next to ours.
This was the table setting. Everything was pink & aqua with ruffles galore! The same cute manni's dressed in the pink petticoats from the first night celebration found their way to be table decor again. A treat for sure. If you missed that post be sure & go back to check it out to see the amazing talent Jenn has for all the wonder & MAGIC of this event.
Each chair back had this adorable little green tulle apron on a hanger. I'm telling you she doesn't miss a thing!
This is the instructors table with all of the examples for our class project. Click on any photo to enlarge it to see better details.
A few close ups of Christine's Class Samples. This gals talent will knock your socks off when you meet her. In her beginning talk she shared some of her ideas for inspiration boards, working with colors & some of her training in costume design. AMAZING! Thank you Christine.
Now for a few of the other girls work for Christine's class. The talent present for this event was pretty darn impressive.
Sorry for the white of the flash on this photo of my Buddy Jodie's manni but, it was too dark in the tent at this time to come out without a flash. I had a cute photo of Jodie sitting next to her manni but, a little technical error (I put the same photo in twice... no I'm not tired) so sorry missed the photo shoot but, I love the Manni.
And these two photos are of Rosalyn Sue's Manni. She spent a HUGE amount of time completing this (I think she passed on the parasol & spent both class times on this treasure) but, it is so elegant & has sooooooooooo much extra work put in on it. AMAZING JOB Rosalyn Sue. Also, hope you are feeling better sweetie. She was hospitalized for complications with her asthma at the end of this trip.
Here is Shelly working on her manni. Shelly is a beautiful gal & super talented. She lives pretty close so I hope to see her my next visit to Oklahoma City.
I don't know who this cutie belongs to but, I loved the color & the trims used.
I think this is another one of Christine's. Yeah SHE'S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this one is my roommate Heidi's Manni. Sweet! Love her use of colors & fabrics. I will tell you that using a heavier upholstery fabric as her base fabric made this extra difficult but, that sweetie just didn't let that stop her.
ONE LAST MANNI... and it belongs to my friend Kris Hurst. Last Halloween I bought TWO CD's of Halloween images from this talented genius. I LOVE THEM & she has a new one coming out this fall so be SURE & go visit her to see the wonder she creates & tell her Charlene sent you. You will see that Kris is all about Halloween. Very pretty my precious one of the witches would whisper.
Leave me a comment & tell me your favorite thing/manni in this post. I love to know what interest you! Stay tune for the next class soon..... Parasols Anyone????????


Honey Lamb and I said...

I want to make a mannequin with a petticoat all over again!!! It was so fun and I loved the rain! I am honored that my little doll made your post! Yes you need to get up here and see us sometime! I loved all the mannequins you posted pics of and am filling inspired again!!! Take care my friend!!!!

clustres said...

Hi, Charlene,
This looks like such a fun event! I mean how could anybody not have fun if petticoats and parasols are involved? These are all super cute but I think my favorite is the one you like because of the colors.

Linda said...

Hi Charlene~ more wonderful photos! I enjoy seeing the events and all the fun creations!

Anonymous said...

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Jan said...

Oh what a fun day you must have had! I love the projects :)

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Charlene ~
Those are just gorgeous !! What a fun time !
Lori said...

Of all the classes I have seen pictures from, I think this would have been my favorite. Those are just so cute!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Charlene...thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely comment. I so enjoyed reading about and looking at your fab photos from Jenn's event! I had so much fun reading Jodie's too! Your blog banner is wonderful! Going to be catching up on your blog...thanks for the invite!

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, the attention to details that those gals put into everything was amazing!!! No wonder you had a great time! I can't wait to see YOUR completed goodies!!!

Nan said...

Hi Charlene,
Another really fun class there and such a beautiful area it was given in too, all so clean an neat. The decorations were lovely. Loved all the tiny mannequins hard to pick my favorite. Take Care Nan

bunny said... do the most fun things. I'm sure if we lived close to each other I'd be hanging out with you...junkin' and being artsy fartsy...


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Great post, love all the beautiful pics, especially the one of you behing the mannequin. You really looked pretty and happy.
Kent fixed my computer today. I took Rachel to a couple of Estate sales today. Then I had to go to the doc. Blood work tomorrow.
Hugs, Pat

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Charlene, these are darling! I have just discovered mini mannequins! I will post them on my mini blog in a couple of days. Anita

Debby said...

I loved seeing all your beautiful photos. This looks like it was such an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing.

TiffanyJane said...

Hi Charlene! Love all the pictures of the Big Event! I knew it would be fun and I know it was 10 times better getting to be there in person!
I love all the little manni's, sooo Adorable!
I bet the Ford Plantation was just Beautiful and I know it was so much fun to meet everyone!
Hope you are well, take care :)

Violet said...

Hi Charlene,
Wow, those mannequins are fabulous! What fun it must have been to embellish them! I love your blogs new look, totally beautiful! The 2 year old darling that comes to play in the pink kitchen, is my granddaughter, who comes over quite often. Your doll high chair and rocker sounds great, but don't try to send something so large! Kind of you to offer though !!!

That art event sounded soooo fun!
~ Violet

Jeanneoli said...

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about your special weekend! I always love looking at everyone's projects and how each is so unique. said...

Yes, that Jenn didn't miss a thing! Fluff & ruffles galore! It would be hard to narrow it down to a favorite manni, the one you didn't know the creator of struck my eye. I like the neutral colors. Very cool. You look so cute in the top picture, you look so happy! Lisa

Rebecca said...

hey Charlene
Yes, it is a small world, isn't it?
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
Lisa is fabulous and I love her work!
That class looked like soooo much fun! All very pretty!
Blessings to you

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Charlene!

What fun! I saw many photos of this event on Jodie's blog, but I loved seeing your perspective, too.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your visit and for your lovely thoughts on my cubby post. I always love hearing what you're thinking. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Vicki C said...


diane said...

They are all beautiful Charlene, but I really like Shelley's best =)

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